YouGov Surveys Online – Review


YouGov Surveys Online

I’ve come across most earning possibilities online and there’s not much out there that I would deem original or unique. Paid opinions online have been around for as long as I can remember and they’re usually centered around the same old boring topics ( credit cards, shopping trends, product feedback etc etc ).

I recently came across YouGov surveys online and I was more than a little surprised at how they had stayed under the radar for so long.

They take a much different approach to the bog-standard Clixsense survey and they seemed pretty legit overall.

Let’s take a closer look at what earning opportunities YouGov has to offer…

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YouGov Review

I think it’s best to start this YouGov review by covering the main reason why it differs so much to other survey providers out there.

Most regular Joe survey platforms provide rather boring surveys on products and services. YouGov provides surveys on various social issues, latest news issues and political angles.

I mentioned above that I was surprised that they had slipped under my radar for so long – they’ve actually been up and running since 2004.

From what I can gather they accept new members from several European countries along with the UK and the US.

How do YouGov Opinion Polls Work?

Lets take a closer look at how these YouGov opinion polls work…

1) Most typical online earning sites allow you to sign up with either a valid email address or your Facebook account – YouGov is no different! I must point out that YouGov are often looking for certain panelists to take on. This means that if you don’t really fit their current demographic they’ll pass you on to another panel.

YouGov Opinion Polls sign in

2) Once you’ve been accepted into a panel you’ll have to fill out a few questionnaires before any work comes your way. This is a typical drawback with survey sites – they need to match your interests to the surveys they have on offer.

3) Once you’ve got through the rather irritating introductory surveys you are ready to start work for YouGov – you will start to see them ( surveys ) appearing in your inbox.

YouGov Surveys

4) Your survey answers will be recorded and you will then receive payment in the form of points. These points can then be exchanged for cash cards or more standard gift cards.

YouGov Rewards

As I mentioned, the YouGov rewards are paid out in the form of online ‘gift’ cards. Each completed survey gives you approximately 750 points and most of these cards cost about 35,000 points ( this point level is actually the cash-out threshold in the US ).

I was more than a little disappointed to find out that the cash-out threshold for UK members was at a whopping Β£50. That’s gonna take a lot of cash based gift cards to reach!

If you don’t want to go for the cash based cards you can always opt for your more typical gift card – Amazon, iTunes, Cinema tickets, donating to charity etc etc.

These cards are fine but if you’re anything like me – you want the cold, hard cash!

One word of warning if you are going down the Paypal cash card route – it will take about a fortnight for the cards to appear within your Paypal account.

Typical YouGov Complaints

I’ve encountered more than a few YouGov complaints but if I’m honest – they’re more or less the same complaints I see for every survey based site.

First of all you get the guys who are not happy with the payment threshold against the earning rates. I’ve encountered numerous ( former ) members who have just quit because it was taking them weeks to hit the point where they could see a reward.

Next there’s the members that feel they have been slightly ‘conned’ by the gift card system. I visited a forum where several members claimed they had received gift cards that were not what they asked for.

Not only were the gift cards different – they were actually of a lesser value than the ones initially requested!

Finally I uncovered a few reports of people suddenly losing their accounts overnight. Most of these ( former ) members claim they did not do anything wrong but I cannot be sure of this.

At the end of the day rules of the platform are there for a reason and EVERYONE must abide by them. If they find out you’re up to dodgy goings on to earn a little extra they are going to give you the boot sooner rather than later!

YouGov Scam?

So, with all that being said, is YouGov scam? Well to be honest these types of complaints can be attributed to at least 99% of online survey sites out there.

It doesn’t matter what online earning platform you are using – nothing is 100% perfect and there will be hiccups from time to time.

It’s worth noting that I only came across a handful of people who believed they had received the wrong card and the same goes with the closed accounts.

There are quite literally thousands of YouGov members that are more than satisfied with the platform and have never had reason to complain.

My view? No, I don’t think it’s a scam at all. A simple ten minute Google search will not raise enough red flags to put potential members off joining.

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33 comments on “YouGov Surveys Online – Review

  1. Well, I have tried the survey route many times and never gotten a penny or a gift card. I find the initial surveys long and tedious and they usually say I don’t qualify. I will look into the one on your post but that will probably be the last one. I totally agree that Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform I’ve seen to launch an online business.
    Kirk Wilke

    1. Hi Kirk,
      Well they’re easy enough to make money on but it’s not very much. You’d probably have to fill out surveys for at least nine hours a day before you see any sort of decent return ( and that would drive me up the wall! ).

  2. What I’ve learned from the online world is that yes there are many survey companies/ websites that you can earn money from but the end of the days you are earning more cents than dollars and you are really dedicating a lot of time.

    I don’t see surveys as a legitimate way of making a decent amount of money online. You did recommend some good places that I’ve seen in the past.

    1. Hi Yunier,
      I have to disagree slightly – I know quite a few people who earn decent money through these surveys but they give up A LOT of their time to do so. Personally I wouldn’t give up that time but some people seem fine with it!
      I see what you’re saying though overall πŸ™‚

  3. I am a part of a couple of survey sites. The thing is most are hit or miss and the most aggravating part of taking one of these types of surveys is in most cases you take a mini survey to determine if you are qualified for the actual survey. Then, you end up finding out that you didn’t qualify and you get nothing for your efforts. However, I will till try a couple a day, just see if I am qualified. Over time it adds up and you can get some Amazon gift cards and then use it for free books. But, yeah you won’t get rich doing these things. Great article!

  4. I have researched many online survey sites and even tried a few myself. I have yet to find a single credible source that claims that you can earn even close to minimum wage.

    They continue to be big money makers for the people on the other end of the business but as a survey taker, you’re not likely to make enough money to make it worth your while.

    1. Hi Steve,
      Take it from me – there are people out there that earn half decent cash from doing these awful surveys. They’re not for me and they never will be but they work out for some ( bored housewives usually! ).

  5. Hey Chris. this is an interesting topic as i used to take surveys many times to fight boredom and to earn some extra money. The problem i see in most survey sites though, is the lack of international opportunities. As a Portugal resident, i don’t have the same opportunity to apply to many surveys as if i was from the UK or US.
    But i guess it’s worth checking this one out

    1. Hi Charlotte,
      Yeah I’ve heard that survey demographics are a little unkind to certain countries in Europe – it’s really unfair! There are other earning options online so maybe you’ll have more luck with them πŸ™‚

  6. I participate in a few survey sites online and I’ve never heard of YouGov or anything similar to it. Seems like something new to try and I like the reward system also. Well good luck, thanks for the post and honest review and I will be checking out YouGov soon.


  7. I’ve resorted to trying these surveys before and I have to find one that is actually beneficial for the person doing the survey. There always seems to be some way to drag out the surveys with no real reward in the end. I love the review and do have to say that Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best “online money makers” out there.


    1. Hey Destin,
      I know what you mean – they always seem to have that progress bar that never really moves when it gets to the 80% mark LOL.

  8. Hello there
    Thinking of ways to make extra income a friend suggested taking online surveys.
    Had never heard of online surveys so while looking for more information l came to your site.
    You mentioned UK cashout thresh hold is £ 50,can other countries also take part? i live in Switzerland,do they have surveys in german? my english is terrible sorry.
    thanks for answering Roamy

    1. Hi Roamy,
      Yeah I’m pretty sure they offer a service to most of Europe as well. I’m not altogether sure about the language side of things though – I think most of the surveys are in English.

  9. Not your ordinary Survey and Polling system.

    This one has a interesting twist as stated on your post Chris.

    By the way I love the way you write so bookmarked and saved your website for future reading and observation.

    i see there is a very strict verification and filtering process that ” YouGov Surveys Online” go through to get the right people to take surveys..

    All in All what you offer as your #1 Recommendation is more superior and time will be well spent with WA..

    Keep up the great work,Manny

  10. Preach!!

    I’ve tried the surveys and I’ve also tried some scammy affiliate courses that promise you to get rich quick, but completely let you down.

    I’m a snowboarder who’s looking to make money from my blog full time, and I stumbled on your site to try and learn how I can monetize that!

    I will be checking out your reviews on affiliates as this seems to make the most sense for me as I would ultimately like to build traffic and recommend products.

    Thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction πŸ™‚


    1. No problems Olie – glad the site is proving a worthwhile hunting ground for you πŸ™‚
      Good luck with your affiliate efforts!

  11. Hi Chris,

    I think the payback for the time would not make it worth my while for this opportunity. Thanks for the honest and stragiht review, you seem to come up, each time I come by here, with more new ways to make money online I had not heard of! Good detective work!

    This one seems like a little worse than drop shipping, another way to make money online that works, albeit with a little more effort and using some brain power that keeps you interested.

    Your suggestion in the top part of the article was helpful, I agree as other commenters do here that affiliate marketing and get prepared for this using Wealthy Affiliate can be a good way to generate passive income from your online efforts.

    The best way for me to make the most money online, I have discovered, is to come up with my own products or services, then market and sell them myself or through the platforms out there.

    Note you can also build on your affiliate marketing efforts (i.e. using blog sites like this one to promote the products/servcies) or use other social media tools to get sales…

    Loving this whole online thing, is new to me, and there is soooo much opportiunity. Thanks for all your efforts on this blog, it is much appreciated. I enjoy visiting!

    1. You are very welcome Dave!
      It’s nice to see you are doing so well online with your own product marketing – stick at it πŸ™‚

  12. This seems like an interesting site, and I am a bit surprised that I haven’t heard about it before. The options you mentioned seem like decent forms of payment, but it is always disappointing to realize that it takes so long to get to any sort of reward. Like you said though, the fact that it isn’t about reviewing products would probably make it a nice change of pace for anyone completing surveys very often. Thanks for the review!

  13. Not a fan of online surveys, they are all the same. they promise loads of income for little time but never actually pay out, there really just a time waster.

    Have you ever actually made money doing this? How is it considered to be passive income if you have to take the quiz to make the money?

    I have never heard of YouGov so I am definitely going to check into it, from your article it sounds legit but like most things on the net, it’s most of the time a miss. I will definitely look into it though, thanks for the review on it.

    1. Yeah I’ve made money through them many moons ago, and just for the record – they do pay out! They take time and it’s a lot of work for a decent wedge of cash but they certainly are legit! It all boils down to how much time and effort you are prepared to put into them…

  14. Thank you so much for your in depth review. I never new that someone could make money online by taking surveys. I especially like the fact that YouGov has suveys on political and social issues. To tell the truth, I hate the idea of doing a survey on products and things like that. I’m so glad that you pointed me to this wonderful resource! Can’t wait to get started!


  15. Hi Chris,

    This was a really interesting review. I’m a member of You Gov UK also and can confirm that it is completely legit.

    As you’ve mentioned the survey topics are different to the other sites around and are quite often dictated by news that’s happening around the world.

    It’s a shame the redemption threshold is so high for this site, I think £30 would be a good limit! Have you achieved the redemption limit yet? I’ve been doing this site for about a year now, and haven’t missed many surveys along the way.. but I still haven’t reached it!


  16. Hello Chris,
    Your website is excellent. Easy to navigate, full of relevant content, and packed with great advice. I have not completed my WA training to completely understand everything. I see your extensive connectivity to social media on the left hand side and was wondering how you best utilize those mediums to maximize your revenue. Any insight you can provide while I complete my training would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for the awesome example of what a fully functional business should be.

    1. Hi Sean,

      So you’re a newcomer to the WA community right? Why don’t you contact me personally through the contact form on this site or alternatively get hold of me at the WA ( ChrisEvans – profile name! ). I can help you one-on-one if you need it! πŸ™‚

  17. Thank you for your review about Yougov surveys!

    It seems that the main problem with these online surveys is that they don’t give sufficient earnings if we think about the invested time. There are faster and more profitable ways to earn money. I’m also now concentrating on Wealthy Affiliate training and I’m giving it a try.

    I’ve been in WA for about 6 months and I haven’t earned a single $ but I have used about 400$ and hundreds of hours of time. But I have heard testimonies from the members who have made over 10.000$ after three years. So I’m working for it.. And at least all the time I’m learning a lot o´f useful skills.


    1. Stick at it Roope – the more hours you put in the faster you will start to earn. Running and building a profitable website is VERY hard work!

    1. Okay but you’re going to have to contribute more than that if you want me to leave your backlink in your comment mate – I wasn’t born yesterday!

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