What is Email Sending Jobs?

What is Email Sending Jobs?

Sometimes I end up judging a work online opportunity by the effort put into it – I know I shouldn’t…but first impressions last.

Take the option we will be looking at today – Email Sending Jobs.

Who thought of that name for the product?

What genius came out with that and how long did it take him/her?

It puts me off, instantly, and more often than not it signals a pretty shitty earning opportunity.

So, is Email Sending Jobs legit or is it as scammy as it’s title suggests?

Let’s take a closer look…

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The Email Sending Jobs Review

What is Email Sending Jobs?

This website opportunity claims to have a system in place that can pay you a whopping $25 for every email you send…sound too good to be true?


Anyway, you don’t even need any secretary skills – they provide the templates, you send them and BANG…$25 in your pocket…apparently.


Scam Email Sending Jobs Online

Okay, I’ll level with you here before we go any further – 99.9% of online jobs that involve sending emails are completely worthless.

Well, not worthless – they make the owners good money.

This one’s no different – there are more than a few warning signs displayed by their product…

First of all there’s the mad earnings claim – $25 a email – I don’t think so!

Scam Email Sending Jobs Online

Think about it for a minute – if you work hard for a week, you’d be able to retire early!

Crazy claim.

No company on the planet is going to pay you $25 for sending a lousy email.

On top of this – there are numerous countries out there where workers will send an email for A LOT less than $25 ( $1 in most cases!).

But wait a minute – they have payment proofs on display!!!!!

Well that means they must be legit…right?

Not exactly.

On careful inspection of the cheques displayed on their website…you find out that they are nearly a decade old…

Okay, who’s master plan was that?

I mean, if you’re going to make a shoddy scam product, surely you should check the dates on the false cheques you are showing?


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The Email Sending Job Application

Here comes the big bad wolf…

Okay, time for the killer scam move.

One would think that this type of work online opportunity would be free to sign up with – surely the more workers they have the more successful their system would become…

Apparently not.

Okay, so you have to pay a small fee to start work…how much is it to get your foot in through the door?

Email Sending Jobs wants you to pay $75 for the privilege of working.

HOW MUCH??!!!??

Yeah you read that correctly, $75 to work with them.

There is no reason to pay to work online – the best opportunities are always FREE to join…

The numbers suggest that this business opportunity isn’t a great one (understatement!) and you may be better off with a simple and FREE Recommendation instead.

Who Owns This Trash?

Is Email Sending Jobs Legit?

Well I wish I could tell you. Turns out that if you choose to pay the $75 to join this lot…you are going to have no idea who you are giving this money to!!!

There is no contact option anywhere, no address…not even a email address.


Is Email Sending Jobs Legit?

F##k NO!!!

Sorry for the language, but I had to get that out there in a text format EVERYONE would notice!

On top of the glaring red flags I covered above, there are also a few more tell-tale signs…

The testimonials on the site don’t exactly fill you with confidence. Very generic names like ‘Fred’ or ‘John’ claiming they have earned millions, no photo images with these testimonials, of course!

But, the most worrying point of all this is something I first overlooked…but it dawned on me fully this morning…

What type of company would want you to send an email for them?

I mean, haven’t they got their own email address set up?

Well of course they have…but for some reason they don’t want to use their own email…they want to use yours instead!

I can only imagine the types of emails you will be sending – complete scam or phishing mail – you’ll probably end up with a criminal record!

Seriously – if you finally do end up sending emails with this lot – you could well be putting all aspects of your reputation on the line.

This website seems to be set up to take your well earned money…and your personal information.

I would avoid it like the plague!

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4 comments on “What is Email Sending Jobs?

  1. I love your bold and straight forward way of explaining that this is a scam. I think what scammers do is take something legitimate (such as email marketing) and turn it into a twisted way to take people’s money and they create these programs with the hopes that people aren’t smart enough to do research prior to signing up for something like this.

    Thank you for helping people more aware of what to look out for when searching for legitimate work from home opportunities and I’m sure people will be pleased at how much time and money you’ve saved them!

    1. Unfortunately a lot of newcomers to working online don’t really know about checking out opportunities first, therefore they don’t do any research. 

      That’s how these scams work – if they didn’t work, they wouldn’t exist! 

  2. Good Morning Chris,

    Reading your review on The Email Sending Jobs, you are right it is a strange title, I thought $ 25 per email? Sounds too good to be true.

    It definitely rings an alarm bell when having to pay $ 75 and you have no idea where the money goes.

    Now you also tell me they would want me to use my own email to ” work ” from? No way.

    Thanks to your investigation one more scam uncovered.

    Regards Taetske

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