Using Facebook as a Marketing Tool


Using Facebook as a Marketing Tool

Are you looking for tips on using Facebook as a marketing tool, but you realize your content is lifeless, dull, and needs a makeover?

If you are ready to reinvent your business and turn up the volume of your sales, you must understand how you can create actionable and compelling content. In order to get the edge over your competitors, you must create content that boosts engagement, inspires interaction, and facilitates conversation.

In order to reap and market your business successfully on Facebook, you must understand Facebook’s unique opportunities and how it differs from other media sites.

You shouldn’t market your products on Facebook the way you would market them in your magazine or on a website. The same way you wouldn’t run a radio advertisement on a televised platform.

So how do you get started?

The following tips on how to use Facebook as a marketing tool will guide and help you to build personal as well as business brand awareness by exploiting Facebook marketing.

1) Create a Hub For Your Business on Facebook

Create a page or a group on Facebook for your business. This will help your business in several ways;

  • Become discoverable. A Facebook page makes your business come to the limelight. When people search for you on Facebook, they will definitely find you.
  • Timely. Your Facebook page can enable you to reach thousands of people frequently, with updates and messages tailored to their interests and needs.
  • Stay connected. A Business Facebook page enables you to have a one-on-one conversation with your clients, who can like your page and read your posts.

Keep in mind that this is an extension of your business. Use the platform to connect with people who matter most.

2) Promote Your Page With Giveaways & Contests

Most people have already attempted this, but how effective did you do it? Did you follow Facebook’s guidelines?

Promote Your Page With Giveaways & Contests

Use different apps on the market today to run your giveaways and contests. Offer something worthwhile for a prize. The better the prize, the more people it will attract to the contest and with that, more people like your page!

3) Keep Your Page Current And Consistent

While the content that you post on your page could be the reigning king of being powerful on the online platform, consistency is the queen. When you create quality content without having a posting plan and strategy, you are like a person having a dream without hope. You will be doing nothing significant.

You need to find a balance on posting intervals; it should be often, but it should not be a nuisance to your customers. The only way to earn trust and build a relationship with your customers is to show up on a consistent basis.

Make sure you post relevant, interesting and engaging content to evoke a conversation. Schedule a time when you will be interacting with your fans as conversation is a two-way street.

Also make use of an RSS reader to curate content. This will make it easier and quicker to find and share timely and quality information with your fans.

4) Use Images to Connect With Your Fans

Creating a custom look for your Facebook page will take it to the next level. It is always appealing to use graphics and images to connect fans to your brand. You can use a picture of the latest product of your business, or you can use one that is promoting your recent blog post. Try to make the look and feel represent who you are online and offline.

Images can talk volumes for us on Facebook. They help evoke engagements by creating a platform where the fans can engage and relate with the shared interest.

Make your page appealing by posting images of your products, your fun days images, meetings, etc. to keep your customers informed on business affairs.

5) Have a Clear Call to Action

Posting when you haven’t figured out what your end goal is doesn’t make sense. Whether you are actively promoting a new product while directing your fans to your landing page, or you want to only gain shares, never leave your end goal to a chance.

Be specific by telling your fans what action you want them to take. You can do this by just adding a phrase ‘share if you agree or click here to see more’.

While you can tweak your posts for them to stand out, the end result should always be the same. Your fans should take action in one way or another.

Not including a call to action on your post, can be the difference between a post that receives an enormous amount of extended reach and one that never reaches the newsfeed.

6) Use Keywords Wisely

Whether in a blog post or on a Facebook page, keywords work the same. Make your page rank high by ensuring your keywords appear in your posts.

Use Keywords

If you are branding a particular keyword, make sure to use it within your posts. You can also include it in your ‘about’ section. Blend your keyword naturally and organically into your posts to avoid ‘stuffing’ it. Keep in mind that keywords are powerful tools that can aid branding. Use them frequently, but wisely.

7) Don’t Use Facebook For ‘Hard Selling’

People regard Facebook as social site where they chat with friends, like photos, watch videos and relax. You need to become part of that community by creating and joining conversations rather than engaging in aggressive selling.

Hard selling tactics such as repeatedly posting about a particular brand or using advertising slogans will results in loss of fans – they will find it a nuisance and probably unlike the page. They may even go to the extreme extent of posting negative comments about your business.

8) Reward Your Most Active Social Media Fan

By making the most active user on your Facebook page feel special, you will be pushing people to start talking about your page. Choose a particular fan that comments on your posts and do something special for them. This act will promote your marketing to a greater extent as it will portray your human nature.

Using Facebook as a Marketing Tool

Being on Facebook is all about connecting with as many people as possible and interacting with them on a daily basis. Anything you do on your Facebook page should have these two goals in mind. You need to have a strategy and a robust plan if you want to succeed in social media marketing.

Getting thousands of ‘likes’ is nice, but it can be of no use if all you do is push a marketing copy to the fans. They will get bored soon, and they will end up not visiting your page. Follow the eight steps I have covered here today and in a few months, you will start seeing the results.

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12 comments on “Using Facebook as a Marketing Tool

  1. Wow Chris there is some really great information here. I never knew that a Facebook page can work the way a web page does with keywords, images and compelling content. I have seen businesses on Facebook but did not realise just what went into them. Thanks so much, Fiona.

    1. Hi Fiona,
      Yeah keywords work exceptionally well on most social platforms much the same as they do in search engines. A decent Facebook business page can bring in HUGE amounts of money – they’re well worth looking into 🙂

  2. Thanks for having such an in depth guide to using facebook for my website! This really helps me out! I’ll be applying these steps in great detail to my own work, and I’ll keep following to learn more!

    1. Greetings Benjamin!
      Glad you were able to take something out of the article and use it for your own website! Good luck with your social media marketing – it’s an extremely powerful tool ( when used correctly! ).

  3. Great tutorial on how to use Facebook as a marketing tool. Going into Facebook marketing you really need to know what you are doing, specially if you are spending ad money. It`s a fine line between being social and marketing…

    This is a great write up on what to think about.

    1. Hi there Vicky,
      You’re right about the advert side of Facebook – almost as deadly as Google’s ad platform! Anything PPC related needs intense training beforehand. Cheers for stopping by and leaving your opinion 🙂

  4. Hi Chris, great post! I was aware of some of your tips here, but like Fiona, I didn’t know about keywords being important on social media too. Thanks!

    Cheers, Tony.

  5. Hi Chris – What a great post. There are so many ways to generate traffic to yyour website. i think I know one of them. i will start to build a build a business Facebook page using your ideas.
    Thanks for sharing
    Mark – Residual Income Mentors

    1. Hi Mark,
      Glad you could take something positive out of the article 🙂
      Facebook pages can be awesome but they do take a lot of upkeep ( much like a blog! ). Anyway, good luck with your Facebook marketing!

  6. I thank you for this post. I find myself constantly trying to figure out how to use each of these social platforms. It seems as if each one serves it’s own purpose and no one is talking about it.

    Thanks again!

    1. No problem Travis – I’m glad you found something useful within the article. I wish you all the luck in the world with your social campaign 🙂

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