What is Email Domination?

What is Email Domination?

Over the last few years I’ve come across a fella named Anthony Morrison on several occasions. He seems to be some sort of earn online/marketing guru that just keeps on pumping out new products.

His latest offering, Email Domination, is a product I got to try out for free three weeks ago!

So what is Email Domination and how will it help you make money online? Let’s take a closer look…

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Email Domination Review

I thought I’d start off this Email Domination review by taking a quick look at the main man himself – Anthony Morrison.

I discovered that he has actually been active online now for nearly seven years and he’s yet another marketer that claims to be some sort of guru ( I hate that word – makes him sound like a ‘higher being’ or something! ).

Anyway, this guru ( Mr. Morrison ) claims to make over 1 Million dollars per year with a marketing tactic I have never really been that keen on – email marketing.

Email Domination Review

He has developed a method of building email lists and marketing to the members on this list ( email marketing of course! ). Now this method is Anthony’s new ‘secret’ that he is willing to share with you…at a price!

Now before we go any further I should point out that everything this man has offered in the past has turned out to be a pretty shoddy marketing product. With this in mind, I wasn’t holding my breath with this opportunity…

So, What is Email Domination?

Simply put, Email Domination is a system that teaches you how to successfully build up an email list and then make money off this list.

Those readers that are regular to this site will know that I’m not exactly the biggest fan of this type of marketing – but I’ll sit on the fence for the purpose of this review!

The Email Domination course is made up of 2 main course modules, 5 separate case studies and a secret weapon software ( sounds good so far! ).

The 2 Main Course Modules

Course 1: This course is titled Email Domination Training For Beginners and is made up of the following lessons:

  1. How to properly Build a List
  2. Intro to Auto Responder Services
  3. Learning the Email Lingo

Course 2: This course is titled Advanced Training and is made up of the following lessons:

  1. How to increase email openings, how to reduce unsubscribes, and how to get your emails in the inbox
  2. Copy Writing Optimization: How to write emails that convert
  3. Profit Optimization: How to make more money from the emails you send

The 5 Separate Case Studies

  1. Anthony’s One Million Dollars in ONE Day
  2. Anthony’s $100,000 CPA Mailing
  3. Anthony’s $89,000 Click Selling
  4. Anthony’s $168,000 “They Didn’t Buy
  5. Anthony’s $2,000 T-Shirt Selling Campaign

The Software

I have to be honest I was more than a little confused by the ‘end game’ of the software – I knew what it was set up to do but I don’t see how it would be any different from the other options out there?

It’s basically a autoresponder/mailer called the Inbox Multiplier Software that guarantees a high rate of success.

This ‘multiplier’ sends out your mails in a way in which they do not appear like spam. This means a high percentage of them will get through to the recipient ( instead of ending up in the automatic spam folder ).

I’m not going to judge this software as I didn’t really get to use it enough to collect the necessary stats and figures – I haven’t heard anything bad about it ( so far! ).


The actual Email Domination package costs a rather reasonable $67…but you will be bombarded a handful of times by the more typical upsell tactic.

Anthony Morrison

I counted 3 attempted upsells but there could be more – I passed on every one so I couldn’t really rate them or tell you what they are about!

Email Domination Scam?

Before I get into my overall opinion on the product I thought it would be best to cover a few of the complaints I came across online.

The first one I’d like to cover is a complaint I fully understand – upsells!

Now, I’ve never really come across an upsell that actually manages to offer anything extra to the main product itself.

Now, I may just be one of the unlucky ones and there could well be a handful of useful upsell options out there…but I haven’t found any yet!

I just don’t really see the reasoning behind them – I find the whole concept ‘bad marketing’ at best!

You’ve already got my money for the main product – back off and let me enjoy it!

The second complaint I came across on a handful of forums was the lack of any sort of support – who are you supposed to call if something goes wrong?

The Wealthy Affiliate marketing training I recommend from this site has an 24 hour live support option. As a member I can contact the owners directly, join in with the live chat or post my question ( and get an answer through member support in minutes! ).

With training I feel it is super-important to have a fast support network in place. What happens if you are stuck on something out of hours? Do you need to wait a day or so before you continue?

Email Domination offers this pretty low key option of support and to be honest – it’s not good enough for education/training purposes! When people are learning something new they are going to get stuck at some point in the course. They need help there and then – not 24 hours later!

Our Final Take on Email Domination

I’ve never had much time for the products Anthony Morrison has to offer but this one did manage to take me by surprise ( and that’s coming from someone who DOES NOT like the topic of email marketing! ).

The courses he offers and the case studies were pretty much faultless in their information – for that price ( $67 ) you can’t really go wrong!

The stupid upsells and the pathetic support system are a definite drag but the information on offer is definitely worth the money!

I do have to point out that this is NOT a course for newbie marketers – you need to have a pretty decent website in place before you take on this sort of training.

Everything is laid out in easy-to-follow format and the terminology is not off-putting. I thoroughly enjoyed the modules on offer and even managed to learn a few new tricks!

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4 comments on “What is Email Domination?

  1. Hi Chris, nice review there. I’m still a newbie in term of building website and don’t really know what to do with email marketing. Maybe I’ll focus more on content building first and pray if someone kind enough to click the subscribe button at my web’s sidebar 🙂

    I almost thought the Email Domination software can be a good tools in email marketing, but seing a ‘There are so many upsell’ review smells scam to me. I should consider your Wealthy Affiliate review. Having a 24 hour support looks nice to me 🙂

    Thanks for your information.

    1. No problem Alblue,

      The Wealthy Affiliate is a great option and it’s free to join – you can’t go wrong really! Good luck! 🙂

  2. Excellent article, i am soon going to be looking at email marketing and have bookmarked your site for when i start, at the moment with my website i am just trying to get more comments, write more content etc… But email marketing will be very soon and i look forward to coming back to your awesome article
    well done!

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