Using Twitter as a Marketing Tool – The Dos & Don’ts


Using Twitter as a Marketing Tool

A lot of people ( generally marketing newcomers ) tend to struggle when it comes to using Twitter as a marketing tool . I think this is largely down to the fact that Twitter is unlike any other social network out there.

Twitter is an extremely fast paced social platform with an incredibly dynamic timeline. The more followers you have – the quicker that timeline moves!

This leads to certain temptations being taken on that are considered pretty negative. Once you get into these bad habits it’s pretty hard to break them.

So lets take a look at the Do’s & Don’ts of using Twitter for marketing…

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The Dos:

1) Creating a Solid Profile

You’d be surprised at how many people decide to leave their profile at one short sentence. In some cases people don’t even bother to use a photo!

If the options are given to you then you really should be using them – get people interested in who you are and what you have to offer!

Make sure you use your entire bio space and if possible include the logo of your business/website. I always like to include a link to my site in the bio section.

Don’t go for a humorous name if you are looking to promote some sort of business. This is an instant turn off and people will choose not to take you seriously ( you’d be surprised at some of the names I’ve come across over the last several years – shocking! ).

2) Limit Hashtags

Using hashtagsI know that hashtags are like Twitter’s version of keyword research but please try to limit them. I often see people making the mistake of squeezing in 4 or 5 hashtags per tweet ( if I’m honest – I used to make this mistake frequently myself! ).

Overusing hashtags will make your tweet look messy and spam-ridden. The idea behind using hashtags is to sort of jump into a conversation that’s already taking place on Twitter.

Keep the hashtags professional and industry related – keep to a maximum of two per tweet.

3) Speak Through The Tweet

Twitter is full of the more typical marketing tweets like:

  • Get a 1000 followers
  • Learn SEO
  • Increase your website traffic
  • Etc, etc, etc…

Try and make a point of speaking out to your followers in each tweet you post – try and grab their attention ( and then hold it! ).

You only have 140 characters so think out your message carefully. There are so many similar tweets on Twitter daily it is EASY to stand out if you put a little thought into your tweet!

Always try and look at your tweet through the eyes of somebody else and ask yourself – would it grab my attention?

Way too many marketers and businesses are opting to use the same dull old tweet titles and descriptions – will your efforts stand out?

4) A Little Begging Here And There?

I wouldn’t do this all the time but I would do it with tweets I deem the most important. Every now and again I tend to nudge people in the direction of retweeting my tweet.

If you don’t ask online you generally don’t get!

Don’t go all out and get down on your knees – a simple ‘please RT’ at the end of the post will work out just fine!

5) Make Use of Images

There are millions of images floating about online so make use of them. Studies show that tweets with included images get twice as much interaction as the plain text offerings.

If you are the cautious type I would always recommend using royalty free images but if you live life on the edge…go for ANY image!

Let’s face it guys – Twitter is extremely dynamic so if you ‘borrow’ related images off other websites it’s highly unlikely they will ever find out!

But I’m not here to get you into trouble so make your own mind up on this – royalty free or ‘borrowed’ options ( the choice is yours! ).

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The Don’ts:

1) Don’t Use Twitter as an Obvious Sales Platform

When I first started out on Twitter I fell for the temptation of using it as a free showroom for my affiliate products – BIG mistake!

I instantly lost a load of followers and I also lost any sort of credibility I had built up. Limit the promotional tweets you post and refrain from tweeting about product reviews.

Bring people to your site through interesting post ideas then lead them to the product once they are on your site. This is generally considered to be creating a funnel and is much more effective than throwing products in people’s faces!

2) Avoid Cluttering Follower’s Timelines

Avoid Cluttering Follower's TimelinesThis is largely down to the amount of tweets you post in a daily period. Having a follower that tweets every ten minutes is a bit of a pain in the ass for your timeline.

You will find that their constant tweeting will push other potentially interesting tweets down your timeline. This is a sure-fire way to lose followers in record time!

As a rule of thumb I try my best not to tweet more than twice in a hour period – you may want to think about doing the same thing yourself!

There are exceptions to the rule of course but you really don’t want to become a regular pest – choose your posting times wisely!

3) Direct Message Marketing

Most of the messages I receive on Twitter are from newly gained followers trying to sell me something – it really bugs me!

In some cases people see me write a 2000 word article on SEO ( or some other marketing subject ) and then proceed to offer me an eBook on the subject.

I’ve just written an in-depth article on the subject – do you really think I need an amateur version of what I just published thrown at me?

I’m afraid you’ve just been removed from my follower list!

I hate this lame and pathetic marketing effort – I can’t imagine it ever working out. It normally comes from people who haven’t completed proper online marketing training – it’s a very newbie attempt at hitting a sale or getting people to sign up.

Please don’t follow this crowd – you’ll never come out of it looking that good ( believe me! ).

4) Following For The Sake of it

Always take your time to check out each individual that follows you. Just because they’ve chosen to follow you doesn’t mean you HAVE to follow them back.

I find I get a lot of internet marketing tool sites following me – I have no real interest in following these types of members back.

I always make sure I am following a ‘real person’ account because that is all I have an interest in. I’m not interested in quotes of the day, I’m not interested in marketing software accounts and I have no real interest in humor/parody accounts.

When people scan through my follower list I want them to see an impressive list of like-minded people. I don’t want them to see accounts based on the pop celebrities or Hollywood stars!

Using Twitter as a Marketing Tool

Twitter really is an awesome social option but it’s easy to get carried away with the platform. Getting carried away usually means only one thing – being a pest!

Plan your marketing strategy out and look at your actions through the eyes of your followers. Supply interesting a useful content and stay away from the sales pitch.

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6 comments on “Using Twitter as a Marketing Tool – The Dos & Don’ts

  1. Hi Chris. I just read your article, and you really provide some solid framework for using Twitter as a marketing tool. As soon as I finish this review, I will be going to my Twitter account to make a few tweaks! This is good information for anyone struggling to gain an audience in the social media world!

    1. Hi Allen,
      Glad to hear that the article has provided you with a few good pointers. Twitter can be an awesome social marketing tool if used correctly!
      Good luck with your social campaigns 🙂

  2. This is some really good advice chris, I’ve always struggled with my twitter as gaining followers. Do you see twitter more as a communication platform or an opportunity to make some sales ? I feel it should be more of a way to reach out to your audience but I was curious on your take.

    1. Well a little bit of both really Yunier – I’ve certainly had success with communication and sales on Twitter. I find it best to just share good content there with minor ‘calls to action’ included within the content – see where that takes you!
      It is a great place to reach out to your audience but also a great place to subtly advertise a few options.

  3. Thanks for writing this post. I am at a point of considering the use of Twitter for my web site. Thank you for your insight. I definitely don’t want to be a pest to my followers. The one think holding me back from signing up for a Twitter account is how to not get bogged down with managing my tweets and other people’s tweets. I still have a web site to create. What do you find is helpful to keep you on task and not get distracted.

    1. Hi Valerie,
      It’s easy to get bogged down with any sort of social network so I always make use of certain apps that are available. For Twitter I use a program called TweetJukebox – it’s relatively new but it’s FREE and it’s very effective. Hope this is helps you out!

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