Zilok – Rent Stuff Online

Zilok - Rent Stuff Online

Okay it’s time for something a little bit different this week, something that manages to ‘think outside the box’ a little bit!

We all have that special place in our homes that is basically cut off from the rest of the world – a garage, basement, attic…you get the picture!

I’m talking about that special place that ends up hoarding the mass of crap a household and it’s members gather over a period of time.

Well, now there’s a site that allows you to rent stuff online and actually find a use for that hedge trimmer that you’ve never really used!

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The Zilok Review

Zilok.com is an online marketplace where you can rent items online for free ( there are no signup fees! ).

You can rent just about anything you can think of…as long as the item(s) is useful ( there’s no point in listing a mirror with no glass for example! ).

The site was founded by a french lady named Marion Carrette back in 2007. It is still based in Paris ( from what I can tell! ).

The Process..

So how does the whole Zilok process work? How do the transactions between renters and the item owners work?

As I mentioned above, it’s free to join and to use…but renters must be prepared to pay a retainer fee to cover any damage they accidentally pull off.

Zilok process

From here it’s pretty simple really – the renter finds the item he/she is looking for and puts in a booking request.

The owner of this item sees this request then decides whether he’s up for a meeting or not.

If all goes well the renter and the owner meet up and the item changes hands. When the item is finally returned ( in good order ) the renter gets his/her retainer fee returned.

How Zilok Works

The item owner gets paid when the item is returned through a payment process they MUST indicate upfront.

Zilok takes between 5 and 10% of each transaction.

It’s worth noting that at this moment in time only people based in the US can sign up with this website ( don’t ask me why? ).

#UPDATE: The UK version of this site is now back online so check your relevant countries – there may be a platform for you! 

Is Zilok Scam?

Well that’s been a pretty easy review today – not really much more to report on this offer other than what I have covered above!

I was hoping that maybe I’d find some complaints online that point towards scam tactics but this website seems to be squeaky clean!

The main question you have to ask yourself here is how willing you are to step away from the internet zone?

At the end of the day most of these transactions are done in the open – it’s just you and the renter!

How would you feel about meeting up with complete strangers and trusting them with your property?

I’ve got to be honest here – it’s NOT for everyone!

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10 comments on “Zilok – Rent Stuff Online

  1. I never knew this existed! Of course I’m familiar with sites like Ebay where you can sell all that old crap in your garage, basement or attic. But I never considered you could actually rent those items – which in my mind is way, way smarter since you can earn money on the same item again and again!

  2. Hi Chris, Seems like a good idea, but also seems that a rental transaction has to be limited by geographic proximity. Any idea on the total revenue generated through transactions last year? Be interesting to know. I should check my basement as I’m sure there’s stuff that I could rent, better yet I’d rather get rid of. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the review, but I am wondering how someone in Paris is managing a website for people only in the US and now UK. Also, if you are renting out equipment to people you do not know, there is the risk of potential danger and the item never being returned. I know there is a retainer fee, but depending on the retainer fee, if it is less than the cost of the item, a renter could be out some money. They would have just “sold” someone an item at a nice discount. If you charge the full value of the item as your retainer fee, it begs the question than why does not the rentee just go out and buy the item himself if they have that money on hand in the first place. Yes, you do get the retainer fee back, but what is the difference between that and someone going to a department store, buy the item and than take it back during the money back guarantee time frame? And what happens if you rent an item from someone and it does not work, getting your money back from them might prove problematic.

    Anyways, I did enjoy reading the review. Just not sure on the logistics of it.

    1. LOL all these aspects are covered Stephanie – it’s a well designed system and nobody ends up out of pocket (much like eBay). A website can be run from anywhere in the world – the owners are obviously from the US or UK so I see no problem there!

  4. I never thought about taking a rent online. I usually just bought stuff. Most of the things I don’t even use anymore. I might consider trying this out in the future. This way, I could have more space at home and spend less money. Maybe I will start renting stuff myself! I like that idea.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. The Zilok Review
    This is interesting is a nice idea bexcuse some people who dies mostly old people left things behind to the family members some times its hard to get read of all the left things or wearth items like Cars and abandoned houses. If only people could have beed trustfull to rent those things and really really pay for them after the use. The Zilok Review would be perfect to be practices on such situations when someone who lived up countries died, that would help to reduce costs of Carring of the left wearth and not wasting them.
    Congratulations on your nice page that teaches more information on this way of utilising the stored or not needed items. Keep it up and all the best to your online business.

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