What is Product Tube?

What is Product Tube?

​I’m not exactly what you’d call a ‘cell phone person’ – I own a mobile phone and I use this phone…but I refuse to spend half my life installing poor quality apps on it!

Don’t get me wrong – there’s nothing wrong with having a handy app at your fingertips…but how handy are these apps these days?

It seems as though any old idiot can release an app and get it on Google Play – no matter how useful or how beneficial it is!

But ‘make money apps’ are a different kettle of fish for me – when I find one I have to dive in and find out what it is about!

That brings me neatly to the review we will be going through today – what is Product Tube and is it worth your cell phone’s internal storage?

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Product Tube Review

Product Tube is an app that offers shoppers money for creating short videos about the products they have purchased.

The videos are used by the market research departments of various companies so that they can get a better idea of how consumers feel about their products.

The app itself is availbale on iOS or Android smartphones.

The ‘work’ side of things is pretty straightforward overall – you simply pick a task, purchase the product and make a review video on it!

Product Tube Review

You will always get detailed instructions with particular requirements before you take on the task so you can decide if you want to take part or not.

The Video Shoots

Product Tube is on the lookout for two types of video for market research purposes:

  1. ​In-Store Videos
  2. At-Home Product Reviews

The in-store videos involve you logging into the app and taking a video as you walk around the store. You are given a category and you need to document/narrate how you are going to make your purchase choice.

​Once the video is complete and you have decided on a product, you simply upload it to the ProductTube.com platform.

The Video Shoots

The at-home reviews involve you filming yourself using a product and narrating how you feel about it.

These at-home videos are usually centered on the pros and cons of a product – pretty simple stuff really!

You don’t need to faff about with expensive video editing equipment – all you need to do is make sure the videos have good quality audio and visuals.

The Money Side of Things

So let’s get down to the most important factor here – how much money are they gonna pay me!!!!

Well unfortunately they seem to be yet another reward-type site that opts to pay it’s workers in Amazon e-gift cards.

I’m not a fan of these – I like cold hard cash for my online work efforts!

You can make $50 to $80 for 1 hour of your effort per month, which isn’t bad…but you can’t exactly pay the bills with it right?

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Is Product Tube Scam?

Before I get into a few of the complaints surrounding this app I should point out that it is DEFINITELY LEGIT!

It may not be the most dynamic or effective way to earn online but it’s definitely trustworthy.

I encountered quite a few disgruntled members online that had experienced in-store problems with their video shoots.

Apparently, stores don’t exactly enjoy you filming their shelves in this day and age!

Simply put – certain stores actually don’t allow taking pictures of their display shelves and products.

Is Product Tube Scam?

Other members had severe ‘beef’ about the amount of work the app had on offer – nowhere near enough apparently!

The promise of $80 a month is a nice little wad of pocket money but lets be realistic here – we all want a bit more right?

I also noticed that there are more than a few members out there that share my opinions on gift cards…and lack of choice!

Gift cards are bad enough but only having ONE store ( Amazon ) to choose from pretty much sucks big time!

Why not include a Paypal gift card option? Surely they are easy enough to set up?


This isn’t a bad way to earn a few gifts from month to month…but it really isn’t a viable way to work from home I’m afraid.

There is no referral program included in the package so there is no real chance to make anything ‘extra’.

I would advise looking into the stores you are going to use beforehand to avoid any embarrassing situations ( being frogmarched out of the store by a security guard for example! ).

I would say this is a great opportunity for students to grab some free Amazon items for their courses…or maybe bored housewives to grab some household items?

But apart from this I really wouldn’t take this app too seriously – there are many different options to earn REAL money online…

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5 comments on “What is Product Tube?

  1. ProductTube sounds alright but there is no real earning potential with any of these types of apps, especially when they pay in gift cards! As much as I do love a gift card sometimes, it’s just too limiting as to what you can actually do with it. I don’t really like being restricted to spending my earning in just one shop/online store.

    I might give this a try but don’t want to put too much time or effort into it as I could bee spending that time working on my website at Wealthy Affiliate and earning some real money!

    Great review though. I’m always looking for new ways to supplement my income!

  2. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the great review, Product Tube doesn’t sound too bad – I’d like to give it a try just to get $50-$80 for 1 hour of your effort per month. Does that mean if you spend more time; 10 hours for $500-$800, 100 hours for £5,000 or over?

    Also I guess as well as the video quality, you probably have to talk about it a lot in detail? I wonder if there’s a training or instructions? And will they refuse to pay if you fail to provide a good quality contents?


    1. 10 hours for $500-$800 maybe pushing the boat about a bit Ray! And yes, you do have to submit decent quality vids to get paid 🙂

  3. I understand the concept of what they want to do and getting Amazon gift cards may be just the start depending on how long and all that has been set up for the apps future.

    Maximizing how much you can make per month does make it seem like you’d be better off looking into some other opportunity for making more.

    As you mentioned, I would believe there will still be a good amount of people using the app and looking forward to the Amazon gift cards.

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