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Advertising on YouTube (Video Tutorial)

With the trend of watching video content exploding day-by-day, it is important to put yourself in front of your potential audience who are consuming YouTube on a daily basis.

Did you know that YouTube has 1.3 billion users?

That’s almost one-third of all the people on the Internet!

Also, in comparison to other social media channels, YouTube’s users tend to spend more time on the platform (recent studies suggest that mobile users spend approx. 40 minutes on average each YouTube session!).

The reach and the coverage for your online business, can be extraordinary…if you get the advertising side of things right!

Here are the benefits & learning outcomes of the awesome video tutorial above:

  • Why it is Important to Advertise on YouTube
  • Types of Advertising on YouTube
  • What is a Typical YouTube Ad Cost?
  • Jay’s YouTube Advertising Success Story
  • Let’s Create a YouTube Ad LIVE!
  • Live Q & A Session

Second search engine behind its owner Google, YouTube has become a pillar of digital strategy. Its growth, accessibility and insights offer unique opportunities, to seize quickly!


Questions Relating to The Tutorial

If you are new to YouTube, and YouTube advertising in particular, then there’s a good chance you will have a few questions relating to the video tutorial you have just watched.

Please feel free to leave them in the comment section below, or alternatively, contact me through the contact form on this website, located HERE.


Interesting YouTube Stats/Facts

Interesting YouTube Stats/Facts

6 comments on “Advertising on YouTube

  1. I yet still have to get to YouTube advertising. Although I know how to do the recordings as well have Adobe Premiere Pro to edit videos, I’m still struggling with what to put in the video. As you mention one third of the world watches YouTube.Now that is a lot of people, even if I could harness 1% of those people to view my videos, I think I would definitely benefit from.What type of videos without having to use face or any other part of my body in there, would you think would be beneficial for affiliate marketing,?

    1. Calm down, calm down. If it frightens you a little – take your time over it! 

      Do it section by section – you’ve mentioned you’ve got Premiere so play around with it a bit – find out what fits your style and what you’re comfortable with! 

  2. I have considered using Youtube advertising for my business however I wasn’t sure how exactly to get started in it. Thanks for sharing this with me as I’ll have to read into it more, as there does seem to be plenty of potential with the millions of people using the platform.

    Just a quick question, would you recommend any other type of advertising such as google/bing ads? 

    1. Hi Joshua, 

      I’m not really a fan of those ad setups because you REALLY need to know what you’re doing with them otherwise you can spend a lot of money, with no real results! 

  3. Ok I am a bit confused after watching the video.  I didn’t have an hour to watch it so I 2x the video so I might have missed this.  I understand the demographic settings and the ad locations overview but what I don’t understand is if I have a video ad how do I determine what videos the ad will show on?  For example if my ad is a simple dog training ad designed to send traffic to my site will it only show on dog related videos or others as well?  I did not see where he talked about keywords and the like. 

    1. Yeah it will only show on videos that are linked to the watcher’s previous search history Tom –  much the same as Google Adsense works. 

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