Video Blogging Equipment – Video Blogging Tips

Video Blogging Equipment - Video Blogging Tips

Many moons ago I got into the whole ideas of Vlogs and the rewards and riches they offered. The whole process was thoroughly effective but after about six months I realized it was not for me – I preferred to write instead of using that hole beneath my nose 🙂

In this article I will go over the budget video blogging equipment I used in this period and a few of the video blogging tips I picked up along the way…

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How do I Get Started?

Camera video blogging

My first vlog was recorded on a simple Fuji camera that I borrowed (pinched) off my mother. If memory serves me right I think it was about a 12 million pixel camera that didn’t cost more than about $100 at the time.

I wasn’t that concerned with the quality of the video blogging equipment – I just wanted to get my face out there!

This little Fuji device was certainly NOT in HD so I was already at a bit of a disadvantage to other vloggers – I didn’t care as I had the confidence within me to make it work!

I was so ‘green’ on the subject of video blogging I was completely overlooking the obvious, and much more effective, ways of getting my face out there…


1) The Good Old Webcam!

Yeah, can you believe I completely overlooked the totally FREE webcam I had fitted to my Lenovo laptop at the time?

A lot of Mac laptops actually have HD webcams fitted into them these days! I have a Macbook Air that is fitted with a ‘run of the mill’ webcam and a Macbook Pro that is fitted with one of these HD webcams.

You can certainly tell the difference between the two but don’t let that put you off – the Macbook air still offers a decent entry level picture and sound through it’s webcam!

If you’re a PC owner then the quality of the webcam is usually not in HD but depending on the manufacturer – these can still provide a pretty awesome video experience.

It’s like most things in life – the more you pay the better the product and it’s parameters!



2) What’s That You’ve Got in Your Pocket?

About 99% of us actually walk around with cameras in our pockets these days. My partner opts to pay out a healthy monthly bill for an iPhone – I on the other hand opt for the cheaper Android alternative (I’m pretty tight like that!).

On more than one occasion I borrowed (pinched again!) her phone for the sole purpose of making use of her camera – it rocked! 

One of the best video blogging tips I can offer you is to TRY OUT the video cam on your phone to judge it’s quality – in most cases you will be pleasantly surprised! 

Make money video blogging

It’s quite amazing what you can do with an iPhone these days in relation to cinematography. Android devices can be excellent to but I think the Apple phones will top the bill for some years to come yet.

The one thing I would say about shooting with your iPhone is that you should always hold it horizontally. When you shoot vertically you end up with those nasty black spaces each side of your picture – not a good look in the vlogging world!


3) I’ve Gotta Wallet…Let’s Use it!

Now this section is not for everyone – times are hard and money is tight, tight, tight!

But I have had experience with higher end video blogging equipment so I thought I might as well briefly cover it here.

The main difference between the pricier end of the camera spectrum is the improvement in sound. I’m not talking about the actual mic connected to the camera here – I’m talking about the external mic jack these little beauties offer.

I was lucky enough to have a rather wealthy friend who liked to buy new technology and NOT use it! In this case he had gone out and purchased the awesome budget Canon VIXIA HF R400.

Canon VIXIA HF R400

I was a lucky boy – I got to use this simple and effective camcorder without putting my hand in my pocket!

Now I’m not saying everyone reading this should go out and pick up one of these beauties for $250. All I’m saying is that IF you can afford it, this camera will make your video blogging a much more professional experience for viewers.

The camera comes with a built in mic that lets you adjust recording to suit the position of the zoom or your subjects: front for monaural recording; regular for normal stereo effect; and rear for a wider, more enhanced stereo effect.

Simply put – it’s awesome for audio! 

But the camera also offers an external mic input which will allow you to use your own mic setup whenever you want. I tried it out using cheap clip on Lavalier microphone’s and it worked brilliantly.

At the end of the day the picture quality can be perfect but if people are struggling to hear what you are saying…the whole process falls down rather fast!



If you want to get started just get started – grab ANY camera you can find and get filming!

The video blogging tips along with the video blogging equipment I have covered here today is nothing more than a guide for you – don’t let equipment hold you back.

I have come across thousands of wicked vlogs that have been shot on slightly undesirable equipment but they still seem to get millions of subscribers.

Why is that?

The content they are relaying through their videos is worthwhile and people are becoming engaged with it!

If necessary – start small and grow as you go!!!!

Good luck 🙂

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8 comments on “Video Blogging Equipment – Video Blogging Tips

  1. Thanks for your post. I’ve been toying with the idea of doing videos sometime in future. Perhaps I’ll start with recording on my phone.

    A decent video requires some amount of editing and putting in some headings and music though. What do you use for your video editing? Is the editing software by windows sufficient?

    1. No not really Regina. I’d do a quick search online for some free editing software ( there is A LOT out there ). One I’ve used in the past is called VideoPad – very effective and easy to use 🙂

  2. Good stuff! I just started getting into making youtube videos for my business and I found this article very useful! Do you think its worth dropping 250 on that camera if you have a really good smartphone? I know you said the audio is better on the camera, but I’m almost wondering if there is some type of cheaper microphone you could attach to your phone instead of dropping the 250 on a whole new camera! You should review it! haha thanks again for the awesome article!!

    1. Hi Matt,

      I think smartphones are an excellent choice of filming equipment these days IF you cannot afford a pro quality camera. It’s all down to an individual’s budget!

  3. Hey Chris! This was a very helpful article, and very timely for me. My spouse and I were just discussing today that putting videos on my website might be a good thing to do. Your article has given me some great insights into how easy this might be with the equipment we already have! My question to you would be — what is your take on effectiveness of vlogs or video testimonials — are they helpful, trendy, or a thing of the past?

    1. Hi David,

      I tend to use videos more for ranking purposes – if you have a related one on your page it does seem to end up higher in Google’s results. The actual ‘video marketing’ side of things is a lot more difficult than it seems – there is a lot of competition out there!

  4. I desperately want to get into making videos for my website because I’ve heard that they can double your organic traffic….But I too decided that ultimately I’d rather write!

    But video and adding YouTube and Vimeo as a traffic stream is greatly appealing!

    I never thought to use my MacBook Pro, or my iPhone to create Vlogs. Duh!

    I thought that I specifically needed a HD camera to do professional videos, and some software. But nope, looks like it’s as simple as getting out the laptop and hitting record!

    It’s amazing the quality level of free software out there these days for media – if you get your head around the learning curve you can have one super-powerful set up for free!

    Thanks for this, it really is something I need to take more seriously – I’ve been putting it off long enough!

    1. Hi there Christian,

      Free is definitely the way to go for most internet marketers these days! Whilst free software is usually harder to get around, it does supply near enough all the functions the ‘paid’ options do!

      As far as traffic goes I’d hold your horses a bit. Embedding videos in your articles will give you better rankings but they are in no way a magic bullet.

      If you combine videos, with a high word count and a few outbound links you are going to see better results.

      Also, a word of warning. If you are creating video reviews for your site be very careful. YouTube hates these sorts of videos and takes them down constantly…leaving you with a blank video screen on your article!

      You can always use other’s videos but again – keep an eye on them as there’s a chance they will also be taken down!

      Good luck with it mate!

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