Vindale Research Team – Is Vindale Research Safe?

Vindale Research Team - Is Vindale Research Safe?

It’s no secret that when I first started out online I used reward and survey sites like Clixsense to pay my monthly tutorial bills – I was pretty much skint!

These types of sites have a pretty rough time of it due to certain ‘pretenders’ popping up on the scene and providing a pretty s### service.

So these days it’s pretty much a toss of a coin when it comes to new kids on the block – should you try them out or should you stick to the ‘old dogs’ that have always paid you on time!

Today we will be looking at a survey provider that I have been putting under the microscope over the last few weeks – the Vindale Research team.

So, is Vindale Research safe to use or is it nothing more than a modern day flash in the pan…

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Vindale Research Review

Vindale Research is a marketing research company that businesses hire to conduct research into various sectors.

So, simply put – Vindale offer surveys for cash and supply the answers to the businesses that pay them!

Vindale Research Review

The first thing that struck me about Vindale was their use of ‘real cash’ as a reward. Most of the survey sites I cover these days offer a point based reward that tots up towards a cash outcome.

This was pretty cool – I like to see the fruits of my labors in cold hard cash ( instantly! ).

The pay for this can range anywhere from $1-$5 per survey – which isn’t a bad sum compared to other survey sites.

But most survey sites branch out a little bit these days to offer various platforms to earn from – Vindale is no different really:

  • Product Evaluations
    Basically you receive money for trying out various products and services. To try these products you’ll usually have to pimp out your credit card info or pay a small outlay. However since Vindale is paying you to do these evaluations you usually end up making more than your initial trial fee. Some of these product reviews can land you anywhere between $5 to $75.
  • Vindale Videos
    The good old ‘watching vids for cash’ option – an easy way to rack up money without actually watching anything ( just leave the video running on a separate tab! )
  • Reward Mail
    This works like a traditional PTC site but they actually send you the adverts in mail form. Simply read each one and earn a few cents every time.
  • Referrals
    If you fancy yourself as a bit of an internet marketer you can branch out and direct new members to the site. Each referral will earn you a $5 reward.
  • Submit a Payment Photo
    You can earn $5 by sending in your photo of yourself with your Vindale payment.
  • Cash Contests
    Simple, run-of-the-mill contests that can pay you up to $15 if you get lucky!

Vindale Research Reviews Complaints

It all sounds pretty awesome so far right? Sounds like it may well be worth a flutter?

Well hold off on that thought for just a minute…

Vindale Research is notorious for setting an astonishingly high payment threshold so members often struggle to reach any sort of pay!

Vindale Research Reviews Complaints

Clixsense has it’s payment level set at a rather fair $8 but Vindale opts to set it’s levels at a mighty $50!

Yeah…how long is that gonna take to reach?

If you are only on a level of about $1 a survey that means you’ll have to notch up at least 50 of them before you can get paid…

And how long does each survey take?

Well that’s pretty much up in the air as well!

I took some surveys that lasted no more than 5 minutes but then I was confronted by others that lasted well over 30 minutes!

Do the math – this don’t sound like a good deal to me!

Another irritant that seems to be floating about are the pre-qualification questions Vindale surveys offer.

These consist of maybe 10 service questions that provide Vindale with research…then they can disqualify you from the survey if they feel you don’t fit!

What happens to these 10 question’s answers I hear you ask?

Well, at a guess I’d say that Vindale gets paid for them and you lose several minutes of your day!

I also spent a few hours searching online make money forums to get some sort of feedback on how Vindale have acted over the last year or so…

Unfortunately, it wasn’t that good!

It appears that many members have completed various trials only to find out they have not been paid for them!

When they approach Vindale about this injustice…they are met with silent replies.

Vindale Research Legitimate?

Hmmm I’ll have to say I’m not too keen on this bunch and my views are VERY unlikely to change in the future.

I can handle a few mistakes with payments here and there – this frequently happens to these types of websites.

The problem is – most of these websites refund you with no questions asked!

They don’t just plug their fingers in their ears and hope you’ll go away…

If you are looking to make money with this type of platform I would always suggest trying out Clixsense first.

I have been a member there for years and they have never once failed to refund me or pay me my earnings on time!

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5 comments on “Vindale Research Team – Is Vindale Research Safe?

  1. Hi Chris

    I agree to on the fact that Vindale research is not a scam. Most survey companies are not because they play a huge role in market research.

    But for me it is not a long term way to make money online and it is not scalable. You also cannot make a passive income from them and this is the real reason why I turned away from surveys and started with affiliate marketing.

    1. Hmmm I don’t think you really understood the review mate – I WOULD’NT recommend this bunch to any of my readers! ( just to clarify LOL )

  2. Great job on researching this out on this company I was going to get with this company to see if I could get money now I see its a scam. I hate scams, and they are so good at it too thinking your going to make some real money and then you end up paying out more then you get. thanks for the review saved some heart ache.

  3. Hi Chris, When you work out between 10 and 30 minutes a survey your potential is a rough $5 an hour.
    Way below any minimum wage so I would consider this a scam, it’s simply using people.

    Then when you say you can get disqualified for your 10 answered questions if you don’t fit, it pretty much sums Vindale up really.

    They are simply using people in my view.
    You might as well hop into the blogging world and earn an income.

    1. Well no Simon, they pay so they’re definitely not a scam! They’re not for me but some out there will welcome the extra ‘pocket money’.

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