Advanced Audience & Customer Research Techniques




Customer Research Techniques (Video)

If you understand your customers, you can build up a thriving business no matter what niche you choose.

Did you know that there are some killer techniques and strategies that you can use to help you take a step into the mind of your customer – find out what problems they are having, what solutions they are benefiting from, and what their high converting ‘hot buttons’ are…

Consumer research removes the assumptions we have about what our consumers want from our business.

The (awesome) video tutorial above offers the following benefits & learning outcomes:

  • Introduction to the Customer Purchase Lifecycle
  • How to Uncover Your Audience’s Hot Buttons
  • Utilize Question & Answers & How To’s Forums
  • Late Stage Customers, Where to Find Them
  • Let’s Perform Customer Research Live!
  • Live Q & A Session


Questions Relating to The Tutorial

If you are new to customer research techniques, then there’s a good chance you will have a few questions relating to the video tutorial you have just watched.

Please feel free to leave them in the comment section below, or alternatively, contact me through the contact form on this website, located HERE.

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Advanced Audience & Customer Research Techniques