What is Profit Builder?

What is Profit Builder?

Okay, let me start by saying that I’m not exactly keen on systems, software or products that include the word ‘profit’ in their title.

Maybe I’ve been doing this gig for too long now but…I smell an overcooked earning opportunity EVERY time!

So, what is Profit Builder and does it justify it’s rather bold title?

Lets take a closer look…

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The Profit Builder Review

Profit Builder is a marketing website page creation system that comes in the form of a WordPress plugin and theme system.

It’s one of those products that allows you to build rather jazzy pages compared to the more standard WordPress blog posts/pages.

These types of pages are usually reserved for something special – in most cases a sales page or money page.

It comes with over 60 rather impressive pre-designed dynamic templates to choose from.

One of these templates is actually the same template used to create the Profit Builder sales page itself.

This was pretty cool really because the Profit Builder sales page IS quite engaging and convincing.

The Profit Builder Review

Think about it for a moment – if the Profit Builder page managed to get you to buy the product…the template obviously works, right?

To be honest when I first dished out the $47 for the basic package I thought I was buying into an online system for building an income stream.

You know the offers – mainly based on building up an affiliate marketing funnel etc.

But I was quite taken aback when I properly checked out the product and realized it was built on some pretty sturdy WordPress software.

So What Can This Baby Do?

This product offers webmasters and internet marketers the opportunity to create:

1) Opt-in pages – This is basically a page for your website that captures people’s emails through an opt-in system. Email marketing is an effective form of online marketing when used correctly.

2) Review pages – The bread and butter of most internet marketer’s websites are the review pages – this is where they make their affiliate commissions. This software allows you to build quite stunning review pages with relative ease.

3) Sales pages – Build up an impressive, professional looking sales page for ANY affiliate product and make some juicy commissions.

4) Member portals – If you fancy yourself as a bit of an online teacher, you are going to need some sort of member portal. These portals act as login doorways to online educational communities etc. (very handy indeed!).

5) Webinar pages – Webinars are getting more and more popular online these days – a great visual and interactive way to learn! Build impressive webinar sessions with this section of the product.

6) eCommerce Store – Profit Builder integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce, so you can quickly and easily create an online store.

Damage to The Wallet?

Well, for those of you that are regulars – you’ll already know that I usually go for the cheapest option when I’m testing out a product (I’m tight – I admit it!).

There are three different setups of Profit Builder available:

  • Single Site Pack ($47)
  • Multi-Site Pack ($67)
  • Pro License Pack ($67.67)

As you might of noticed – there’s only a $0.67 difference in price between the Multi-Site option and the Pro License Pack!

If you are looking to buy-in over the $47 entry price you might as well go for the Pro License option – get the whole shebang in one shot!

self-hosted WordPress site

The cool thing about these prices is that they are actually one-time payments.

There are a few upsell traps placed here and there (not necessary to buy ANY of them!) but there are NO monthly subscription fees.

Makes a nice change really, doesn’t it?

Is Profit Builder a Scam?

No, no, no – definitely not! But that doesn’t mean it’s a system that’s suitable to everyone who comes online looking to make money!

You see, if you have a bit of internet marketing training or experience under your belt this could well be a useful weapon in your arsenal.

If on the other hand, if you consider yourself a newbie webmaster – this may not be a great fit for you!

Before purchasing this product I would definitely recommend putting yourself through a legitimate internet marketing course…

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10 comments on “What is Profit Builder?

  1. Really like your breakdown of Profit Bulider and your honest review on it. It doesn’t seem to be a scam, just a tool that is not suitable for everyone and just caters to certain needs. About your top recommendation for newbies, wealthy affiliate, i have to say that it certainly is the best platform out there for anyone starting out in the world of internet marketing.

  2. Not really heard much about profit builder before, so really appreciate your honest review – always good to positives and negatives rather than a sales pitch…

    I’ve had my fingers burned before so keen to do my research before entering into any new scheme – would you suggest getting to grips with WA before trying this out?

    1. Oh the WA would always be me first recommendation Mike – it’s where I learned my trade and I’m still a member there even now (many, many years later!!!) 🙂

  3. Hello, my friend

    Great review on the Profit Builder. It is actually the first time that I am hearing this. The website is certainly not a scam it is just something extra someone may want to add.

    I have one question, though. The price charged is annual? Or just one time?

    Thank you for sharing this great information.

    1. To be honest with you I can’t remember John – I review so many sites they all become a blur every now and again….

      Pop over to their site and check out the pricing system! 🙂

  4. Hi, love this article, it makes the online world seem a lot easier, I may just give it a shot, whos not up for earning more money eh?

  5. Thanks for your review on Profit Builder. This product is new to me. It’s nice to know there are a few legitimate products out there. You mention that it’s better for someone who has a little experience under their belt. How will you know when you might be ready to try something like this? Thanks again for your help!

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