Website Not Making Money – Distinguish Yourself!

Website Not Making Money - Distinguish Yourself!

Article updated on 09/08/2018

Many webmasters are making a critical mistake with their blog without even knowing it. As we speak someone has just hit the ‘Publish’ button on a post that is doomed to fail.

Website not making money – then you are doing something wrong! 

These mistakes could be costing you hundreds to thousands of dollars each month and you are none the wiser to what they are?

In this article we will be covering the main reasons behind website/blog failure and seeing what you can do to avoid it. Most of the time these reasons are simple enough to rectify as long as you catch them early.

Website not making money – then you NEED to read this article…

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Looking Good…

Your blog is up and running and you are feeling pretty good about yourself. The theme is responsive and it’s loading time is perfect. Your friends like it, your family likes it and you like it to!

You’ve followed the best internet marketing training available and you’ve applied it religiously. You have included an ‘About Me’ page, a ‘Privacy Policy’ page and a ‘Contact’ page – if Google sees this baby it’s bound to love it right?


Website looking good but still failing


You’ve decided on monetizing your site sensibly – good idea!

The adverts you pick are in no way intrusive and do not make the site look slutty in any way.

You’re doing everything right and following all the rules….so why the f@@k aren’t you making any money?

Don’t worry, you are not alone – it’s a question MILLIONS of blog owners are asking every minute of every day. You’re frustrated…maybe even beyond frustrated…


How Not What

helping peopleSo, why is your blog not making money?

First things first – don’t panic! If you are following decent online training then I’m sure you ARE doing the right things. The issue isn’t WHAT you are doing, but HOW you are doing it.

It all boils down to one simple question that needs answering…

Is your blog/website helping people and are you offering something new?

If you can solve a problem AND manage to offer your visitors something unique then you will see a more effective website.


A Unique Take

If you have a problem you go online to find some sort of answer to it. Google pops up on your home screen and you type in your query. You are then confronted with millions of answers to your one query…pretty effective right?

The problem here is that about 75% of these solutions are going to be exactly the same – somebody has come up with the right answer then everyone else has re-worded it!

If you can manage to distinguish yourself, and provide a unique and new solution you are going to shine a lot brighter…


Can People Actually Find Your Site?

Sounds like a pretty stupid question…but it’s actually a REALLY important one – It’s one thing to have a website. It’s another for it to be findable (yeah I just made that word up!).

Improving your online visibility may sound easy…but it’s certainly not!


Can People Actually Find Your Site?


You need to always be on the move with your website – always adding new content to it and updating old content.

At the end of the day it’s a process of building your brand (whatever that may be!) through quality content publication.


Why is Your Blog Not Making Money?

So there we have it – it really is that simple! If you are not ranked within the first 10 results in Google you NEED to offer something unique – it’s the only way you are going to climb the ladder.

It’s up to you to provide value and make sure you are giving the correct answers in a unique and easy-to-understand way.

Website not making money…now you know why!!!

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13 comments on “Website Not Making Money – Distinguish Yourself!

  1. Great post and spot on! I’ve been blogging for about 4 years now and have been doing things trial and error. I do believe it is vital to find out what you can do differently to succeed!
    What do you think the no 1 reason is why a blog doesn’t succeed?

    1. Hi there Lynne,
      I think the main reason blogs fail is that people don’t realize how much work it’s going to be. If you blog once a week you cannot expect much of a ‘wink’ off Google. You need to put content on there as often as possible – the more articles the more chance Google will eventually take a shine to you!
      Hope this helps,

  2. Hi Chris, your post has given me much to think about.
    I would need to build my content and see what value- add I feel more passionate about as currently, I think I am still a little vague about my niche, or that my niche is still too broad… Nevertheless, thanks for your insights, I really want to become successful at this online marketing project of mine. Cheers.

    1. Well I’m glad the article has managed to supply you with a few handy pointers. Having a niche you are passionate in will always make the job easier – it makes writing content for your site more of a pleasure than a chore!
      Good luck with your blogging mate – don’t forget to pop back if you need further help 🙂

  3. Helpful post. I’m totally with you on the need to offer something unique, a reason why your audience should pay attention to your posts rather than those of someone else. However, finding that unique angle and offering something new to readers is easier said than done in a crowded niche. I think most bloggers stumble around for months (or even years) working this out. Best to put the effort into getting this right from the start.

    1. Hi Alan,
      Yes I think most bloggers rely on the trial and error process before hitting on something unique – we all have to start somewhere 🙂
      Crowded niches are a big problem as most of the ideas have already been taken up in one way or another – you really do have to force yourself to think WAY outside the box.
      Great to have you here

  4. This is an awesome, informative post. Being early in my online marketing career, I want to find out as many “trouble-shoots” for not making money on my website, as well as the other way around. I definitely learned from this page. Oh yea, and I thought the wording was wonderful, daring, and unique. Congratulations!!

  5. Totally agree with you Chris, Everyone wants to make money from their blog and hope it will be easy once the blog has been created. In fact, it’s not easy at all. Sometimes you get a 100 or even 200 visitors a day that don’t take any action and you feel frustrated. I agree that you have to distinguish your blog by creating unique content. But I tend to think based on my experience that most people don’t read your content even if it’s great. This is what I know from my experience and the experience of other successful bloggers. The only way to make money is have a lot of content in order to drive a massive traffic to your website because the more traffic you bring the more chances that some of your visitors will take action.

  6. Hi there! Great post

    I completely agree that providing something unique is great.

    I also think that focusing on quantity can be tricky. The more content you put for Google, the more he will like it, BUT, if your articles are kind of superficial and not very informative it will not resist to the test of time. And what happen is that you will have to keep adding loads and loads of content to maintain your position so you can fill the need for great content and unique content.

    It doesn’t mean we need to reinvent the wheel, it can be a different perspective or just being more thorough. In the beginning we are all learners in our niche so is very difficult to come up with revolutionary solutions. Even though, people are earning decent money for being helpful and consistent. Put a glint of uniqueness and you will rock, it is just a matter of time.

  7. Most of the time why people are not making money with their website is because they do not stand out from the crowd as you stated in this article.

    It is not hard to make yourself unique because if you are giving your viewers something that no other website is offering, then you will start to become an authority in that niche and more.

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