What is Profit Maximiser – Profit Maximiser Review

What is Profit Maximiser - Profit Maximiser Review

Well this is pretty much a first for me…and I don’t really know how I feel about it! In order to compile this Profit Maximiser review I’ve had to go undercover over the past several months.

That’s right, I became one of the Profit Maximiser members and I hammered the sh#t out of as many bookies as I could (well they deserve it really don’t they?).

The problem is that by the end of it all…I am still not convinced about it as a product!

This Mike Cruickshank Profit Maximiser review would have been a lot easier if I had left with a positive feel about his product…but I’m afraid I haven’t.

So this means I have actually become the one thing I never thought I would be – I am now a whistleblower!

Yeah that’s right – I’ve entered the information superhighway’s cold war and I’ve become one of the disgraced.

People cross the street when they see me, dogs bark, old ladies spit at me…

Well, not exactly, but you get the picture right?

The problem is that I started this site up to be as honest as possible, and I have to stick with that journey.


What is Profit Maximiser? is Profit Maximiser a scam? What is Profit Maximiser for?

Here is the most ‘straight down the line’ review you will find online…

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The Mike Cruickshank Profit Maximiser Review

Okay…where to start really? As I mentioned above, this all feels a little strange to me!

So, what is Profit Maximiser for? How can YOU make money out of the system?

Profit Maximiser (or PM because I can’t be bothered to type out it’s full name ALL the way through this review!) is a enclosed ‘community’ that teaches you how to make money through matched betting.

Okay…what the hay is matched betting?

Glad you asked!

Check this out…

Matched betting (also known as back or lay bet matching, or doublebetting) is a betting technique used by individuals to profit from the freebets and incentives offered by bookmakers. It is generally considered risk-free as it is based on the application of a mathematical equation rather than chance.”

Yeah I struggled to get it into my own words…so I nicked that snippet above from good old Wikipedia!

So basically you are placing bets which are completely risk free due to ‘special offers’ returning a ‘perk’ if you lose.

Let’s take a look at the explanation for Profit Maximiser by Mike Cruickshank, the owner/maker/dude in charge of the product…

My Scandalous Secret to Crushing The Odds So Effortlessly – It’s Like Performance Enhancing Drugs For Your Bottom Line!

Wow sounds pretty impressive right? I know, I was more than a little taken in myself!

He then goes on to explain a little more about his product…

Tap Into My Newest Private Profit Powder Keg- And Watch Over My Shoulder As I Reveal The “Insider’s Edge” That Will Explode Your Profits And Gain You A Guaranteed Spot In the “Winner’s Circle!”

As far as sales pages go young Mike has no real idea what he’s doing. He tends to like the sound of his own voice and the whole process screams ‘scam’.

Unfortunately he has invested in BAD internet marketing advice for this section of his product.


The product does have legs…and it tweaked my interest enough to keep the tab open (just!).

Some dude from Money Makers Reviewed released this video on YouTube (so I nicked it!). Take this with a pinch of salt mind – he’s after a affiliate commission! 

Why Did I Sign Up?

I’m not going to lie to you – I signed up because another member of the Wealthy Affiliate community was promoting this product!

Yep, I read his review…and I had to find out more.

If I had landed on Mike’s sales page without prior knowledge of his product I would have run a mile…

It’s that bad!

Inside The Box

Okay let’s get to the ‘guts’ of this product. I’m going to show you exactly what the sales page opts to neglect – what you actually get for your £97.

The first port of call is the Profit Maximiser Home Page…

Not the most attractive website I’ve ever come across but it serves a purpose!

mike cruickshank profit maximiser review

As you can see the first three steps are neatly laid out for us to follow. No problems here – I flew through it!

Well I should of flown through it…if I’d invested in Bonus Bagging first!

Yes ladies and gentlemen – this is where the honesty and trust side of things falls down.

At no point on the Profit Maximiser sales page was I pointed towards Mike Cruickshank’s Bonus Bagging software.

One glaring problem here – if you haven’t completed his Bonus Bagging product….


That’s right guys – you’ll have to learn the basics by yourself and that means putting your money on the line to actually learn…

I don’t know about you, but that certainly sounds like gambling to me!

The Profit Maximiser Calendar

Okay, okay, let’s get back to the ‘guts’ of this product before I slowly implode in on myself…

Once you have (blindly) struggled through all of the initial bookies sign up offers you are left with the mighty Profit Maximiser Calendar.

This is essentially a calendar put up by Mike that highlights a handful of low paying risk-free (cough, splutter) bets.

The problem here seems to be that none of these bets are now actually risk free.

In most cases you try them out with about a 40% chance of them going your way. If they don’t go your way you lose something small like say 70p.

profit maximiser calendar

It may not seem like much to you but what happens when only one of these offers works out for you over a daily period?

Believe me – it DOES happen FREQUENTLY.

All of a sudden the advertised product of ‘risk free’ stinks a bit like bulls##t.

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The Profit Maximiser Calculator

So how does all this ducking and diving and wheeling and dealing take place?

What’s the secret ingredient that separates this product from any other matched betting product out there?

Well that apparently comes in the form of the Profit Maximiser calculator – a piece of software I very much grew to like…but I’m unsure about how it stands up to similar free calculators out there?

This calculator walks hand in hand with an ‘odds matching’ system.

I can almost hear you scratching your head as you read this!!!

Don’t worry – it’s complete gibberish to nearly everyone who signs up for it but you do finally get your head around it…

Well you have no option not to really – you need to make that £100 subscription fee back!

profit maximiser calculator

Simply put – the calculator tells you exactly what amount of money you need to lay on certain bets to return a small profit (in most cases).

The idea is that you bet on a sporting event then bet against that sporting event at the same time – you make a small loss out of this.

You then receive a free bet/offer because of your loss and the calculator makes sure you profit marginally from this.

You are then left with a small profit.

So, the more times you do this – the more money you will make!

So, Is Profit Maximiser a Scam?

No I really can’t say that this product/community/opportunity is a scam…

But it’s DEFINITELY misleading.

If you have never placed an online bet before I suggest you stay away from this program – you will have a high chance of losing money before gaining any.

There are many different video tutorials on offer but Mike tends to shoot through them at lightening pace.

He also likes to use what I deem ‘bookies language’ as he powers along.

I personally had to watch each of these videos at least 5 times before I got some sort of handle on things.

I also had to keep on referring back to them before each bet I placed.

All Profit Maximiser members are given access to a private or closed Facebook group. This is a community where you can post your questions and get help off the older, more experienced members.

Whilst having this support is a good idea I struggle to get my head around WHY Mike decided to choose Facebook groups – because they are s##t!

what is profit maximiser for

When you have something as dynamic and straightforward as Google+ one has to wonder why Facebook was picked?

The tags rarely work, messages and important information gets lost within the hour under all the fluff and people post crap!

To be honest most of the posts that appear on there are from ‘Look at me! Look how much I just made’ members (dickheads basically!).

Nobody seems to have the time to really HELP you on there if you are a newbie.

I posted one question and got a response off around 10 members telling me to go out and buy Bonus Bagging…

This was just after I’d paid the £100 odd for Profit Maximiser!

Not impressed, not impressed at all!

So my overall warning is this:

If you have never taken part in Matched Betting before don’t expect a smooth ride here! 

This is NOT really the place to learn – it’s the place to go to improve your matched betting skills and gain access to some pretty impressive betting tools. 

Profit Maximiser by Mike Cruickshank definitely tries it’s best to stay in the ‘risk free’ betting category but please be aware…

Most of these bets have a slight risk of under a couple of dollars.

The initial ‘sign up with bookies’ bets are completely risk free but once you have signed up with them all, that’s it – you stand on dodgy ground!

There are other sections to the PM product but they involve something mystical called EV (or estimated value).

EV basically means you are gambling your money – period! (Bingo sites and Vegas-type slot machines etc.).

Unfortunately whilst not a scam, the whole experience was heavily misleading and once I reached my bail out target I stopped using the product.

I have no doubt there are many PM members making decent money but most (if not all) of these are gamblers.

There are brave claims on Mike’s sales page that are slightly overcooked for my liking…

Please don’t invest without prior knowledge of betting online.

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8 comments on “What is Profit Maximiser – Profit Maximiser Review

  1. Hi Chris and thanks for the heads up. this is a very thorough review and it makes me want to about turn and move smartly off in the opposite direction to Profit Maximiser.
    Maybe that is because I am just overly cautious when it comes to feeding my hard-earned cash into my laptop.
    Even so, I don’t think I will be signing up with them anytime soon.

    1. Hi Steve, well they are NOT a scam but there is a level of risk involved with using the platform – no matter WHAT the sales page tries to tell you.

  2. Hi Chris,
    I like your website! Thanks for your reviews, they are very thorough. I like your writing style. P Maximiser review is excellent. I didn’t know anything about it, and I have the clear picture, now. I know about PTC websites, and you described them magnificently. The WA review is very detailed. I was definitely enjoyed reading it. In one word your content is excellent, and I hope that you will achieve success with your website.

    Wish all the best.

  3. I have seen a lot of other members promoting profit maximiser and I bookmarked the page as thought I would give it a try myself when I have the time. I have heard about match betting before and before I joined Wealthy Affiliate I had a go at match betting and thought it was easy money!
    Thanks for your review of it, I may think again before I purchase this product as I am not comfortable in placing any bets that I may not win! And it does sound a bit misleading

  4. Lol Great visuals! I hope we all get to be a awesome as we pretend on facebook. Hard work does pay off. I find when I know something is going to work as long as I put in the effort, I find myself that much more motivated to get it done, stop procrastinating and do a good job. Thanks for the review!

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