What is Sabika?

What is Sabika?

The cool thing about running this type of website is that I get to discover a wide range of money making options online.

Of course, not all of these options are worthwhile…no matter how decent they initially sound.

Today we will be taking a look at a quite unique MLM opportunity that I stumbled across about three weeks ago named Sabika.

So, what is Sabika? Is it yet another worthless MLM setup?

Let’s take a closer look…

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Sabika Jewelry Review

What is Sabika?

Sabika is a jewelry selling business that provides a diverse range of jewelry products, including necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

Now, I’m a guy from Wales – we’re not exactly known for being that clued up on the whole jewelry subject (just ask my girlfriend if you don’t believe me!).

I spent a decent amount of time examining the products they had on offer and most of them (in my humble opinion) seemed pretty attractive and unique.

Sabika Jewelry Review

They seem to aim at providing jewelry sets that have pieces that match one another. (necklace with matching bracelet and earnings etc. etc.).

Now, jewelry certainly is a popular product online but at the same time there are numerous internet businesses that sell it.

While the pieces at Sabika might be unique to the company, it isn’t really clear if they are good enough that people would actually buy them?

Everyone is different at the end of the day and I can’t really speak for the female side of the population…although in my experience they can be slightly fussy (there, I said it!)  🙂

The MLM – Discount Sabika Jewelry?

Okay, 99% of MLM businesses live and die by the quality and price of the products they offer.

Would I consider their offerings as discount Sabika jewelry?

No, I wouldn’t!

From what I could see, most of the necklaces on offer were over $100. Even sets of earrings were at least $50 which was a little bit shocking to me!

But I’m not an expert in this field – a few female visitors may well point out to me that this is a decent enough price, I just don’t know?

The MLM - Discount Sabika Jewelry

But price plays a huge part in the success of a MLM member – it really does determine how much money you are going to make out of the business.

I mean think about it for a moment – how many people out there are in a comfortable enough situation to spend over $100 on a item of jewelry?

Also, how many of these people will go through repeat purchases?

Again, I’m no expert…but I don’t really think the market is going to be that big!

Sabika Retired Jewelry

Another worry I came across with the platform is it’s willingness to retire certain lines of jewelry.

This is probably down to these items not being that popular with the public.

But what happens to the individuals that did go for these particular lines?

Maybe they only purchased a bracelet and now want the full set?

This is something to watch out for – returning customers will not be that happy with the whole Sabika process if they realize the products they are after are no longer available!

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Earning With The Sabika Jewelry Catalog

The whole Sabika setup is much like any other MLM sales page out there – which isn’t really a good thing!

MLM’s have a nasty knack of making you believe you can rake in the cash within a few days of joining – it really is that easy folks!

Well it isn’t! (believe me!)

MLM distributors often find that they have very successful initial parties and then the numbers start to decline…BIG time!

The Sabika Jewelry Catalog

You see, everyone is interested in something new to begin with and most want to support your venture…

But human nature is human nature…how long will it take people to get sick of your products? They are old news after all!

You need to really be able to think outside the box and draw people into your business, time after time!

Do you feel like you have that sort of talent?

Would you really know where to start?

I know I wouldn’t!


MLM companies like this always make me incredibly nervous as you have to spend money before making any sort of money.

To me this is an immediate recipe for disaster!

Newbies who come online to work always get caught up in the glitzy sales pages and hyped up promises…

…only to find that they end up with a garage full of expensive items that nobody wants!

There is a sort of affiliate training module offered by Sabika but I have to be honest – it ain’t that great!

I’ve been in the marketing business for quite some time now and I can spot paper-thin training a mile off!

Direct marketing is a tough business and even experienced marketers often struggle to make sales.

If the sales side of things doesn’t work out for you there is always the dreaded MLM recruitment system.

This basically means you have to convince people to sign up with the same shitty company you have had no real luck with – not that good on the karma front really is it?

in my experience 99% of the members of these MLM companies end up desperately trying to flog the products to friends and families.

How sad is that?

At the end of the day you are relying on the pity of those closest to you and at the same time letting them know you are a failure (yikes!).

In my opinion your chances of being successful with Sabika are very slim. Some people will succeed but a majority will not!

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8 comments on “What is Sabika?

  1. Thanks for giving information on Sabika, one more MLM opportunity.
    I tried Clixsense too but that is also not very impressive as the process of money making is too slow but for that, I need to sit for many hours. I do not prefer options who are first asking for money or asking to buy products. And here, Sabika says the same. Because at the end, we feel like to be fooled.

  2. Just finished reading your post and agree with everything, I used to join MLM programs and I have a lot of left over product. The product tends to be over priced so commissions can be paid multi levels. Did show the product to my wife as she deals with jewelry more than I do and she felt it was over priced. I don’t like having to buy a bunch of product to start it is a quick way to have junk in your home. Thanks for the post

    1. Oh I feel sorry for you Bob – MLM systems are no fun at the end of the day are they? Why did you join so many of them?

  3. You are totally right about the cash outlay to try to make any money with MLM’s. They do seem to follow a trend with initial activity then everything starts to die off.

    I have done a few and made some money, but it is extremely hard and requires far too much work for the return.

    I totally agree with you when it comes to MLM’s.

    1. Ah so you are an ex MLM man then Travis – and you lived to tell the tale? Well done mate – a lot of others were not so lucky…

  4. Sabika jewelry is just another multi-level marketing, works for some people, doesn’t work for most as usual with MLM. I tried my hand at network marketing a few times and I will never do it again, just not for me. Maybe this is a good opportunity if someone is really into jewelry and hopefully they can make it work for them and find some success with it.

    Thanks so much for the information here Chris!

    1. Another one that fell off the MLM ladder then Luke? I feel for you! Hope you’ve found something else to work at online now!

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