Understanding Keyword Research



Understanding Keyword Research (Video)

Do you understand how keyword research really works?

Are you aware of how powerful this SEO technique can be for your blogging efforts?

When I first came online I was a little ‘green around the edges’ when it came to building a successful website. Much like a Kevin Costner film – I thought I could build it…and they would come!

Okay, enough of the Field of Dreams references…

Anyway, I was wrong – very wrong!

The premise to ranking in the search engines, is keyword research AND understanding what makes a great keyword. It is important to know about the needed metrics to rank your website for certain keywords.

The (awesome) video tutorial offers the following benefits & learning outcomes:

  • Introduction to Keywords
  • What to Look for in a Quality Keyword
  • Understanding Competition Versus Traffic
  • Finding Nuggets with the Alphabet Soup Technique
  • Building and Establishing Keyword Lists
  • Let’s Perform Keyword Research Live!
  • Live Q & A Session


My Keyword Tool of Choice

My Keyword Tool of Choice

Myself and Jay (the tutor in the video), both use the same keyword research tool for our SEO studies – Jaaxy. You can find a full review on this exceptional tool HERE.

Jaaxy was designed by Kyle & Carson – the owners of our #1 recommendation training program Wealthy Affiliate.

Jaaxy is an online application so you can use it on any PC or Mac computer because there is no software to download. It’s relatively simple to use and can turn your blog/website’s fortunes around in a matter of weeks (seriously – it’s that good!).


Questions Relating to The Tutorial

If you are new to SEO, and keyword research in particular, then there’s a good chance you will have a few questions relating to the video tutorial you have just watched.

Please feel free to leave them in the comment section below, or alternatively, contact me through the contact form on this website, located HERE.


Are You Finding The RIGHT Keywords?

Are You Finding The RIGHT Keywords?