What is a Blog And Blogging?


What is a Blog And Blogging?

Are you looking for some background information to help you understand blogging basics?

Cool, you’re in luck!

In this article we will be looking into the simple ‘guts’ of a blog and seeing how they work…

Confused…What is a Blog And Blogging?

The simplest way to look at a blog is to think of it as some sort digital diary based around certain subjects or a chosen niche.

A blog can be based on ANY subject you want it to be – anything at all!

A typical blog combines text, images, videos, and links to relevant pages and media on the web. The idea of blogs is to get people to engage with the content posted on them by using the comment sections provided.

Successful blogs tend to be the blogs that have been able to stir up conversation on their work and therefore gain a backlog of followers.

There are now over 160 billion different blogs on the internet and some of them are making BIG money – it’s now a viable way to make a solid living ( if you’re up to the challenge! ).

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Types of Blogs

1) Personal Setups

I’m always surprised at how popular some of these ‘small time’ personal blogs become. People can start off a blog on their creative streaks or just their day to day life and people will flock to follow them.

It’s hard to put your finger on it but these sort of personal thoughts just seem to work – people are interested in other people’s lives!

Most personal blogs focus or concentrate on the following:

  • The writer shares their thoughts
  • Artists display their original art
  • Poets showcase their poems
  • General writing about ANYTHING
  • Photography
  • Showcasing custom crafts
  • Blogging as a form of personal therapy

Sometimes people feel the need to get their thoughts and concerns ‘out there’ and personal blogs are a great platform for doing this. You’d be amazed at the amount of like-minded people you could meet by starting one!

2) Business Blogs

Business blogs usually follow the exploits of a company and are designed for marketing outreach and public relations.

These blogs act as a way of proving the company is active by letting customers voice their concerns for everyone to see. It’s also a way of showcasing positive testimonials to the public.

3) Niche/Topical Blogs

These types of blogs always center themselves on a particular special interest. Examples of these special interests are:

  • Fashion
  • Health
  • Sport
  • Pets
  • Cookery

The individuals who start up these types of blogs are usually quite experienced in the subject they are covering. These blogs easily attract loyal followers, which contribute to the fun of blogging.

4) Media Based Blogs

These types of blogs seem to be very much on the increase these days. The most popular style of media blog is a ‘vlog’ layout where the majority of the site is made up of videos. Art and photography also work well in the media blog setup through slideshow actions.

5) Reverse Blogs

With a reverse blog the public are in charge of the content posted to the site. The owners start off questions that act as discussions and the internet world responds to them.

These discussions can expand over weeks and even months but they do tend to attract all types of personalities. This often leads to arguments so each thread or post must be monitored and moderated by the blog owner.


Why Blog?

To Become a Better Writer & to Challenge Your Mind – Writing may seem a little daunting at first but I promise you – the more you blog the better you will become at it! Your creative thought will develop as you and your blog start to develop and you will find confidence within your opinions and your writing style.

Become An Expert in a Chosen Field – Blogs are fantastic platforms to aid people establish themselves as experts in a field or niche. If you enjoy a subject it’s great to be able to learn more about it and share your opinions with other like-minded people. Blogs give you the exciting opportunity to become an authority within a field of interest.

Build up Your Self Confidence – When people begin to listen to your opinions you cannot help but feel a little pleased about yourself. Voicing your opinion and gaining followers who will listen to it will build your confidence.

Find New Friends & Meet Interesting People – If you continue to remain active on your blog you will see a following start to form. Within these followers you will discover a variety of new connections throughout the world – very exciting times!

Make a Little Money on The Side – Monetizing a blog is very, very easy. There are numerous ad companies out there that are simple to sign up with so that you can include their adverts on your site. It’s a very simple process where you are paid a couple of pennies every time someone clicks an advert on your site – the more people you have visiting the blog the more clicks you will receive ( aka MORE MONEY! ).

What is a Blog And Blogging?

A blog is an opportunity for you to express your opinions on subjects you love to a like-minded audience. It’s doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from – the blogging world is set up for anyone that has something to say…interested?

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6 comments on “What is a Blog And Blogging?

  1. That was a really good article I never realised there was so many types of blogs available….and I can’t believe how easy it is to make money from it too. I will definitely be checking it out, thanks.

    1. Hi Campbell,
      It’s a great way to make money online but like most things that are worthwhile – it takes work. Once you start you must be prepared to write new content as often as possible. The more active you blog appears the better rankings you will see off Google.
      Good luck and don’t forget to call back here if you need any help along the way 🙂

  2. Great post. I really think there is no better way to get exposure on the internet than to blog. You can follow any passion you want and create a space online to meet like minded people or make money. Well both. You do have to work a bit but it feels more like a hobby.

    1. Couldn’t agree with you more William!
      If you have a passion or hobby in place, blogging should be a walk in the park for you. After all – you’re only discussing something you love at the end of the day!
      Cheers for stopping by and leaving your thoughts on the matter – look forward to seeing you here again soon 🙂

  3. There sure is money to be made online, but everything takes work. Those who think they can just throw up a couple f posts on the internet with a few random ads attached and make loads of cash are dreaming. I had no idea there were that many blogs online.

    1. Yep, hard work and dedication Darren – if you expect to get rich overnight you’ve been in front of too many scam offers! Nothing is easy online – and that’s the way it should be!
      Cheers for chipping in with your views on the subject mate, hope to see you here again soon 🙂

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