What is IBOToolBox?

What is IBOToolBox?

Not only does working online mean putting your business products and brand in front of potential consumers, but it also entails having the right tools for the job.

Consequently, using the Marketers ToolBox, a place where you can mingle and get exposure with other business owners, is very vital.

That’s what makes the Independent Business Owners Toolbox (IBOToolBox) the best tool for the trade – that is if you are looking to get you and your business noticed.

So what is this IBOToolBox? Is IBOToolBox legit? Is IBOToolBox a scam? Let’s find out with our IBOToolBox review…

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So What is IBOToolBox?

Since the internet is very vast, taking hold of every opportunity to gain exposure is critical for marketers building a business, and the IBO platform provides you with this capability – which is entirely free to join.

What Advantages do You Get?

This toolbox is specially designed to assist business owners to share as well as find new business opportunities to give their businesses extra exposure.

In fact, IBO additionally brings lots of traffic to your offers and websites without your business or company incurring any costs when correctly used.

IBO Works!

Since traffic is one of the most important things to business owners, managing it is imperative. (Amen!)

Fortunately, you can use the IBO platform for this and many other things such as to writing press releases, amongst many others.

Therefore, in as much as some people will be quick to dismiss this platform, you should know that it has a pretty awesome following and search engines take it very seriously.

In fact, if you understand the mechanisms of keywords, you can use the platform to rank among the best of your niche competition for increased traffic.

Is IBOToolBox a scam

The site also gives you the opportunity to attach your profile for more visibility to which you can add links to your Twitter feeds and Facebook pages (as well as your website and offers or anything else you want visitors to click through to for additional exposure).

Further, you can also comment on other press releases as well as talk to the owners on live chat (the live chat function can also be added as a widget on your website!).

The only real catch here is that you have to be active (which will earn you credits to use for displaying your ads across the IBO network). However, if you want to buy more credits, you can also do so.

The Network

Some of the other parts of the network include:


This platform acts as a social media traffic exchange which allows you to promote all of your social media profiles on all platforms from a central place to gain followers, likes, and traffic.


Though it’s a membership site, this platform also gives you access to a huge banner library, hosts all of your banner ads and also allows you to create your banners using the banner builder.


Here, you can post all of your latest business videos to assist with your marketing campaigns.


On this platform, you can use the drag and drop technology to create landing pages as well as finish your multi-page sites.


This list will allow you to place your classified ads for your offers and websites depending on your chosen niche of interest.


Having its inspiration handed down by Fiverr, this platform works in a similar way with the only difference being that you are not limited to $5 per gig.

So, if you have a talent or skill to offer the public, this can be an awesome platform to make a little (or a lot of) cash!


Overall, not only does IBOToolBox offer you increased traffic to boost your business, but it also provides you with:

  • Unlimited amounts of knowledge
  • Comparative advantage and ways to manage your ads
  • Social media
  • A chance to offer your skills in exchange for handsome rewards.

So, if you are still wondering “what is IBOToolBox?” there you have it (short and sweet really!) 🙂

If you are keen on building a real online business to generate income, then making use of this toolbox is a must. A very interesting site overall and well worth looking into!


2 comments on “What is IBOToolBox?

  1. Thanks for a great review!
    I really appreciate your honest reviews, Stephanie! I was on the verge of joining this program and I did a little bit of research in order to assure that it is legit.
    Although IBO Toolbox doesn’t stack up too well against Wealthy Affiliate, the training, help an support is there, live too which is a huge benefit when comparing to the many scams out there.
    Are there any up to date promotional strategies to learn from as I read that most are outdated and that ain’t good for an ever evolving web based business?
    I am a blogger and looking to expand my business and certainly require some training on receiving visitors via Social Media into my website.
    How would you say their Social Media training stacks up against what Wealthy Affilite can provide as I’m looking to expand my skills through this avenue?

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