What Makes a Website Appealing?

What Makes a Website Appealing?

Are you fed up of that dull and lifeless WordPress look to your website? Let’s take a look at what makes a website appealing and see if we can liven up your online piece of real estate!

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The New Age of Purchasing

It is said that 89% of customers search the web before making a purchasing decision. What that boils down to is a shed-load of potential customers online with a ‘buyer’s mindset’ in place.

Your website is your storefront, your business and a reflection on YOU – can you honestly say it looks the way you would like it to?

The New Age of Purchasing

It’s all about first impressions – what impressions do you think your site offers potential customers?

Content is King…But!

Yes content is king but if you manage to embed that content in a dull and lifeless website design you will not really witness the type of success you were expecting.

Get this – 94% of first impressions of a website are based on it’s design!

Recent polls show that way over 50% of buyers online admit to judging a company by it’s website – and why not? Credibility should naturally be based on the how the business appears – humans are visual by nature!

So What Makes a Website Appealing?

Below are the most important components of a visually appealing website…

  • Color – A lot of articles online will try and convince you that a snazzy look is a good look – not me! I see the best success with a white background as it is easy for the human eye to read off ( Don’t EVER choose a black background – big mistake many webmasters make! ). Colors have a big emotional factor so it’s important to choose colors your visitors/customers will take to
  • Font – Don’t go overboard and choose a posh looking font as this can also be tiring on the eyes. Make sure it is a decent size as not all of us have teenager’s quality of sight ( older people will struggle to read smaller text fonts )
  • Video – It’s a great idea to include a video on your homepage as videos get significantly higher engagement. There are many open source video editing programs out there these days that will do a grand job ( if used correctly ). Try and base the video on who you are and what you do ( what service you offer and why you should be the first choice in that niche )
  • Limited Number of CTA ( Calls to Action ) – I see this happen so, so often these days and it really does make websites seem more like a sales pitch. You don’t want to overwhelm visitors so stop throwing affiliate/sales links in their face. We all need to use these links/banners but try and use them sparingly and at the end of each article/page
  • Mobile Friendly – Thankfully a lot of website builders and themes are set up to be mobile friendly these days. With mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets becoming more popular it is important your website takes this into consideration. You want to retain the attention of mobile users as well as the more traditional PC users
  • Live Chat – This type of function is geared more towards the brand oriented websites really. It’s a small button that allows your visitors to interact with the service or brand you are offering without taking over the whole page

Do you have any thoughts on what makes a website appealing? We would love to hear about the techniques YOU use on your websites to make them more appealing to visitors. Please leave any suggestions in the comment box below.

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8 comments on “What Makes a Website Appealing?

  1. This is absolutely a great information to make my website looks appealing. I never think of Live Chat before, but I’d try this in the future. I think it would create better engagement with my readers.

    Another thing that I see most website owners lack of, is the use of color. We are in the more visual world. Leveraging some color(especially colorful images) can be an advantage over those who don’t at all.

    1. Yeah I agree with you on color Edy – a lot of websites seem to stick to the dull black and grey formats ( makes me switch off when I’m reading! ). As you can see with this site, I like to use nice bold blue subheadings and titles etc.

  2. Your article has been very helpful for me as I am a beginner in Affiliate Marketing. I am still learning how to build my website. It’s been a lot of fun but also stressful at times.

    I am pleased I have found your list now I can have something to work with. Hopefully I’ll make a more presentable website.



  3. As a graphic designer, I can’t help but check out how my website looks like every day. I created my logo, banners and added my personal touch to all the images in my posts. 94% is a big number, so I’ll work more on providing the greatest first impression for my visitors.

    Working on the font size, color, and the overall layout is critical to increasing the UX of our websites. Perfecting the CTAs and making them as appealing as possible is going to boost our signup and sales rate.

    And of course, the most appealing this on your website is the quality content you have to offer and the help you can be providing people with.

  4. Awesome website, very interactive with a great flow – I’ve been looking for this sort of help with my own website for quite some time now…

    You’ve managed to cover a few pointers that I had never really thought about before – the background color of my first (unsuccessful) website was actually black – now I know where I went wrong!

    I’m a little worried now also about the size of my font – is there any way I can change this in the WordPress system. Also, how many CTA’s would you put on an article that is about 1000 words long? I really don’t want to overdo it!

    Thanks for this help – I now realize where I was going wrong!

    1. Hi there (no idea what your name is from your username!),

      Yeah as you can now see – black background is a big fail when it comes to modern websites. I sometimes see UFO or horror websites still doing it and it really doesn’t work (someone should tell them!).

      As far as font size is concerned – it really depends upon the WordPress theme you have actually chosen! If there are no options in your theme there are a handful of plugins that can help with this…but I forget their names!

      A Google search on the subject would be your best bet!

      I try to keep the CTA’s down to about 1 every 500 words so aim for 2 in a 1000 word article – maybe one near the start and one at the end?

      Hope this helps! 🙂

  5. Hi Chris,

    I agree with all the points you wrote on this post. Spot on!

    I have visited many sites that turned me off. Some because of the font – too small, colour – some too bright, others too dull, contents – all mashed together, strained my eyes to read and etc. I know you know what I mean.

    What you wrote on “call to action” is so true. Some are literally staring at your face, so many of them in one article that is so scary, I run off thinking it might be a scam…because that’s the feeling they give off!

    I have a blog of my own and just recently I’ve been worried about how visitors view it – the numbers are dwindling slightly so I will keep these points in mind and update each article accordingly.

    What are your views on updating already published work?

    Have a nice day!


    1. Hi Sharon,

      Well I was always told that updating content in particular was a good thing in the eyes of Google…but I didn’t realize how good it was!

      Updating content is actually an extremely powerful way to improve your rankings – it shows Google that you actually care about your site. It also gives you the chance to correct all the website factors I have mentioned in the article above.

      For some reason more and more webmasters seem to be using small fonts on the text these days – have you noticed that? So irritating that they’d get this sort of thing wrong (simple to avoid really!).

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