Website Feedback Service – Empire Avenue Review


Website Feedback Service - Empire Avenue Review

I had to drop all the tasks I had planned this morning just to give you a heads up on a quite impressive social service I encountered recently.

Empire Avenue is a sort of website feedback service, online game and social community banged into one!

I’m normally singing the praises of the Wealthy Affiliate community whenever possible but today’s post is a step away from that. I really think this site has the potential to become an awesome blogging tool for your armory…

Early Days

Before I go any further I should point out that I have only been a member of this community for about 48 hours…but it has seriously impressed me!

I actually came across it as I was scanning a competitors website for information on new social tools.

It’s not exactly a tool as such but it acts like one in so many ways…

The Website Feedback Service

Empire Avenue is a social networking site with a stock trading game built into it that was started back in 2010 ( apparently! ).

Your stock value is worked out around how active you are within the community ( and it’s VERY easy to stay active in this community! ). Basically the more active you are on this site the more your stock is worth.

Empire Avenue Shares

As I mentioned above I’m still not 100% ‘clued up’ with this site yet but what I have been involved with so far is really impressive.

I’ve found it a great way to showcase our new YouTube channel and even draw in some great interaction!

This was the main reason I joined up with the site – getting people to engage with my content/media

The Missions

Yeah, this is the main reason I signed up – I want eyes on my work!

And so do you…right?

Empire Avenue allows you to create missions for other members to complete. Now these missions are based on them doing something cool for you – free traffic, engagement, video views, followers, subscribers ( you name it! ).

You can’t really go straight out and ‘ask’ for these sort of things – you have to do it in a subtle type of way. Check out a few of the mission examples I just scanned over below:

Empire Avenue Missions

I tend to ask for ‘a little love’ on various posts, videos or social channels. This means that people can make their own mind up when they get there and interact how/if they want.

All this doesn’t cost you a dime – the community works on a virtual social currency payment that you can build up from:

  • Completing other member’s missions
  • Investing in other members ( buying stocks in them )
  • Being active within the community and your own personal social media accounts

Now there could very well be more ways to earn this virtual currency – I’m still a relative newbie remember!

I did notice the option to ‘jump the queue’ and pay for upgrades and currency but I’m afraid I’ll not be diving into this…yet ( I’m liking the free membership just fine! ).

As a free member you are only allowed to have one mission running ( or active ) at any one time. This is the only downside of being a free member so far – I wish I could post more missions and get the engagement really rolling in.

But the payments for upgrading your account are not a one time fee – they are billed monthly ( which is why I doubt I’ll be taking these paid options up! ). Here are the upgrade options below:

Cost of Memberships

I’m Just Scratching The Surface!

If I’m honest with you here, I’m just scratching the surface with this site – it seems to have a lot more to offer especially if you are willing to put the time into networking.

I’ve not been on the network for long, as I explained above, but here is the general ‘gist’ of what this unique site can offer you:

Empire Avenue allows the following Social Networks onto it’s platform…

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Foursquare
  • Instagram
  • Google+
  • Facebook Pages
  • Self Hosted Blogs & RSS

​So, if you are a member of any of these networks I strongly suggest signing up ( for FREE of course ) to Empire Avenue. It offers a heck of a lot more than I’ve covered here today and the possibilities run VERY deep.

If you have any personal experience or advice on Empire Avenue please leave it in the comment section below.

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