Why is a Domain Name Important?


Why is a Domain Name Important?

The domain name you finally choose for your website can really impact the way Google and perspective customers look upon your business.

Once upon a time ( in a galaxy far, far away… ) domain names were the playthings of the rich and famous companies – they cost a small fortune!

These days you’ll probably find that your teenage daughter or your gran owns a domain – the tide has turned. If you discover a dynamic phrase it’s simple enough to ‘bag it and tag it’ with your very own domain.

So why is a domain name important? Why is there such a dogfight to grasp new and unique domain names?

Let’s take a closer look…

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Why Are Domain Names Important?

As I explained above, domain names are now freely available to any old Tom, Dick and Harry. This means that the free sub-domains you see out there ( Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr etc. ) look a little amateur at best.

Simply put – it’s hard to take any sort of online business seriously unless they have forked out $10 for a domain name ( and rightly so! ).

Imagine looking for a golf product through a simple Google search. The first page gives you ten results but only two of these results are self-owned domains.

Are you going to choose a nasty little free housewife blog over a professional domain when you are about to spend money?

I seriously doubt it!!!

So with that out of the way – what elements make up a decent business domain name?

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Tips For Choosing a Good Domain Name

#1 Stick in Their Memory

If you manage to think up a memorable domain name you are onto a winner every time! If a domain name sticks inside a visitor’s mind they are a lot more likely to return to your site at some point.

If you have a pretty original company name then you’re off and running – chances are the domain is not taken ( if it is a unique choice ). If not this is a great opportunity to give yourself a brand name through the domain.

#2 Aim For Credibility & Visibility

Taking your time and really thinking out the process of choosing a domain name can add a lot of overall credibility to your business. A sharp, dynamic and effective domain name choice can look extremely professional and prove that you deserve your customers’ trust.

If you aim for short, sharp AND descriptive you will have more chance of being remembered ( by visitors and by search engines ).

First impressions last in business and once you’ve lost the trust of a customer you’ve lost it for good. If I was looking to buy fishing gear and I ended up on a domain named funnycats.com do you really think I would go ahead with the purchase?

#3 Consider a Full Sweep

Once you have found a .com that suits your business, check to see what other domain options are available. Most domain sellers will inform you about other name options that are not yet taken ( .eu or .co.uk etc. ) before you hit the checkout.

Local customers often feel more comfortable when purchasing from a local top-level domain. Think about the target countries and their cultures – how will your brand look when put in front of these cultures?

Domain names are not that expensive so it makes good sense to snap them all up. Give your brand a chance to be transferable into other cultures through the domain name.

#4 Long Versus Short

Well this is an argument that still rages on and on and on…

Should you go for a short domain one or a slightly longer, keyword based version?

As you can see by the name of this site I’m not really too afraid of going for the longer SEO friendly versions. Over the last few years many marketing guru’s have pushed the idea that Google now frowns upon domain names based on keyword research.

I don’t really go along with this as ‘Passive Residual Income Ideas’ is a low competition keyword and I get visitors here through Google on a daily basis.

Then there’s the opinion that shorter domain names are easier to remember, easier to type and far less susceptible to mistakes. This is a point I would not argue with ( even though I’ve opted for a longer tailed domain name on this site! ).

The problem with the shorter, more dynamic domain name is that most of them are now taken. If you carry out a quick domain search for topmarketing.com or greatdeals.com I’m pretty sure that they are already snapped up!

On the flip side of the coin people ( like me ) still think that longer keyword based names will gain a certain advantage in search engine results.

Keep in mind that the maximum cutoff point for a domain name length is 67 characters. I would always advise against going too close to this limit.

I have a particularly long domain name for this site ( as you can see ) but that it is the maximum length I would go. I feel that anything more than four words is stretching the whole ‘effect’ of a domain name.

Web Domain Name Generator

If you are a little stretched or undecided on your domain name why don’t you consider using a web domain name generator?

I was actually surprised at how effective these tools are. Take a look and see if there’s one that fits your needs…

#1 NameJet

This is an aftermarket domain name service with exclusive inventory of some of the most desired expired domains. It has a massive inventory including Pre-Release names available for immediate Back-orders.

I could easily spend a whole day on this site getting lost among the various available options. A very impressive aftermarket domain name service.

#2 DomainsBot

This site is a simple search engine that locates available domains based on the keywords you input. It’s results also include expired, expiring and for sale domain names.

#3 Instant Domain Search

This little tool is my favorite out of the lot! It works on a sort of real time basis where you type a keyword into the bar and it spits out results even before you finish typing.

It offers WHOIS info on the taken domains and even the option to make an offer on domain names that are already owned. Again, I could spend all day on this site checking through the amount of niche possibilities – a great tool!

So, Why is a Domain Name Important?

Well, as you can see, at the end of the day it is going to be a big part of your businesses overall identity. People ( perspective customers )  are going to look at your choice of name and judge you accordingly…

Are you a business that seems professional and trustworthy?


Are you a business that seems thrown together in an amateur fashion?

I know which one I’d prefer to be…do you?

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8 comments on “Why is a Domain Name Important?

  1. Hello,
    I think you’re definitely right about having a domain that people will remember. What would you think about a longer keyword based domain that makes sense as a phrase? Do you think that could be as memorable as a short domain name? Thanks.

    1. Hi Paul,
      Yeah I think the longer phrases are fine as long as you don’t end up with about 6 words. As you can see I’ve used a long tail keyword for my domain here and it works just fine ( i.e. I get decent traffic from search engines! ). At the end of the day it is down to personal taste really. Just make sure it doesn’t end up too long.
      Cheers for stopping by – hope the article cleared up a few lingering questions for you 🙂

  2. Unfortunately you’re correct in that all the short domain names have been taken. I do have a question for you though. Would you recommend hyphenated domains? Something like sports-fixtures.com? Or are these taboo?

    1. Hi Nigel,
      I was always taught to avoid hyphenated domain names as they do not rank as well as the straightforward phrases. Because of this I have always opted to stay away from them. Hope this answers your question,
      Chris 🙂

  3. Hello Chris

    This is really a very vital aspect of owning a website, domain name. Most people don’t know if thaey should go for a custom domain or not. Because, they do not know the importance, but with your post, I think it gives clarity on that subject. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi there Nnamdi,
      Glad you enjoyed the post and were able to take something from it. Look forward to hearing from you again soon 🙂

  4. First of all, great article. I am one of the luckiest guy to snap up a domain that matches my focus topic in blogging for cheap and I believe over time, somebody with a fat budget and dying for my domain will offer me a bag of dough (LoL). Anyway, couldn’t agree more with what you wrote here. I love blog-walking and I will actually do this, type my keyword of interest in the search box and from the results, I will always click on the TLD first but I will also click on the subs just to see how they are doing with it. Surprisingly I found a good number of great articles. Maybe they don’t look at the TLDs as how we see it. They should read your article for GD sure. Cheers.

    1. Hey Ali, nice to have you here!
      I love your phrase ‘blog-walking’ – I’ve already written it down and it’s going to be a firm favorite of mine from now onward 🙂
      Good luck with selling that domain – hope you reach six figures for it!!!!

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