What is Authority Hacker?

What is Authority Hacker?

Anyone can use the internet to gain an education in building up an online business – the problem is not all opportunities are equal.

Regulars to this site will know that I am a product of the Wealthy Affiliate education journey – it’s our number one recommendation here.

But what about the alternatives?

Surely there are some similar education platforms that offer a similar level of training?

Well yes, there are, but it’s usually quite hard to find them…

Today we will be taking a look at a business that offers a similar product package to the Wealthy Affiliate – Authority Hacker.

So, is Authority Hacker scam or is it legit?

Let’s take a closer look…

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The Authority Hacker Review

What is Authority Hacker?

Authority Hacker was founded by Gael Breton and Mark Webster in 2014. Much like the Wealthy Affiliate, they aim to help you to build an online business through their education.

They tend to center on finding your interests (a hobby etc) and then teaching you how to become an authority in that interest – how to make REAL money out of it.

The two dudes in charge, Gael Breton and Mark Webster, used to run a Internet Marketing Agency that worked with ‘big guns’ like Atari, Macy’s and Expedia – so they kinda know what they are talking about!!!

What is Authority Hacker?

They eventually realized that this marketing business was taking up too much of their time – it was successful but they had no sort of life whilst running it.

They finally decided to create a brand and become an authority in a niche they were interested in…enter healthambition.com.

Well this site certainly took off, and taught them the ins and outs of creating a successful authority brand online.

Now they are passing the information they have learned onto members of Authority Hacker.

Authority Hacker Training

Authority Hacker Training


This is a basic section covering basic internet marketing knowledge – great for newcomers to the subject!

You’ll learn about how the already successful websites drive traffic through their doors, how they monetize and basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


A great module designed to help you find a niche and locate SEO-worthy keywords that are linked to it.

If you haven’t got a FREE Jaaxy account – this module is the next best thing!

A right niche is one that is profitable, and you are comfortable with, and this module will walk you through to finding that niche.


Your very own piece of internet real estate – your website!

This section of the education will take you by the hand and teach you how to find the right domain name, theme, hosting, affiliate products, and structure for your site.

It will also point out the SEO functions of the site that will help you rank correctly within the search engines.


Well, it’s actually called the ‘Commercial Content Creation’ module, but it handles the content side of things all the same!

To me, this is the most important part of building up a successful website. You can go around using dubious backlink tactics all day long…but nothing will work as effectively as just writing content.

You’ll learn the different types of articles, and all the tips and tricks that successful bloggers and affiliate marketer’s use.


I’ll level with you here – I found this section a little bit pointless due to it’s subject of backlinks.

Don’t get me wrong – backlinks are important, and they still work, but by simply creating content…you are creating future backlinks without ANY work.

This section of the education concentrates on great content = people wanting to link to your work.

This is fine – this is what we all want.

I just feel that you’ll get a lot further with your site if you put backlinks completely out of your mind – just write, write…and write some more!

If you are totally new to making money online, I would suggest that you check out my #1 recommended online business course as this was my stepping stone to build an income generating business.

Authority Hacker Pro – Moving On Up!!!

Authority Hacker Pro - Moving On Up!!!

There is a PRO membership setup within this product aptly named Authority Hacker Pro. Adding on to what you have built on your stage 1 website, the pro membership provides you with teachings geared at expanding and drawing in even more success.

There are a whopping 18 new blueprints for this system – all full of excellent tips and tricks for taking your website to the next level.

NOTE: There is an even higher membership level called the Authority Hacker Pro Platinum…but we are slipping into ‘silly money’ territory here, so I’ll leave that review for another day!

Conclusion – Is Authority Hacker Scam?

Before I go any further – NO, Authority Hacker is definitely NOT a scam!

The basic system is priced at $997, with the upgraded Authority Hacker Pro an extra $997, and Authority Hacker Pro Platinum a whopping $1997.

Now, this is my only gripe with the education on offer here – the price!

To me this is way too expensive.

The education on offer here is excellent BUT there is not a module on offer that is free of charge – I’m used to legit education platforms offering an introduction course for FREE!

If you are looking for a FREE entry into the internet marketing world – I suggest checking out the option below first…

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