Writing a Good Author Bio

Writing a Good Author Bio


I don’t really write that many articles for other websites these days but at one time I really did make the most of it. I’d say I reached out and published to competitor’s sites at least once a month.

But I was pretty desperate for traffic and rankings those days – I was just starting out and my websites were pretty fresh…and lonely!

But writing for other websites (or ‘guest blogging’ if you like) is hard, hard work…and seldom do the website owners give you the credit you feel you deserve.

You slave over a 2000 word article, in perfect English grammar, only to see one poultry sentence at the end of the article indicating someone with your name wrote it!

Not good, not good at all!

This final paragraph, or author bio, is an extremely important part of the process (for you anyway!).

Unless you wrote the article for purely altruistic reasons, this paragraph, though short, is quite critical – this is where you claim a bit of glory and include links back to your own website (backlinks).

But what can you write in that short paragraph to REALLY make yourself stand out? How can you entice people to click the links within it?

Writing a good author bio doesn’t really have to be that hard – just follow this simple guide and learn how to spice up that small amount of allotted author space…

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#1 Become a Third Person Shooter

Sorry about the video game link in the title – couldn’t resist I’m afraid (I’m a fan of the Fallout games!).

Become a Third Person WriterIt may seem strange…and even a little unnatural at times…but the general practice is to write your bio in the third person (don’t ask me why – I also find it a little unnatural!).

One little tip you should keep in mind – please make sure you don’t use ‘he’ or ‘she’ too frequently. This tends to break up the flow of the author bio in many cases.

Instead try to throw in your name a few times – I know it feels strange but it really does help the reading experience.


#2 It’s (NOT Really) All About You…

Okay, okay, it’s called an author bio…but it’s not really supposed to be about you!

Again it sounds strange, but, you are aiming this section at the reader – and in turn you are writing it about them.

You are aiming for covering what the visitor/reader/audience is looking to learn or gain from your article.

The people that are about to read your article are the ones with the power of decision – THEY decide whether or not your article is worthwhile and whether or not they are going to read through the whole piece.

You need your author bio to give them a ‘nod’ – let them know the article is worth their time and even worth sharing (maybe?) 🙂


#3 Are You a Credible Source?

Let’s be honest here for a second – the internet is now a over-crowded landscape of misinformation and bloggers claiming they know best.

It’s been that way for quite some time now.

At a guess I’d say about 25% of you reading THIS article will be scoffing at what I write – why should you listen to me? Why am I qualified to write on this subject?

Are you a credible author?

Whatever you are writing about, use your author bio to point out WHY you are qualified to give out information on the subject.

If you have any academic achievements or qualifications in the article subject – include them in the bio.

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#4 When Should You be Cute?

How many times have you come across an author bio that seems to lean a little bit towards the personal side…even a bit cute in some instances?

I often come across the occasional author bio that features a personal jibe thrown in, like ‘cat lover’ or ‘coffee lover’ etc.

You need to think long and hard about where your article is being showcased and what ‘type’ of person is going to be reading that article.

At the end of the day, not every reader is going to be that impressed by your love of Manga or Wheat beer!

That said, it’s also good to remind readers that you’re human…but try to keep it to a minimum.

Ask yourself a question – are you really that interested in the personal life of the author whose work you are reading?

No, neither am I!!!!!



#5 Wow – This is WAY Too Long!!!

There’s nothing wrong with bragging a little bit about yourself in your author’s bio – especially if it backs up the subject you are covering in the article.

But bragging tends to get a little too comfortable at times…and you can go on, and on, and on….

Length of your author bio

If your bio is about two paragraphs long, whilst the other author bios are only three sentences long…how does this look?

Well it doesn’t always look that impressive (believe me!).

In the eyes of 99% of the readers – this will only emphasize your sense of self-importance…which is not ideal really!

Everyone has an ego – that’s fine.

Sometimes it works well to draw from this ego – but know where to draw the line.


#6 Adding a Bio Call-To-Action 

It’s amazing the amount of internet marketers out there that overlook the chance of planting a call-to-action…considering it’s importance to the marketing world.

You plant them all over your website, sometimes in the most unsuitable places…so why don’t you use them in your author’s bio?

Now this is a CTA that is going to fit into your bio remember – don’t try to sell anyone anything!

It makes more sense to link to other published pieces of your work or even get people to follow you through your social media accounts.

Always try your best to make sure the call-to-action is strategic within the given context.

On top of this, make sure you read the fine print of the website you are posting to. Some websites will not be too happy about a CTA popping up in their author’s bio…whilst others will welcome it!

Simply put – if the option for a call-to-action is available, use it to your advantage…


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2 comments on “Writing a Good Author Bio

  1. Thanks for the good info Chris!

    I never really considered how important our own shoutouts are. I definitely feel wildly uncomfortable writing in third person. It feels almost false!

    But thanks for all those tips. I can tell you really speak from experience! I’ve never ‘guest-blogged’ before. I didn’t even know that was a thing! Why would you go about blogging for other blogs? And how do you do that? Which blogs?

    Very curious! Let me know,



    1. Hi Helen, 

      Well, people used to use guest blogging as a way of getting powerful backlinks, but these days these types of articles act better as a way of advertising your own site. With most guest post articles you get to leave a link back to your own site – a good way of drawing traffic off a popular blog, back to your own.

      Many websites except this type of article submission – I’ve accepted it here many, many times. It’s a good way of getting new content up without actually doing anything! 🙂

      Cheers for stopping by and giving our article a go – glad you managed to learn something new! 

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