What is The WIFI Millionaire System?

What is The WIFI Millionaire System?

For over a decade now, I’ve been lucky enough to work online, and not fall for too many worthless opportunities.

I’ll level with you – when I first came online – I fell for a couple of duds and got scammed for about thirty bucks.

Not that much – but enough to piss me off and teach me a valuable lesson.

Ever heard of this saying before…

“A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”

Well, that’s the kinda offer I fell for, TWICE, when I was a newbie to the online earning world.

About a month ago, a little bird told me that another one of these ‘wolf’ products was doing the rounds, and a lot of people were falling for it – The WIFI Millionaire System.

So, what is the WIFI Millionaire System and can you really believe it’s bold claims? Is WIFI Millionaire System a scam or is it legit?

Lets take a closer look…

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   The WIFI Millionaire System Review

It turns out that this system really is an elaborate hook for ANOTHER system – something called My Online Business Empire.

Now, I haven’t yet covered MOBE on this website, but I have heard nothing but BAD things about them so far!

I contacted a blogger friend who had tested out, and written a review on MOBE (that’s a shortened form of My Online Business Empire – in case you were wondering!), to find out how the opportunity worked.

She was not that impressed by it…

She said that the system is nothing more than a pile of shit that promises to teach you how make money online. They then proceed to force products upon you – products you apparently need to succeed.

The WIFI Millionaire System Review

You basically then end up promoting MOBE and roping other people in, claiming a commission in the process.

Sounds pretty dull so far right?

But wait…there’s more!

You also have to pay a monthly subscription for the right to promote the MOBE products to newcomers.

There are then tiers you can climb that give you better products and licenses to flog to other people.

It gets VERY pricey.

To cut out the middle man, and save you money, I’ll point you in the direction of a simple work online site that is free – check out our Clixsense review HERE (this one is actually worth your time and effort!).

Who’s This Matt Lloyd Dude?

Matt Lloyd is the guy that owns MOBE…but how do we know he has anything to do with WIFI Millionaire?

Good question!

Well, the disclaimer on WIFI Millionaire is the exact same disclaimer as Matt used on his MOBE product – not too much investigating needed there!

He’s also well known for marketing his MOBE products by using fresh new products, as a hook.

That is what he is doing here.

The WIFI Millionaire eBook Download

The WIFI Millionaire eBook Download

A large majority of you landing on this review, have probably come here because you have seen this book advertised for a measly $3 – that seems like a good deal, right?

Well, this $3 will get you the book and hand you the title of a ‘qualified purchaser’…which is a pretty pointless bargain really.


The eBook is nothing more than an extended landing page that is made up of various MOBE (and related product) sales pitches.

You won’t learn anything at all from this book, other than info about these products.

The numbers suggest that this business opportunity isn’t a great one (understatement!) and you may be better off with a simple and FREE Recommendation instead.

WIFI Millionaire is a Scam

Well it’s certainly a wolf in sheep’s clothing, at the least, so in my book…that makes it a scam.

It falsely advertises itself as one product, when it is nothing more than a sales pitch for an older product.

A simple search online will bring up hundreds of blog reviews of this product, all positive, because the blog owners were stupid enough to get roped into this system to begin with.

Now they are lumbered with promoting the product, in a vain attempt to recoup the money they shelled out for it.

When you think about it – WIFI Millionaire and MOBE are set up like a MLM system!


WIFI Millionaire is a Scam

Matt Lloyd’s products promise to hep you build up your own business but, at the end of the day they do nothing more than take your money.

They are set out to sell you products, that you don’t really need to succeed.

All these products will teach you how to promote MOBE. They won’t teach you how to build your own business.

This is quite ridiculous to be honest with you, as most legit opportunities to build a business online are actually FREE.

Nobody needs to pay a fee to learn to earn online.

Remember that you can make an honest living online but it won’t happen overnight. You’ll also need to put in the work if you want to succeed.

Where can you find this FREE education on building up your own online business?

I’m glad you asked…

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8 comments on “What is The WIFI Millionaire System?

  1. I’m glad I read this. Initially, I wanna skip the post, but something told to keep going. I really learnt some lessons in this post. So many E-books are just nothing but bag of rubbish. The Wifi Millionaire is just one of the hyped, scamming site that offers mouthwatering deals and promised to help you make money buy eventually takes the little you have

    1. Initially you wanted to skip the post [The sound of alarm bells] – surely not Kehinde?

      That’s a crime to humanity mate! 🙂

      Well, I’m glad you read it in the end, thanks for commenting! 

  2. Thanks for this great review of the WiFi Millionaire System. I can’t believe these “products” that are there for nothing more than to rope you into something entirely different. Wow, it really makes me frustrated and upset. 

    I feel bad for the people who don’t read your review and buy into this. They’re going to end up losing their shirts if they go down this road! 

    By the way, I’ve heard about MOBE before. Haven’t they been shut down? Are they still out there somehow scamming people? I thought I heard they got in trouble for that. 

    1. Hi Christina,

      Well these sorts of ‘groups’ never really shut down – they simply change their name and move on, until the next time they get in trouble (then rinse and repeat!). 

  3. Thank you for taking the time to reveal yet another not so great opportunity.  It seems as if they pop up so fast that we cant even keep track of them.  

    The internet is so full of scams and each one is ready to take all our money in a flash.  The only way we are going to fight back is through education.  Letting people know about these bad opportunities.

    Thank you for taking the time to gather the information and for exposing yet another scam on the internet.


  4. Thanks for this informational post you’ve shared. Personally, I’ve discovered that most reviews are downright boring, but you’ve found a way to make this somewhat interesting.It’s rather unfortunate that some people spend there time online, just to scam and defraud unsuspecting individuals, i was a victim too, it pisses me off, really. But I’ve learnt a few things from my not-so-pleasant experiences. I don’t think these guys are actually out to help anyone. And I’ve discovered that, if you are patient, not greedy for quick gain, meticulous and open minded, you will save yourself from these traps and even get to know the true online opportunities out there. I did, eventually. And it’s been joy at last.

    1. Well it’s great to hear that you’ve finally found something online that works for you Festus. What platform is it? (out of interest). 

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