Streaming on YouTube Live



Streaming on YouTube Live


Streaming on YouTube Live (Video Tutorial)

Humanizing your brand is very important as it builds trust within your audience. Once way to accomplish this is by broadcasting your message to a live audience on YouTube.

Why YouTube?

Finding ways to build on the reach that your business has is extremely important. Failing to keep up with the latest trends in the internet marketing world will cause you to lose the competitive edge your business has.

One of the biggest trends on the internet marketing landscape these days is video…YouTube is the second largest search engine and the third most visited website in the world, behind only Google and Facebook respectively.

Check this stat out – 1 billion people visit YouTube each month globally!!!

That’s a LOT of perspective eyes on your brand/offer/content.

On top of that – over 100 hours of video are uploaded to the site every 60 seconds!

Here are the benefits & learning outcomes of the awesome video tutorial above:

  • The Foundation of Streaming LIVE on YouTube
  • Types of Live Streaming
  • The SEO Benefit to Steaming LIVE
  • What You Need to Stream LIVE
  • Let’s Stream on YouTube Live.. LIVE!
  • Live Q & A Session

Second search engine behind its owner Google, YouTube has become a pillar of digital strategy. Its growth, accessibility and insights offer unique opportunities, to seize quickly!


Questions Relating to The Tutorial

If you are new to YouTube, and YouTube live streaming in particular, then there’s a good chance you will have a few questions relating to the video tutorial you have just watched.

Please feel free to leave them in the comment section below, or alternatively, contact me through the contact form on this website, located HERE.


Some Interesting YouTube Facts…

Some Interesting YouTube Facts...

2 comments on “Streaming on YouTube Live

  1. I never understood the importance of live videos until I started getting started with affiliate marketing. This is when I realized the importance of having a brand and more importantly the brand that they can trust. One of the things that I’m often worried about when getting started with live videos is how many people actually end up watching. It would be quite boring if not many viewers are attending the live streaming. What are some of the ways you think that could help with building a bigger audience in your live streams?

    1. Advertise EVERYWHERE Parmi – social media, your website – you name it, use it! 

      You have to build up some sort of following before you go down this route anyway. 

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