Use Google Plus Effectively

Use Google Plus Effectively

​If you manage to use Google Plus effectively you can build valuable, lasting relationships with like minded marketers. In this article we will be looking at why it’s so important to develop these relationships on Google’s social platform.

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Why is Alliance so Important?

Google Plus is still regarded a ‘new kid on the block’ when it comes to social media sites. This means that it isn’t as busy as the other platforms so it’s a lot easier to establish yourself as the authority in your niche.

If you appear an authority on Google Plus the other ‘big guns’ in your niche will take notice of you and will want to join your circles. As these relationships grow your name will be at the front of their mind when people ask them questions about your niche.

YOU will become the person THEY recommend!

Let’s take a look at how to use Google Plus effectively and build up these relationships with the ‘top dogs’.

1) Learn to Share

Share Other's Google+ PostsIt’s not all about being selfish and sharing your own work – share the community leader’s posts on your own timeline!

Of course you must first try to highlight who the leaders of the community are. These leaders will normally hold their own discussions within the community with the more regular members replying to them.

By locating the community leaders and sharing their hard work you are putting yourself on their radar – they will eventually take notice of you!

2) Skim The Group Down

Not all of these leaders will be your cup of tea – some of them will compliment you and your niche whilst you will struggle to get on with others.

The more work you share the more of an idea you’ll get of which leaders are going to be advantageous to your cause.

Pick the right leaders that compliment your Google Plus journey

These individuals are likely to be others in your industry whose efforts complement your niche.

3) How do You Look?

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve been followed by members with no profile image – how amateur does that look?

If you want the serious guys on Google Plus to take notice you must make sure your profile is polished and up to date. Give your profile a nice look by choosing a decent face-shot photo and add a page cover that relates to your niche.

Not having a profile picture or having a blank profile makes you look like a spammer!

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4) Headline News

If you want to use Google Plus effectively you will be releasing quite a few posts to community timelines – you are going to want these headlines to stand out!

Approach these titles much like you would a with a headline on your own blog – make them interesting and make them Striking.

With Google Plus you can’t make the letters appear bold unless you use special characters. Place asterisks in front and right after each word you’d like to be highlighted in bold.

5) Avoid Keyword Stuffing

This is a mistake I’m afraid I was very guilty of myself until recently – keyword stuffing my Google Plus Bio. I’d taken advice from a rather dubious marketer and I felt he had made sense with his recommendations (at the time!).

Turns out the guy was talking through his ass and I should of seen this a mile off. Many people want to APPEAR an expert in their field and will try any ‘black hat tactic’ to achieve it (instead of hard work!).

Don't Overuse Keywords in Your Google Plus Bio

This particular idiot was dishing out poor advice in an attempt to fill out his blog with (poor) content – you live and learn!

Anyway…keyword density doesn’t really make that much sense these days – it just doesn’t cut it with Google’s semantic search anymore.

I would use one keyword in the title (if possible) then use it again in the first paragraph/couple of lines. After that write freely and if you’re feeling adventurous maybe throw one in the last paragraph.

Final Word – Treat Your Fellow Members With Respect

I’ll end this article by highlighting the need for a ‘cool head’ when building up a Google Plus following. Circles are a great way to target your posts to reach your targeted consumers – but don’t use them to spam!

The last thing you want to be doing on this social platform is posting ‘buy my product’ messages – it won’t work and you will end up out in the cold.

Contribute to the communities you are in and gradually introduce products or offers you feel may benefit the community members.

Identify the community leaders and grab their attention by engaging with their posts – enjoy yourself!

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20 comments on “Use Google Plus Effectively

  1. I never thought about putting a keyword in my Google plus profile. I’m going to go and change that now.

    I’m not loving Google plus yet, but I am getting traffic from it. It’s hard to interact with people it seems, especially when you don’t know a lot of them personally.

    What would you recommend doing in order to create more of a social presence in Google plus? Instead of just dropping posts to your circles?

    1. Hello Sarah! Welcome to our site!!!
      If I’m posting any sort of bio to sites like Google+ I always throw a bit of keyword research in there – they have search bars much like a search engine at the end of the day! I know that G+ is pretty difficult at first but you need to join relevant communities and post cool content. Followers will come and they will bring engagement 🙂

  2. I’m thinking about upgrading to Jaxxy’s Yearly Enterprise by this time next year. I probably won’t consider ClixSense. There are certainly a lot of scam sites in this industry and I’ll never forget what I went through in the past. I’m assuming you built this from WA? If you did, that’s remarkable. Awesome stuff, Chris!

    1. Greetings DroGodina!
      Jaaxy’s yearly enterprise is awesome value for money – you end up paying peanuts and get the full features in return. By far the most powerful keyword tool on the market!
      ( Yes I built this site at the WA and I’m running it off their hosting! )

  3. Hey, thanks for that info. I’m actually new to google plus so it was nice to learn about it from this post.

    I’ve always just posted links to my recent posts on my wall and I didn’t really knwo what else to do. I’ve followed a few people but I don’t think anyone has followed me.

    I’m going to work a little harder at my profile and try to improve my presence after reading your post. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Hi Robert,
      Google+ has hundreds of thousands of relevant communities you can join for free – don’t just post to your own wall, make use of the traffic at these communities to!

  4. These are good advises about using Google+. I am using it but in a way which is obviously far from what you are writing here. I do put keyword always, but your items 1-4 are far from my usual practice. So it is a time to rethink my G+ strategy. For the time being it is completely useless. Many thanks for these great tips.

    1. No problems Jovo!
      Just keep at it – make the social platform you choose work for you, trial and error my friend 🙂

  5. Hello here. Thanks for pointing out importance of social media. I guess that Google prefers own products and favors these who use them. To participate in your mentioned groups takes time, especially if you want to stand out from crowd. I like all construction of Google+. Anyway, it is really time consuming. Can you recommend how to participate actively in groups and at the same time to save time for other activities? Happy writing, regards, Nemira

    1. Hi Nemira,
      Well G+ really shouldn’t be taking that much time off you. Find a couple of communities that fit your niche and start posting your work and engaging there – don’t spread yourself too thin by joining EVERY community you can find.

  6. Hi, thanks for the information here on Google Plus, I’m still new to it so I am trying to get and much info as possible. It seems everything that we touch to do with Google has lots of do’s and don’ts associated with it, but figuring those things out is another matter.
    Google is a tough beast to tame!

  7. Love really works well with my site as you can connect with people without accepting friendship I think Google plus will be the future in social media there isn’t all the negativity attached like Facebook and can make intresting reads unlike the character limit on twitter
    Another one I linked in for a more professional approach

  8. Thanks a lot for this post. I actually think G+ is a little more professional than Facebook. I like the way it implements the other programs and features to make things more integrated and seemless and also relevant. As you mentioned Google has the advantage when you want to establish a presence more easily and also being the industry leader internet wise, it goes without saying your content will get more exposure more easily.

    There was talk a few years back that G+ will die off. I was on the other side of this opinion because unlike other social networks, G+ had already merged with Youtube and youtube is a strong “hangout” ground for everybody of all ages and backgrounds. Not only can you be entertained but you can also comment and interact. G+ is like a blogging / discussion platform for youtube.

    1. Yeah the way G+ is linked with YouTube is pretty cool isn’t it Andre? Whenever people comment on your videos now it feels like a ‘proper’ comment ( if you know what I mean! )

  9. I’ve joined G+ a few months ago to promote my website, but I still do not fully understand how I can utilize it. You mentioned finding leaders in our niche. I assume we need to join communities to spot them? I’ve joined a few within my niche and occasionally shared my own posts there, but that was about it. Other than looking into discussions, do you have any tips to identify these leaders? Thanks in advance!


    1. Well you were right in joining communities – good start Yuko! When in the communities look for the people who get the most shares and followers ( always a good signal to how far up the ladder they are! )

  10. Hi Chris

    Really interesting article. I’m not very big on social media and have yet to give my site a social presence. Google+ seems like a pretty good way to go about it, but what about the bigger social media sites like Facebook and Twitter? Is it still worth getting profiles on there even though you might get swamped?

    1. It’s always best ( I find ) to go with the social platforms that you feel most comfortable with Dave – don’t swap yourself in too many profiles!

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