What Is Creations Rewards? Is Creations Rewards Scam?

What Is Creations Rewards? Is Creations Rewards Scam?

Time for yet another online earning choice with the word ‘rewards’ in the title…cue the rather muted celebrations!

It’s not that I consider these rewards sites as dodgy areas – most of them are very much legit.

It’s just that I cannot take the slow earning process and I really feel for the people who take them on properly (I mean how boring must that be?)

Today it’s a site named Creations Rewards which was created in 2000 by Christopher Basista and is based out of New Jersey.

So, is Creations Rewards scam or is it possible to earn legit money off this site?

Let’s take a closer look…

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What is Creations Rewards?

We’re all probably familiar with the reward site’s top selling line by now – earn money carrying out tasks online you’re probably doing for free anyway…

Sure it sounds pretty cool – but in reality it is usually far, far from it!

Creations Rewards is yet another earning website that opts to use it’s own form of currency – this rarely means you are going to make good money out of it (more often than not it means quite the opposite!).

There are a list of various tasks you can perform to earn this Monopoly currency like:

  • Completing daily paid surveys
  • Watching videos that are available every day
  • Visiting websites and completing certain activities
  • Take up the option to shop online
  • Complete special offers
  • Refer your family and friends (rope them into the dull earning process!)

The more of these tasks you complete the more of the funny currency you accumulate – simple!

Creation Rewards Survey

The most curious claim this site makes is based on it’s Creation Rewards survey setup.

They make the rather bold statement that it is completely possible to earn 1000 points a day by simply filling out the surveys.

They then go on to say that if you manage to complete three daily surveys you will gain an extra 125 points – which will shoot you to the 1000 point mark.

Is this bullsh#t or not?

Hard to tell really!

I mean, I didn’t really find any surveys that were any different from any other platform overall.

Basically I still came across the age-old problem of demographics and being kicked out of the survey after 5 minutes of filling out forms (damn that’s so annoying!).

Creation Rewards Survey

I did quite like the way that you could bump up your survey point total by playing videos off a different tab when you’re completing them (the surveys).

These types of videos are always a handy price boost but they seldom pay a lot in return.

Also, by visiting websites you can collect even more points also ranging from one to five per website (it’s sort of like a PTC setup at the end of the day!).

It’s worth noting that a majority of these website visits require much more than one visit before payment.

Some of then even demand you visit them EVERY day over a weekly period before getting your reward!

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Creations Rewards Money

Okay, now onto the most important factor of this review – how and when do I get my hard earned money?

Well, 1,000 points is worth five dollars and this is actually the payout threshold.

So realistically, if you believe their survey claims, you could reach the payment threshold EVERY day!

Thankfully Creations Rewards does not force feed you those pointless gift cards – although they are on offer!

You can choose between redeeming your points for cash (Paypal) or one of those pesky reward cards.

Unfortunately they do point out that receiving the gift cards will incur a waiting time of up to 12 weeks – not an impressive fact really!

Get this though – Paypal payments can take EVEN LONGER!

This indicates to me that the site is either not that popular or they have a new system in place – either way it pretty much stinks for the members!

Is Creations Rewards Scam?

Well I wasn’t exactly bowled over by this site for obvious reasons and I also came across a handful of member’s complaints online.

The main complaint revolves around the ‘1000 points per day’ claim that the owners confidently boast about.

Apparently this is absolute gash!!!

Like most reward sites out there – racking up the point total is hard, hard work.

At the end of the day achieving minimum wage on this site is going to be VERY hard work!

There are also numerous complaints regarding the waiting time for payment – and I’m really not surprised about this.

Creation Rewards Review

I feel that ANY sort of online earning site should be set up for instant payments – it’s a sign of a well run site and it boosts the member’s trust in the system.

The final gripe people seem to have with the site involves phantom surveys. Members frequently complain about surveys being listed but once they click on them nothing happens!

Why is this? Is it a way of stopping you reach that 1000 point daily total? Is it just a glitch in the system?

No idea really…but it’s certainly a downside to the site overall.


Well the long wait for payment with this site does not really fill me with confidence but it’s worth pointing out that there are no complaints about non-payment online.

They may take their time about things but they do pay every time!

If you are into this sort of earning platform then there’s no real reason why you shouldn’t give it a go.

Personally, I much prefer a steadier more rewarding way to earn online…

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9 comments on “What Is Creations Rewards? Is Creations Rewards Scam?

  1. I like how you have set up your webpage, it looks and runs really smooth. How much time did you put into your work for them? Did you receive payments? What is your overall experience with these earn online sites? I personally do not believe you can earn cash quickly unless you work hard or work smart.

    1. Hiya Helgi,

      I tried them on and off for about 10 days overall. There was nothing there to suggest they were dodgy but the earning capabilities were pretty slow at best. Thanks for the positive feedback on the site by the way – nice to hear! 🙂

  2. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the review, I think I’m a bit like you when it comes to my opinion on reward sites, I think the majority of them are legitimate I just fail to see how you can meet some of the earnings that they claim.

    You’d literally have to sit on the sites all day and as you alluded to that would be horrifically boring!

  3. Thanks for the review. From the ads I thought this will be something different but I am glad I found your website. I totally agree PTC and rewards sites are not worth the time investment. I’ve tried some of them back in the days and would not repeat that mistake. Especially when there are much better ways to earn money online.
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Where did I say that PTC sites are not worth your time? Don’t agree mate – I’m actually a Ultimate member at Neobux and I receive a nice little weekly wage off them! 🙂

      Reward sites are a little irritating though – I have to agree with you there.

  4. Hi Chris

    This is an interesting review on Creations Rewards. I feel that you are right in saying that this site is not a scam. However, one needs to be tied down to a computer to reap the “minimum wage” payouts.

    To me, I think one must not have a life to earn 1000 points in a day to take surveys. I was wondering if you can tell me how long it takes to even earn 10 pts. I look forward to your response.


    1. Hi there,

      There are a lot of menial tasks that can rack up lower points for you (last time I looked!) so it doesn’t really take that long. But 10 points is an awful long way from 1000 isn’t it?

      1. Yes, I agree. I’m just hoping that it doesn’t take hours to accomplish those 10 pts. If so, then, I would say it’s not worth it. However, I could probably understand if it takes hours to accomplish 500 pts…

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