What is a Bounce Rate on a Website?

What is a bounce rate on a website

Google Analytics is not necessarily the easiest concept to get your head around especially if you are a newcomer to the blogging world. Over the years I have received a lot of Analytic queries from newbies and one always seems to stand out…

What is a bounce rate on a website?

The truth of the matter is that websites can and will display very misleading bounce rates. People get all lightheaded when they realize visitors to their blog are only staying for a matter of seconds but sometimes it’s just not as clear cut as that!

So, What is a Bounce Rate on a Website?

Bounce rate is an extremely important metric for website owners as it paints a picture of how many people are choosing to bounce straight back off your site.

It’s a bit of a depressing function really – it shows you how many people are leaving after visiting the webpage they landed on.

But don’t be fooled ladies and gentlemen – it’s not quite as clear cut as that! Below are the most popular causes a bounce rate occurs:

  • The individual has made use of the ‘back’ button on their chosen browser
  • The visitor had to dash off and simply shut down his/her browser window
  • The visitor noticed one of your advert blocks and clicked on an ad
  • The visitor chose to use one of your external links leaving your site
  • Some of your visitors have search bars embedded in their browser – if they use this to leave your site it will register as a bounce ​
  • Some visitors may leave your site by manually typing a new URL into the browser

​So it’s not quite as depressing as it first may seem. People could well be landing on a page, reading through and then carrying out one of these actions above – it doesn’t necessarily mean your work stinks!

Leaving so Soon?

The bounce rate basically means – the visits that chose to leave your site after one page AGAINST the total number of visits.

Google AnalyticsBut it’s still a very important metric that you do need to take note of – the lower the bounce rate the better your site is performing. This means people are reading your content and deciding to stay for longer – they want to see what other topics you have covered.

Simply put – they are engaging with your content and that is what every successful website/blog needs!

It’s important to realize that new websites will probably have a high bounce rate due to the lack of content on them. If you have a blog with just five posts then people are very unlikely to stay for long.

New websites appear new for a reason – they don’t have much on them. The ONLY true way to build a website, attract visitors and keep them on your site is to keep adding content.

The more content you have, the more pages Google will index increasing the amount of visitors you will receive – it’s simple math!

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8 comments on “What is a Bounce Rate on a Website?

  1. Thanks for this great post. I had had this question all the time, but never checked out what it actually means as I thought it wasn’t really important. Now I realize it’s an important metric for your website !
    Do you use any other methods to decrease bounce rate aside from adding more content to your website ?

    1. Hi Rolandas,
      It basically all boils down to keeping people engaged with your content – the longer they stay to read that content the better the bounce rate!

  2. Hi Chris,

    I really like the fact that you created this post on Bounce Rate… I just learned about this yesterday, however you have gone into more detail which better explains it. I am new at online marketing and have been wondering why I haven’t been getting as much traffic and I looked on Google Analytics and noticed my bounce rate was really high. That’s not good… Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Glad we could be of help Tanya – just keep producing that content and your Google stats will rise ( I know it seems hard now! ).

  3. WOW that was very interesting. I have always wanted to know what the bounce rate means.
    What would you recommend as a good bounce rate or more importantly a bad bounce rate?
    keep up the good work i found this article really helpful please keep writing more articles like this as they are ery helpful

    well done!

  4. Absolutely brilliant. For the first time I understand what “engagement” means – it’s something I should have looked into way before now. I had absolutely no idea how important it was!

    And I had no idea what bounce rate was or even meant, I had heard of it plenty of times in marketing forums, but I didn’t know exactly….

    It seems as though I was concentrating too hard on the SEO aspect and my content was probably suffering because of this – I got it all back to front really!

    I will definitely be posting more content on my site and aiming for a higher engagement. It seems as though this is key to getting decent rankings (or at least part of the process).

    Thank you so much for explaining in such an easy to understand way. What is your bounce rate like? (if you don’t mind me asking!).

    1. Hi there JD,

      Great to hear that you learned something from the article – that’s our aim at the end of the day!

      My bounce rate (for this site) is pretty good these days but I certainly had to work at it. Being engaging when you write isn’t necessarily something you are born with – practice makes perfect!

      The more you write the more comfortable you become with the process – articles just seem to spill out of you and you find yourself having a conversation, instead of just tapping away on the keyboard.

      Don’t forget – stay relaxed and enjoy your article production…and engagement will surely follow!

      Good luck! 🙂

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