What is Lifestyle Design Network?


What is Lifestyle Design Network?

Today we are looking at a system that involves two concepts I’ve never quite got my head around – self help reading & MLM companies!

So, What is Lifestyle Design Network and is it worth your time, effort and money?

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The Internet Lifestyle Network Review

By now the majority of regulars to this site will have picked up on my complete hatred of MLM companies and just about everything they stand for.

I don’t like them and I doubt I ever will!

But this is a review after all so I have to pretty much sit on the fence until the end of it ( at least! ).

The Lifestyle Design Network is the brainchild of Vincent Ortega Jr. and Mark Hoverson. I’ll be honest with you here – I’d never heard of them before this product but they seem to ‘big themselves up’ pretty well overall.

They claim they are super-rich geezers that have made it big through this very product. It was apparently launched in 2013 so that means they made their cash pretty quickly ( if we are to believe their jive! ).

The MLM product is a collection of motivational videos that center on ‘personal growth and how to become a leader’.

Like most MLM options – there are various ‘levels’ of membership so don’t get caught out by the low priced entry level…

Available Memberships

Level one of the this product allows you a week long trial for just seven dollars – that’s a dollar a day in case you were wondering 🙂

If you decide that you like what you see, you can them move onto the full monthly subscription at this level which will cost you $37.

This membership is made up of several videos that are aimed at getting you ready for the kill ( so to speak! ). Things like: creating the right mindset, the power of positive thinking and dreaming, avoid procrastination etc, etc, etc.

You are also handed a blog to navigate around. This blog will become the website where you will be selling the MLM product from ( eventually! ).

The Internet Lifestyle Network Review

The second level of this product didn’t really seem much different than the first if I’m honest with you. Well, maybe the price is a little different – $197 a month ( bloody hell! ).

This rather pricey membership level offers you teachings on motivational techniques and online strategies.

Then we come to the third level of this opportunity – which will cost you the ample sum of $1295 as a one-off payment! I don’t know about you but I’m not often in the habit of paying this sort of amount for the privilege of work.

This third level provides you with a handful of more ‘expert’ training videos from owner Mark Hoverson. Mark very kindly let’s you in on the secret formulas he uses to buy his private jets ( or whatever else he spends his cash on! ).

Fancy a Holiday?

But it doesn’t stop there folks – if you are feeling particularly stupid you can go a few steps further and try out the ‘special’ memberships.

These memberships are more perk-based and involve these rather pointless seminars abroad where successful members measure penis size etc etc.

These elaborate meetings take place at top dollar resorts in hot climate countries. Thankfully our friendly neighborhood Mark will get you a large discount on this type of holiday so expect to look at a 50% reduction ( on average! ).

So what is this travel affiliate package going to cost you?

Check this out…

Platinum – This will give you 5 weeks out of the year at a slightly elevated price of $4,995 ( starting to sweat yet? )

Pearl – Here we go…$7,995 will get you 10 weeks a year and…

Onyx – Will get you 20 weeks out of the year at a price of $11,995 ( speechless! )

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How Does All This Work?

I’ve been dreading this part of the review – when it comes to explaining how certain MLM’s work I start to lose the will to live!

OK, you are basically recruiting members at the level you bought into – you cannot recruit members into a higher membership scheme than you are on.

The commission is 50% for each person YOU personally recruit. If they then recruit a new member you get 10% of their sale – this system goes 4 members deep.

There is also an affiliate program on offer that allows you to promote ALL of the membership levels. This may sound like a pretty cool option but you must pay an extra $19.95 a month to be an affiliate – that’s NOT how affiliate marketing is supposed to work!

Lifestyle Design Network Scam?

This is the hardest part of the review for me considering everything this opportunity offers. No, it’s not a scam, but I would NEVER recommend it to any visitor on this site!

I don’t understand the concept of paying to earn online – there are too many options to work online that are completely free!

The owners of this system make big money by charging you for their opportunity – does this sound right to you?

A simple search online will bring up complaints on high prices/charges, not enough actual marketing training and straightforward spamming tactics…

Not really my cup of tea!

When you factor in the incredibly stupid worldwide meetings you don’t really end up with a product or system that makes any sort of sense?

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