Website Strategy Plan Template


Website Strategy Plan Template

Do you sometimes feel like you’re fumbling around in the dark with your website? Do you feel like you need directions to a more solid internet foundation?

Don’t worry – we’ve all been there!

In this article I will be covering a simple enough website strategy plan template that I turn to when I feel a little ‘urghhh’ about effectiveness of my blog.

Sometimes your writing sort of overlaps the previous post – you start to hate the sound of your own ( writing ) voice. Logging into affiliate accounts and witnessing clicks with no sort of action is awfully depressing isn’t it?

It’s all down to user experience and how your audience feel when they arrive at your site. Let’s take a closer look at my template…

1) Clarity or Jargon

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve ended up on a website only to be disappointed with the explanations they provide.

The clarity of your content is critical. If you can’t dig into the subject sufficiently and make it clear to your readers, you probably can’t understand the subject yourself!

A good content writer can always cover a topic in Layman’s Terms – this means they can drip feed information in an easy to digest fashion.

Clarity or JargonGoogle is TOTALLY aware of content that is full of jargon and hard to understand – don’t be fooled into thinking it isn’t!

You should not be aiming your online content at the experts in your field – you should be aiming it at the people who are looking to learn.

Try to be as natural sounding as possible and consider reading it aloud to ensure its readability. Throw SEO out of the window for a minute and make sure your piece reads like a simple Q & A conversation.

People do not type long and technically advanced queries into the Google search bar. People type short and understandable queries to get a swift and correct answer to their problem.

2) Don’t be Afraid of The Big Boys

I’m never afraid of the ‘big players’ within my niche because I know they make the same mistakes as the rest of us at times. Big businesses can have bad websites; this is a surprisingly common occurrence.

Concentrate your efforts on making sure your site works well in the new ‘smart phone era’. Mobile users expect a site to be easy enough to navigate and read on their devices.

Engage with your audience whenever possible – try and act a lot more human than the bigger players in your field. If you have a website engagement strategy that works for you stick to it!

Google is ALWAYS on the lookout for the best content. In my experience the best content is NOT found on the larger ‘money bags’ websites.

3) What About The Others?

In the world of search engines their is only one king that sits upon the throne – the big G himself!

But is Google always going to be as powerful a creature as it is now?

Some say yes and some say no – there’s no way to predict the future but you can prepare for it right?

google search engine

Yahoo, Bing and DuckDuckGo seem to be the preferred automatic browser page for Apple products at the moment as Google’s contract with them ends this year.

Make sure you are optimizing for ALL of the popular search engines. Even if there is not a shift in power you can still utilize them for extra waves of targeted traffic.

4) URL Structure

When I first started out online I completely ignored the importance of URL structure within my website. Great content goes to waste underneath a disjointed and messy looking URL.

Dynamic URL’s have a really long and messy length to them – this means they will receive lower click-through rates than the more traditional URLs.

These dynamic versions are really easy to spot – they have a string of random characters at the end of them ( e.g. 12574&color=4&size=2&session ).

These types of dynamic versions do not contain any keywords and are much to long – searchers have a harder time understanding what the page is about.

5) Don’t Become The Pushy Guy!

No matter how disillusioned you become with your website’s effectiveness, don’t turn your efforts into a sales pitch. Nothing will turn a potential customer away faster than arriving at a site and being confronted by an insurance salesman!

Let’s face it – people are pretty clued up with the internet these days!

Aim to build up relationships with your audience through your content and advice. Educate them about the niche you are both interested in, build up trust the natural way and leave the decisions come naturally.

Your Website Strategy Plan Template

Do you have any sort of website strategy in place that you get results from? If so we would love to hear about it. Please leave your opinions in the comment section below.

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15 comments on “Website Strategy Plan Template

  1. Really informative page. The only thing that will get people to be successful is to have more knowledge of the trade. Thanks for this, I have learned a lot and may even come back time to time to look up things.

  2. Excellent information about website strategy plan template.
    I do agree that a tidy URL structure is more important than a messy one.

    1. Yeah URL’s are often overlooked due to people honing in on content SEO etc. Thanks for stopping by Edy – glad you enjoyed the article 🙂

  3. I always feel like I’m fumbling around in the dark with my website Chris! I enjoyed this article and have taken on board the points made, its nice to think I’m not the only one making mistakes on websites, luckily though I don’t know enough jargon words to make it impossible to read! Sammi

  4. i’ve actually never heard of duckduckgo before, and think i’ll give it a try. privacy in search is pretty important, even though the “big boys” need it to optimize results, it can still be a little intrusive. i also think google is around for the long haul. it’s going to be hard for a yahoo or bing to catch up, even if they are niche markets. interesting post

  5. Hey, Chris!

    This is an awesome strategy plan! I’ve learned a few things from you for my own website. Great post!

    You’ve covered some very important points!

    It’s true, you have to be clear in your writing, using terminology that even the most uneducated person can understand! Nobody likes reading a site where it feels like the author is doing nothing more than showing off his large vocabulary!

    Also, like you said, never be afraid of the big boys! They may be big, but oftentimes they are only cardboard giants!

    Then, of course, there is the, “insurance salesman,” as you so aptly put it! Very few people like a pushy salesman, INCLUDING GOOGLE!

    Very nice post and Strategy Plan! The whole website is really nice! Keep up the good work and have a great day!

    1. Cheers Donnie!
      It sounds like you were able to take a lot from this article – great stuff ( always nice to hear! ).
      Good luck with your website 🙂

  6. I really liked how you followed your own example. It wasn’t exactly a Q & A session like you said to use, but it was short, clear, and to the point. It really looks like you are targeting beginners or those who have hit a wall. I know that there are a lot of those people out there, so I think this is a good choice. I also like how you made it seem like the “big dogs” aren’t as big as they seem because they make mistakes too.

  7. hi! I don’t exactly have a strategy – but I actually pre write all my articles using good old pen and paper – in note form. I feel more creative that way. Then when it comes to constructing the article via typing, it all seems to come together much easier. 🙂

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