What is Regular Dollars?

What is Regular Dollars?

How many of you reading this have come across ‘posting’ or ‘pasting’ jobs online?

When I first came online I encountered a ton of them…but fortunately I did not opt to take any of them on!

Why do I say ‘fortunately’?

Well, in my experience, these set ups are not so cool…not so cool at all!

They tend to play on people’s emotions – people that are usually desperate to make money…yet short on time.

Today we will be covering one of these slightly suspicious sites – Regular Dollars.

So, what is Regular Dollars? Is Regular Dollars Legit?

Let’s take a closer look…

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The Regular Dollars Review

So how does all of this work? What is Regular Dollars and how can you make money from their platform?

Good question.

No, seriously…good question!

Are you scratching your head at this moment in time?

Well you’re not alone – and I’m the one who has tested the site out!

The Regular Dollars Review

Regular Dollars gives you a sort of affiliate link to promote then claims they will give you $5 per referral – everything seems good so far.

But…the affiliate link leads straight back to their own site…and there are no monetary avenues on this site…where is the money going to come from?

There’s no real product or service on offer here, and I don’t see many (if any!) adverts on the site…how am I going to get paid?

Maybe they are owned by a rich Florence Nightingale type? Maybe this person is just dishing out the cash?

I doubt it.

So, What is Regular Dollars About?

Well , I’m afraid that this opportunity smells a lot like a system that is set up for one thing…and it ain’t a good thing!

Even if there was advertising on it’s site, which there isn’t, it wouldn’t pay upwards of $5 a click – that kinda advertising just don’t exist (believe me – I have looked high and low for it in my time!).

So what’s the goal here? What’s THEIR goal?

I have a nasty feeling that their goal is your identity.

The numbers suggest that this business opportunity isn’t a great one (understatement!) and you may be better off with a simple and FREE Recommendation instead.

How Fast Can You Build a Website?

Seriously, how fast can you build a website?

Why do I ask?

Well I think the same question was asked to the owners of Regular Dollars – and they took it up as a challenge.

So, What is Regular Dollars About?

These days it’s pretty easy to get a dynamic and pleasing site up and running, without much coding knowledge etc.

Someone should have told these guys…because the site I ended up on was not that impressive.

Poor grammar on the home page is usually a REALLY bad sign – this is the page that everyone lands on so surely you’ll double check it?

There’s no address, no contact details and no privacy policy – it really is one of the worst sites I’ve visited in the last couple of years.

Conclusion – Is Regular Dollars Legit?

I thought I’d come to the conclusion a bit early with this review because you can’t really polish a turd – and this opportunity seems to be a REAL turd.

On top of that, I get the feeling they are digging down for your details – they are phishing for your details!

Nothing adds up – at all.

There is no product to sell or promote, they have no visible ways of making money and the website is a terrible domain full of broken English.

I have nothing against non-native English speakers, but, most of them hire a proof-reader when they are building something around money!

Conclusion - Is Regular Dollars Legit?
Absolute Bullsh#t!!!

Now, I haven’t stayed a member there long enough to find out how they go about getting your details (other than your email address), but I can guess where it’s going…

Take my Dad for instance – he uses the same password for nearly every site he uses…and it’s not a very clever password.

What happens if he signs up with say Amazon using the same password he has used for Regular Dollars?

I’m guessing it ain’t that long before they are buying their sex toys on my dad’s account!

This can apply to just about any site online that handles transactions.

Regular Dollars is not legit – it’s shady, it’s misrepresented and it’s very, very sloppy. 

Unfortunately I can see a couple of hundred people falling for this at least – people get desperate when they need cash and the bright lights of earning easy money shine bright.

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