Welcome to Passive Residual Income Ideas


Welcome to Passive Residual Income Ideas

Hello and welcome!

This is the first entry of the site so excuse me if it seems a bit haywire in it’s delivery – first posts are always a little hit and miss! To be honest I doubt that many people will ever see this entry but I find it┬átherapeutic writing all the same! If you’ve read the About Chris page then you’ll already have a good idea what this site offers and why it is here.

If you have any sort of interest in starting up a business online you will need some sort of legitimate starting point – a place to go to find honest opinions on the options in front of you!

That’s what I hope to provide here!

I know how hopeless it feels when first starting out online and I know how overwhelming it can become. The terminology is strange and the teachings seem to be aimed at people who are a higher level than you. Contradictions and misinformation seems to be the flavor of the day – who should you trust and who should you listen to?

Unfortunately most of the people who claim to be able to help you start up online are pigs – sad but true! They have one motive driving them and that motive is not to help. It’s all about the money baby – and they know how to take it off you in record time!

The sad thing is that you can make money online by actually helping people – there’s no need to work under a scam colored camouflage. By simply providing people with a sincere service and helping them will in turn make you money – the more people you HELP the more money you will make!

Doesn’t this sound like an online system that we should all be modeling our businesses on?

So lets cut the crap and get right down to business – you want to learn how to earn online and I am willing to show you. I will take you by the hand and walk you safely through the process – you will learn from my past mistakes!

I wouldn’t call myself a guru and I’m not going to promise you wealth beyond your wildest dreams – if you want it you are going to have to work for it. I can ( and will ) provide you with the training but it all hinges on the amount of work you are willing to put into your dream.

If I can do it – anyone can!

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