Virtalent Review

Virtalent Review


At the time of writing this article, I am the proud owner of five successful websites. I started small, with a couple of blogs (this is actually one of the original blogs!), and then I grew outwards as my blogging success grew.

So how did I manage all this?

Well – I didn’t exactly do it single-handedly…I had some help along the way.

At one point in time I hired a Virtual Assistant to help me with my growth, but this only lasted about twelve months. I found that I was spending the same amount of time working, but on other tasks, so the Virtual Assistant wasn’t exactly suited to my work layout.

But of course – I’m just one entrepreneur, many other entrepreneurs and businesses make great use out of Virtual Assistants.

Today we will be taking a look at a Virtual Assistant company named Virtalent, and seeing what they have to offer. In this Virtalent review we will be looking into who they are, how they work, and whether or not they are worth your time and effort.

Let’s take a closer look…

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The Virtalent Review

What is Virtalent?

Virtalent is actually a British company and website that is based in Birmingham. They were started off by internet entrepreneurs Sam Wilson and Ellie Bekalo back in 2014.

Their services basically offer highly skilled and experienced VA services to businesses of all sizes.

Virtalent are very strict about who they hire, therefore their army of Virtual Assistants are VERY good at what they do. Businesses start off the whole procedure by arranging a 30-minute consultation with a Virtalent representative, to beat out the needs of the customer(s). The business is then matched to the best suited assistant. You are allowed to converse with the VA first before deciding on whether or not they are a good fit for your needs.


Virtalent Assistants – What Can They Do?

The excellent selection of Virtalent assistants can help businesses out with the following tasks:

  • Diary management
  • Inbox and emails
  • Travel booking
  • Research and reports
  • Financial admin
  • General admin
  • Event organization
  • Marketing planning
  • Email marketing
  • Social media management
  • Market research
  • Content writing
  • Website updating
  • Customer service support
  • Project managementHR & recruitment
  • General Day-to-day business management

As you can see that’s quite a selection of services – just about everything you need to run a successful business.

Virtalent Assistants - What Can They Do?


So, How Can I Earn Cash With Virtalent?

If you want to sign up and earn with this company, I’m afraid there is only a 2% chance you will get through the strict training put in place. But, if you do manage to get your foot through the door you’ll start on a standard rate of £12 an hour. This rate will then rise after six months, depending on how well you have performed and the feedback your ‘bosses’ get.

Below is a list of the criteria you need to fulfil to get a job with Virtalent…

  • A minimum of 8 years relevant experience in the field
  • You have to live in the UK
  • You must be available during standard UK office hours.
  • You have worked from home as a freelancer or on a flexible basis before.
  • You must speak perfect English (native)
  • You CANNOT be currently in full-time employment.
  • Don’t intend to virtual assist as a temporary or interim measure.
  • Not looking to replace an existing job or level of income immediately.


The Good & The Bad

We’ll start with the good side of the company first…

Virtalent are an extremely well known and trusted business, and they have a super-impressive client portfolio. They’ve also received glowing reviews in publications such as The Sunday Times, The Sunday Mail, BQ and This Is Money.

Remember – only 2% of applicants have a chance of getting in with this lot, so the workers they have there are EXTREMELY good at what they do, so they provide an EXCELLENT service.

Okay, it’s been pretty hard to find anything bad about this company, so here we go…

I managed to research online that the company are not exactly forthcoming about why your application was rejected. If you don’t get in – you don’t get in PERIOD!

The Good & The Bad of The Company


Is Virtalent Scam?

Well this lot are definitely not a scam, but I don’t really know how high your chances are of getting a position with them. At the end of the day the company workforce is made up of an exclusive club of highly experienced professionals…Do you feel you could fit in with them and produce to that level?

It’s also worth noting that only 2% of people get accepted, and they ARE NOT going to bother explaining to you why you didn’t get in if rejected.

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