Unique Rewards Review – Is Unique Rewards Scam?

Unique Rewards Review - Is Unique Rewards Scam?

The internet is pretty big these days – yeah that’s one heck of an understatement, but even the most die-hard technophobes have the ability to use a Google search bar.

These days 99% of the planet’s population do A LOT online.

Sites like Unique Rewards have tapped into this everyday ‘internet addiction’ and claim to offer payment for actions we already carry out online, every day.

In this Unique Rewards review we will be taking a closer look at the ‘guts’ of the site to find out if it’s really worth our time and effort. Is Unique Rewards scam or is Unique Rewards legit?

Lets take a closer look…

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The Unique Rewards Review

What is Unique Rewards About?

Unique Rewards is yet another close spin off of the classic Clixsense earn online template – you get paid a small amount for carrying out various online tasks (surveys, mini data entry, listening to music and shopping online).

I was surprised to find out that the umbrella this site sits under started life way back in 2003, as Unique Rewards Inc. It is currently run by CEO Mr. Oleg Gradel.

Unique Rewards – Earn Cash Rewards Online

So, how does Unique Rewards work? How can I get their money into MY pocket???

Unique Rewards - Earn Cash Rewards Online

You simply sign up for a free account then take your pick out of the following cash-paying tasks…

  • You can complete surveys or offers. These are bog-standard work online tasks that usually pay legit rewards, but are shit-boring. All of the surveys are usually free to take part in but some of the offers require you to submit your credit card details (which is something I seldom do online!).
  • You can take part in the cash-back system that they’ve created – you can claim back 35% of your outlay if you purchase something from their website setup.
  • You can listen to their provided radio station and get a small reward after every 30 minutes of listening time.
  • You can use their PTC section to click on adverts and watch for a set amount of time – each ad pays a couple of cents.
  • You can watch videos (usually adverts) and get paid for each one – the longer the vid the higher the reward
  • You can delve into a bit of affiliate marketing and build up a referral line within your account. This means you need to invite new members to the site and you will get a percentage of what they earn there. The more (referrals) you invite – the more commission you gain!

Earnings off rewards are pretty low to begin with but after you cash-out your first amount (when you hit the golden $20 mark) you are automatically awarded a premium member status…for life!

That’s right – you are gifted a member level that allows you to earn a lot more from each reward. Pretty cool really!

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Unique Rewards Login – How do I Join? 

At the time of writing this, Unique Rewards is only accepting new members from the US, UK and Canada (so sorry if you are not within this demographic!).

If you are from one of these countries, and have a valid email setup along with a Paypal account – you’re good to go!

Unique Rewards pays through PayPal or Check and usually takes about 7 days to process your cash-out request.

Is Unique Rewards Scam?

First things first – is Unique Rewards scam or is Unique Rewards legit?

Well I’m happy to report that this particular website seems completely legit at the time of writing this review, however, it’s not the work online avenue that I would opt to travel along!

I’ve signed up with hundreds (maybe even thousands!) of these reward sites and more often than not they all end up in the same ball park – they are legit ways to earn…but the earnings are low and the tasks are so, so boring!

Unique Rewards Login - How do I Join? 

I would always recommend signing up and using a spare email address for these types of sites. At the end of the day they make their money from advertising so you are going to see your fair share of spam AFTER you have completed offers.

I also need to point out that these types of sites are extremely slow earners – don’t expect to get rich overnight and don’t expect to see your first payment within a fortnight.

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