What You Should Have Asked Your Teachers About Online Marketing

make residual income at home

When most people think about how to make residual income at home, what normally comes to mind are thoughts of grandeur, making a lot of money, and time to do whatever you want working only a few hours a week.

While this is all possible, many new online marketers fail to realize that in order to make money from your laptop, what is really required is knowledge, being able to execute your plan at a high level, and most importantly patience.

Success overnight is possible but not exactly practical and having the right mindset will keep you focused on what is important which is learning and growing as an internet marketer.

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The More You Know, The More You Grow…

For starters, the first thing you need is knowledge. If you have never tried online marketing or have no concept of what it entails, the best thing to do is to gain as much information as you can about the topic.

Being an avid learner is one of the keys to living a good life across all disciplines and online marketing is no different. Information is empowering and can help you move forward at a faster pace.

The More You Know, The More You Grow...

In addition, knowledge not only builds your abilities, but also builds your confidence and mental fortitude. Learning about topics such as SEO, copywriting and email marketing can go a long way in helping you to setup your first website to succeed.

Define Your Goals

After you have enough knowledge on the subject matter, defining your goals is essential to staying on the right track.

For example, if you’re an affiliate marketer or building an e-commerce store, metrics like web impressions and conversion rates, are going to be critical to turning your website into dollars.

Define Your Goals

If you’re wanting to build a subscriber list, understanding content marketing and producing useful content is going to be the key to keeping people engaged on a consistent basis.

Whatever your objective is, you must define it and stay focused no matter what happens.


Quite naturally, defining your goals and testing go hand in hand. When you have a goal the only way you can determine how close you are in achieving them would be to measure your accomplishments against other benchmarks or industry held indicators and metrics.

For example, testing your call to action on your website and landing pages to determine their effect on conversion rates and comparing them to industry standards will help to isolate the keys to your achievement online.

make money from your laptop

Ultimately, having a willingness and mindset to test and improve different variables of your strategy will dramatically increase your success.

Most newbies fail to recognize the importance of testing and consequently don’t, which results in the high failure rates and frustration of most online marketers.

Remember to test, test, test, and be prepared to make adjustments when your metrics aren’t in line with your goals.


Understanding that internet marketing is a marathon, not a sprint, will also help you to endure the bumps and bruises of not experiencing immediate achievements.

Many people are not focused and committed to the journey therefore, they don’t experience immediate accomplishments and consequently give up.

Patience Will Lead to Success

Marketing is a science and must be embraced on that level. If you’re going to be successful, you must be patient and prepare yourself for trials and tribulations of selling online.

You can be widely successful, but staying committed to the process is a vital key to your online business.

Have The Right Attitude

This is similar to patience, but also very important. Having an attitude to succeed, no matter what, will encourage you to keep fighting even when things aren’t working.

As new marketer online, you have to realize that you will make mistakes and things will not always work, but having an attitude of never giving up or quitting will position you to succeed immensely.

Hopefully today’s post inspired you to do well and create the life of your dreams.

It is possible to make money from your laptop and to make residual income at home, but understanding the necessary ingredients like the right information, being prepared for the long term and not giving up are the fundamental aspects to creating the life you want from online marketing.

We want to encourage you today to start your journey and believe in the possibilities of what you can accomplish.

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10 comments on “What You Should Have Asked Your Teachers About Online Marketing

  1. I agree that there are so many critical aspects to creating an online income.

    Most critical is perseverance or patience because of the enormous study required. This is so foreign to any one new trying to enter the online marketing arena.

    Acknowledging the enormous knowledge required I think mentors are required. That is where an organization like WA is so critical. Whenever a problem or question arises we can rest assure it is either covered in the training or some helpful member of the forum will gladly help.

    Would you agree that WA covers it all for us to succeed?

  2. Wow what is the site theme you have picked? What is the name? Really really cool and digging it lots. Agreeing on the setting your goals part. It gives you something to hold on to when stuff gets tough. And it will get tough. Going to the same stuff at this moment. Struggling sometimes but its worth it. THanks

  3. Hi Chris,

    Great Article. One area where I am particularly weak and still don’t get is ‘Testing’. I’m never exactly sure on what I should be looking for and so when comparing two outcomes I’m not always seeing what is apparent to others. 2 questions: you said we should compare our conversion rates to industry standards, where do we find these? and you said that we should be prepared to make adjustments when our metrics aren’t in line with our goals. How do we know what goals are acceptable or good?

    1. Well it all boils down to marketing targets mate – are you reaching them? Are you earning enough money? Are you hitting your goals?

      Everyone’s idea of a goal is going to be different at the end of the day – is your work effective enough to reach them?

  4. Fantastic article! You make a lot of good points, especially on the value of patience and having an optimistic attitude. Sometimes when you are working hard on a project and not getting the results you want, it tends to switch your mindset into a negative one.

    I also feel it is very important to NOT target a broad arch of the most popular and lucrative affiliate products and services – something I really was guilty of when I first started out with internet marketing.

    What do you feel about this?

    I would also recommend that newbies focus on relationships first when they are building their affiliate marketing campaigns. If a stranger tries to recommend some product to you its really hard to take it on board…but if a mate recommends it you always listen…why?

    It’s all about trust at the end of the day – all newcomers to affiliate marketing must learn how to build trust with their audience (as it will make or break your online business in the long run!).

    It is important to keep your head up, learn from your mistakes, and continue to progress. There are no short cuts with earning money online…no matter what the so called gurus try and tell you (they are all scammers anyway!)

    Thank you for sharing this valuable insight!

    1. Hi Chris (great name!) 🙂

      Yeah the value and importance of patience and having an optimistic attitude with this form of marketing really is key. People need to remember that the best way to learn is to f##k something up!

      I know it sounds strange but mistakes help us get to our destinations a lot sooner – we learn from our mistakes and move on…

      I sure know what you mean about the mass targeting of products when first starting out – I was so, so guilty of this and it caused me to fail miserably. How can someone trust you as a internet business when you are trying to promote so many products? You just end up looking like a car salesman at the end of the day!

      As you rightly point out in your comment – trust is key when trying to sell something online.

      This is a great comment actually Chris – you have managed to cover some really important key points that only add to the article!

      Thanks so much for taking the time to leave it here with us…

      Good luck mate!

  5. Hi Chris,

    Whenever I think residual income I think about checks coming in the mail. But getting to that point requires a lot of effort and dedication to become successful – not all of us have that inside us (unfortunately)

    I totally agree that testing different variables is key to determining the right path. I was always told the one constant is change. We adapt, or we die.

    What do you think is the most important change you made in your business? I mean, it couldn’t have all been plain sailing for you (we all stumble somewhere along the way!). I would be great to hear about the most powerful and successful change you made…

    Thanks for the valuable information – thoroughly enjoyed reading this and you’ve managed to cover some excellent points!


    1. Hi Chas,

      What was the most important change I made to my business? Well that would have to be attitude!

      When I first started out I reached a decent level and I thought I had made it – I didn’t really realize that the internet was an ever-evolving beast!

      At the end of the day – if you stand still you end up sinking online!

      The change I aimed for was to become EVEN MORE professional in my work…and it’s the best change I’ve ever made really! (the most effective by far).

      If you treat your business as a part time business you will only see part time results. You have to treat your business as serious as possible – that’s the only way you will reach the ‘next level’.

      Hope this all makes some sort of sense to you LOL – I’ve tried my best to lay it all out as simply as possible!

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