Why Use Internet Marketing – 3 Important Reasons

Why Use Internet Marketing

Internet marketing isn’t exactly a trade you’ll fancy boasting about to your in-laws because of the bad press that often follows it.

It’s a shame really because 99% of the online marketers I met at the Wealthy Affiliate Community are ‘stand up’ people!

But where there’s money there’s always going to be a scam and the scam artists LOVE the internet marketing sector ( and probably always will! ).

So, why use internet marketing to make a living?

Let’s take a look…

Why Use Internet Marketing?

If you have considered learning internet marketing but were unsure, let me give you 3 solid reasons why you should…

#1 You Like Money Right?

Show me the moneyYeah, I bet you do! Life is all about money no matter which way you try and paint it. Let’s face facts – we’re not all lucky enough to have Paris Hilton’s parents!

Bills need to be paid otherwise those big old apes are gonna knock on your door and remove your TV or car without a blink of the eye.

Whatever your motivation, learning internet marketing can be a lucrative investment.

Internet marketing covers all areas and you will ALWAYS find a sector that is dedicated to a subject you have an interest in – no matter how diverse.

Below are the three main routes that people take when embarking on an internet marketing journey:

  • Commission Based Affiliate Marketing – The easiest of the lot really! This basically involves you promoting AND selling someone else’s product for a commission or percentage of the sale price.
  • Selling Your Own Product – Do you have a physical or digital product that you’ve created? Internet marketing is the area ​you want to explore if you own the rights to a new product you’ve created.
  • Sell Yourself – When learning internet marketing you will be picking up quite a few skills that will help you along the way. If you become decent at one of these skills there are plenty of opportunities to sell yourself and use these skills ( time is money and internet marketers are often looking to outsource work )

​It’s not all plain sailing though – some take to internet marketing like they were born to do it whilst others struggle at first. It’s all about dedication and hard work – I was actually one of the ‘struggle crew’ when I first started out.

I had to get things VERY wrong before I eventually got things right and I was very thankful for the effective marketing tutorials I was following.

I’d say at least 70% of new online marketers will have quit within the first year – that’s as honest as I can get! You really do have to work at it and give it your all.

#2 Braveheart Wanted Freedom…

The best thing about making money with online marketing is the removal of that pesky boss. I don’t know about you, but I always had a slight problem with authority!

I suppose it’s just a character flaw really but I HATE being told what to do and I HATE being at the bottom of ‘the ladder’.

Marketing gives you freedom

If you choose to take up a career in internet marketing then you will effectively be working from home ( how good does that sound? ). If you had a few to many beers watching the match the night before then stay in bed – you are the boss of your hangover for once!

You don’t have to be stuck inside an air conditioned office all day long – work wherever you find an internet connection!

I love the fact that I don’t have to start work at 9 in the morning – this actually helps my productivity. I am also a composer so I am able to timetable my marketing efforts to leave me enough time at night to get some music done ( I’m a bit of a night owl on the sly! ).

The flexibility that this enables is amazing – it makes the thought of ‘another day at work’ so bearable for once!

As I touched on in the first point – this DOES NOT mean you are on easy street!

Successful internet marketing is built on dedication and discipline – there is no room for complacency.

#3 Your Skill Set

There’s nothing like the feeling of improving yourself through education. I don’t mean just sitting behind a desk here – I mean improving yourself by learning ANY sort of new skill.

Most of us start off in internet marketing with zero budget and a vague hope of making some sort of money. Because of this we NEED to learn all the skills needed to succeed as we cannot afford to outsource.

Learn new skills

This is not a bad thing – new skills mean a NEW YOU. Take a look at what you will be learning…

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • How to write ( content creation )
  • How to build a website
  • ​Watching and anticipating trends
  • Creating video for the web
  • Networking
  • Social Media platforms
  • General marketing skills

​This is just the tip of the iceberg – the whole picture is a very broad category!

But once you’ve learned these skills you have them for life – nobody can take them back off you! If you want to leave the marketing circle to use your new web design skills you can – what’s stopping you?

I have witnessed numerous successful marketers give up marketing in order to follow a path in something that they learned whilst learning online marketing.

Nothing to Lose

If you take up the challenge and take on the internet marketing world you have nothing to lose. As I pointed out – you don’t need any money if you are prepared to do the work yourself.

This hard work will bring with it new skills which will make you a better person – period!

These skills can be used in numerous other careers so if you feel that marketing is not ‘your thing’ you can take on another challenge with them!

Start For Free

If you are interested in some FREE internet marketing training there is only one place to start really. I learned the WHOLE trade at Wealthy Affiliate and I am still an active member.

We have a dedicated review on the FREE membership they offer located through the link below. They are our #1 recommendation and they always will be:


9 comments on “Why Use Internet Marketing – 3 Important Reasons

  1. You are right. I’ve decided to do some business and chose internet marketing as something I’ll put in effort. I used to do conventional business and it is really taxing especially when the market is limited. Being in internet business is different. There’s totally no boundary at all. The world is our market. I would really recommend internet marketing to people who want to start a business.

  2. Hi, Chris. I think it is good to share three solid reasons why you should use internet marketing. However, the primary focus of all these above is about helping people. You should be able to give great value fo your audience. If you can do this, it should impact to improve your skill and your earning as well.
    It is an excellent opportunity to learn in Wealthy Affiliate since it has a free trial to try all the features inside. It should be a good challenge for anyone who wants to make income online to work because it is nothing to lose to try.

    1. A great observation Calvin – an internet marketer that is able to help people will ALWAYS see great success 🙂

  3. Good article. I think there are many reasons why we should and even must use internet marketing. The best thing is that you are never told what to do. When you have your own business it means you love what you do and the work process doesn’t seem boring or annoying anymore. You can be financially independent which is really important. And finally you have the opportunity to improve yourself through education because internet marketing requires education first. But it’s not easy to make money through internet marketing because it requires time and effort and that’s why it’s not for everyone. I chose this career and I’m really happy with it especially when you are part of such a great community as Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Well, I have to agree with you on ALL points you covered there in your comment Rufat – I think you’ve just won the ‘comment of the day’ award 🙂

  4. Hi Chris,

    I can’t help resonating with your statement that “70% of new online marketers will have quit within the first year”. I have just passed my one year mark and I could see why this is such an attractive opportunity yet challenging journey ahead especially if you have zero background in web business.

    Yet, coming from Generation Y, I believe I can do this. My day job isn’t any better and time is the biggest advantage I have for now. Freedom, more than wealth, is my ultimate goal and I am determine to achieve that through internet marketing.

    1. That’s great to hear Cathy – I hope a few newbies get to read this comment of yours! It is hard work but when it starts working it’s like poetry in motion 🙂

  5. Hello Chris

    Here we go again. I happened to come across one of your productions again. Its undeniable that you are an Author in your own right. You can be able to speak sence to a thirsty MIND.
    You approach towards bringing your story across ,has a touch of CLASS. You have a viriety of budgets ,images and video put together ,in an Orderly fashion.
    I tried to put my self in the shoes,of someone who wanted to know some background about Internet businesses.
    I found almost the just of everything about the subject.

    There is little, if at all,that is not covered.Keep on keeping on.

    1. Hello once again Vusi!

      Great to have you back here so soon on another article! Loving the positive vibes for my work so keep it coming mate!

      Oh and remember – sharing is caring!!!! 🙂

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