Website Content Writing Companies

Website Content Writing Companies

A lot of bloggers tend to turn to website content writing companies when they need a little help with writing.

There’s nothing wrong with this – I’ve used these services in the past and I’ll probably (definitely) use them again in the future!

Freelance writers can really give you website an extra dimension as their writing style will always differ from yours.

This means that your site/blog will end up feeling a little more diverse and colorful to your regulars/readers.

This article will cover a few options for both bloggers looking for writers and writers looking for work. Check out the list below!

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#1 Elance

At the start of 2014 Elance and oDesk decided to merge into one platform – before this they were both BIG players in the online content game!

Despite merging, the pair of sites are still distinguished from each other, with their own branding and individual websites. They are both excellent choices for finding freelance work and hiring freelance writers.


It’s the choice of writer that sets these two giants apart from the rest:

  • You can hire talented blog post writers
  • You can hire longer, more thoughtful article writers
  • You can hire story writers
  • You can hire proofreaders
  • You can hire ​translators

​Simply put – they offer services from all types of writers! 

There are many success stories from writers all over the world on these two platforms.

I personally know two individuals that have made (and continue to make!) a lot of money by advertising their writing services on Elance (and oDesk of course!).

The one downside to these two sites is their popularity – this means that there is A LOT of competition to handle.

While you should not let this put you off, you should know that it does tend to drive down the per-hour or per-gig rate.

#2 The ProBlogger Job Board

The ProBlogger Job Board is a well known blogger’s job site ( or job board ) that has been up and running for several years now.

It doesn’t exactly have all the ‘bells and whistles’ more modern, dynamic sites have but it still offers great professionals for hire.

Problogger Job Board

It is regularly updated with new jobs and online professionals looking for work – it is well known for producing quality results between clients and workers. 

The one downside to the site is the lack of input from the admin itself. You have to carry out all the research into the worker yourself and basically ‘take a chance’ on them being up to standard.

ProBlogger does not endorse any of the ads personally so it’s best you ask for work samples before hiring.

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#3 People Per Hour

I stumbled across this site about two years ago now and it never fails to impress me. The thing I like about it most is that it is a scaled down version of Elance.

People Per Hour

This means you don’t have to spend hours going through pages and pages of workers. It also means that writers looking for work don’t have to compete with a lot of competition – it works both ways!

People Per Hour has always provided me with quality writers and I’ve only had good experiences with them thus far.

#4 The Warrior Forum

Back to the good old Warrior Forum – the place to find good AND bad internet workers!

No…I’m being a bit harsh there, but the Warrior Forum does tend to pick up it’s fair share of bad press at times.

The Warrior Forum

Anyone can post their service or products there and anyone can make use of these services and products.

I’ve had both good and bad experiences with hiring writers there but there is a lot of choice (and a lot of these writers are cheap to hire!).

You get what you pay for in life (online and offline) so use the workers at the Warrior Forum with a degree of caution. Some are awesome whilst others are not all they’re cracked up to be!

Website Content Writing Companies

So there we have it guys – four excellent options for finding a freelance writer to help your blog/site out…

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13 comments on “Website Content Writing Companies

  1. Interesting blog Chris, I have heard of this before, but then in the form of Fiverr. I also heard some stories about delivering of copied content. I guess you have to watch your gut feeling before you go in business with companies who offer to write content. Do you have experience with one or all of these companies?
    Hope to hear from you, greetings Loes

    1. Hi Loes,
      I would always advise using a Copyscape-type checker on the content you buy online – some people will try anything to pull the wool over your eyes. Yeah I have experience with all of the companies mentioned above – they are all impressive in their own way 🙂

  2. Hi Chris,
    I appreciate your work to share these awesome freelance websites to help build out content for me. I personally haven’t make some cashflow online, maybe in the future I would be looking at Virtual Assistant to assist my tasks. From those 4 sites, which one would you recommend to others?

  3. This is a nice way to produce more content to your website ! I heard if these before but I never took action and never searched for freelancers. After reading your article I got interested and I would also like to know one thing. How much does it cost for a decent freelancer on averege for a 1000 words article ?

    1. Hi there,
      I currently use a site that charges just under $11 for a 1000 word article – not bad value really!!!
      They all differ but if you shop around a bit you will surely find one that is in your price range 🙂

  4. Hi Chris , thank you for your recommendations.I am thinking in hiring a writer for the near future.

    I think the People per Hour seems the most logical option , I would not like to spend hours find someone for my projects.

    Of course Elance is the big player.


    1. You may want to try out iWriter as well Tasos as it leans heavily in favor of the article buyer ( you can reject as many articles as you want until you get the perfect one! )

  5. HI Chris, this is the very nice article, i also want to share my website, this is the free lancing website it is free and user friendly, please go through ….

  6. Hi Chris,
    Your blog is awesome and informative too. You have mentioned very helpful things for freelancers. I can understand because I am a freelancer and trying to become a more effective freelancer.

    I think a lot of people come online thinking it is going to be easy if they are half decent at something – that is not the case! There are loads of talented people online so you have to be at the top of your game to succeed with freelancing!

    1. Hi Trisha,

      It certainly isn’t as easy as some people think – there is a lot of competition out there at the end of the day!
      Good luck with your freelancing journey (I take it you are a freelance writer?)

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