Writedge Review – Content Farm Cash!

Writedge Review - Content Farm Cash!

When I was building up my first website I had nothing but fresh air inside my wallet – thankfully my fortunes have changed dramatically over the years!

I needed some kind of ‘side work’ to bump up my daily allowances and give myself a chance of succeeding online.

I was already at the point where I was comfortable enough with my writing – I wasn’t Shakespeare but I could bang out a 1000 word article within an hour with ease!

So I turned to the content side of the online money making world…and I really didn’t like what I found.

I tried my hand at a selection of what are known as ‘content farms’ in an attempt to earn a backing wage for myself. I expected dollars not cents!

Unfortunately Writedge is a content farm that fits VERY snugly into this low earning category. I wouldn’t exactly call them dodgy…and I certainly wouldn’t call them worthwhile!

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The Writedge Review

Writedge has been in existence since May of 2013 and is owned by Danielle McGaw and Michelle Harlow.

After digging around into the background of both McGraw and Harlow I realized they also own Dailytwocents.com.

The Writedge Review

The process for writer’s is easy enough – you sign up for free and start writing articles for the site.

Writedge’s main aim is to get as many articles out there as possible so that they can look like an authority in the eye’s of Google.

The better they look to Google, the more traffic their articles will receive, and the more money their adverts will make!

That’s the key for successful content mills – the adverts placed upon your articles!

Writedge shares a portion of the advert revenue with the writers for views on the articles. Writers can also opt to use their own Google Adsense ID within their articles if they wish.

They also allow writers to include backlinks to any websites they may own or even a handful of affiliate links to subject-related products.

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Working For Writedge

You can write an article on just about anything – there are numerous content categories provided by the site.

The only parameter you really need to take note of is the length – articles must be over 400 words long.

Working For Writedge

You are paid half a cent per one unique view. Also, if you participate in the Adsense revenue share part of it, your Google Adsense publishing ID is rotated throughout the site.

There are also ongoing competitions running which offer rewards to outstanding writers.

Although the signup is free, you are still placed on a sort of ‘newbie list’ for the first few weeks.

The only way to get off this rather embarrassing ‘Learner Driver’ list is to have 5 of your articles approved by the site’s editors.

The Downsides

I should start by saying that Writedge is certainly NOT a scam on any level…but there are a few downsides that you really should know about.

The first problem is the level of pay on offer here – not that impressive at all.

The main reason we sign up for these types of content websites is to make money – period!

The pay rate is far too low for your bog-standard writer, you need to be fully trained in SEO & internet marketing to stand a chance of making big bucks.

Remember – eyes on your content = more pay!

If you can drive truckloads of organic traffic towards each article you have published there, you will see some decent earnings.

It’s also worth taking into consideration that Google doesn’t really like these types of article sites any longer. Once upon at time they ranked really well but recent updates to algorithms have pushed them to the back of the queue.

The payout threshold is only set at $5 but you must remember that you are only earning half a cent per view. How long will it take to reach that level if you are not an experienced internet marketer?


There’s nothing wrong with writing articles for content farms – many people do it just for the joy of writing.

The problem arises when you look at it as an earning avenue, chances are you will not earn that much overall.

At the end of the day you would be much better off just writing articles for your own blog – it’s an easy enough process to set up AND to monetize.

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6 comments on “Writedge Review – Content Farm Cash!

  1. Pay per unique view? Are you saying if it’s not unique, you won’t get paid.

    I think it depends on the niche when it comes to competition. If it’s about something common like weight loss, I think it’s highly competitive.

    When you say a person has to be familiar in SEO and internet marketing, you mean like using the keyword low hanging fruit approach to earn streams of income?

  2. I have never heard if content farms. I love to write and have often thought of signing up to be a writer and selling articles. But I am not sure 1/2 cent is worth my time at all… I agree that it would take a long time especially at first to see even that $5. It takes some time to write quality content and I’m not sure I like someone riding my coat tail… Great review! I learned a lot about what might be out there when and if I consider selling content. Thank you

    1. Yeah, there are plenty of better options for you out there if you like writing online Heather – the money here ain’t good! 🙂

  3. Thank you for your article on writedge- it is a very interesting article I was not aware of such a program existed. I agree you will not earn much money doing this for such a program- it would be perfect for people who just wish to write for their own pleasure.

    Do you know anyone personally who is involved with such a program- I am just curious how someone who is involved what their experience might be with such a program good and bad?

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