What is Traveling Vineyard?

What is Traveling Vineyard?

I’m Welsh, so it’s fair to say that I grew up in a drinking culture!

Do I like a drink?

Does a brown bear do his business in the woods? (that means yes – I like a drink or two, or three, or…)

But, the older you get…the more heartburn hits you – we tend to move from the beer to the wine (after all red wine is supposed to be good for you…isn’t it?).

The product we will be looking at today is centered around wine – wine, wine and more wine!

So, what is Traveling Vineyard?

Is Traveling Vineyard scam or is it legit?

Let’s take a closer look…

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Traveling Vineyard Review

What is Traveling Vineyard?

It’s a direct sales company that allows you to sell wine for a profit (hopefully for a profit!).

The selection of wines they have on offer at the moment are very impressive – with new wines constantly being added to the list.

There are single bottle options and there are also seasonal bundles available.

To be honest, the way the company is set up is very impressive – from an info point of view. I found myself darting around the site just picking up new bits of info on how wines are made etc.

They don’t pull any punches when it comes to the wine – they have full info on EVERY one!

Traveling Vineyard Review

The quality of the wine is pretty decent – usually well above the level of your general supermarket or store offerings. I usually pay no more than $10 a bottle in my local store, but these bottles range from $15 to about $20.

The Traveling Vineyard also offer a rather impressive subscription order called Rewined.

With Rewined you must include at least 4 bottles of wine and can include current top sellers, as well as curated selections of wine.

You then receive the Rewined bundle monthly – you can even leave the choice up to the company itself (if you want a surprise every month!).

Is Traveling Vineyard scam

Okay I’m Interested – What’s The Damage?

Okay, so how much is this MLM opportunity going to set you back?

Well, to join you are going to have to shell out $99 for the Success Kit and $75 for your first two tasting sets. If you manage to reach $750 in sales within your first 60 days you’ll also get a FREE electric wine opener…

Not really something that would inspire me to make sales!

On top of this, for every referral you sign up as a Wine Guide during your first 60 days, you’ll also receive a $100 bonus when you both reach $750 in sales.

So What’s Inside the Box?

Glad you asked…

The main kit (or The Success Kit) comes with a lot of marketing tools – everything you need really.

Glasses, decanters, brochures, order forms, bags for the produce, information on each bottle, cards…everything you need to pull off a successful wine tasting event (or ‘piss up’ as we call them in Wales!).

The kit also provides a Personal Estate Website, but this only seems to be free for the first three months of your contract with them. After this period I was shocked to learn that it will cost you $15.95 a month to keep this website running – worth it???

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Traveling Vineyard Company Complaints

The main gripe people have with this company is the fact they thought they were going to earn a lot of money…but ended up in the red!

Remember – this is a MLM company and only the extremely talented sales people, or the top of the pyramid, are going to make real money.

Traveling Vineyard Company Complaints

Direct sales companies do a wonderful job of convincing you that this is YOUR story – you ARE going to make money with their EXCELLENT products.

Well in some cases you are – but not very often.

You need to have some marketing experience behind you to succeed – preferably some MLM experience.

Is Traveling Vineyard Legit?

Oh it’s definitely a legit company, but it’s not going to be an easy ride to make money with them.

I’m not having a go at them directly – I’m having a go at the MLM industry as a whole.

I come from a background where I was taught that everyone should have the opportunity to earn online – for free!

I don’t really like the idea of newbies to the earn online world, having to pay to get into an opportunity. This is because newbies generally have no idea what they are doing (we’ve all been there!).

The Traveling Vineyard’s compensation plan was a little bit confusing at best – and this was another worry for me.

I’m not satisfied with the expected earnings that you can get and I think it would be a big risk if you join without knowing that much from their compensation plan.

BUT it is worth noting that a lot of wine magazines and online publications like this bunch…and they know A LOT more about wine than me!

I’ll leave the ball in your court…

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