Under The Microscope – Who is Neil Patel?

Under The Microscope - Who is Neil Patel?

If you have heard of the phenomenon called ‘dot-com boom’ or have had anything to do with online businesses, chances are you will be familiar with the name Neil Patel.

However, some of us live in a bubble and come out of it only when the bubble bursts. For those of you who are breathing in globules, Neil Patel is a name that you absolutely must know.

Ask me, who is Neil Patel? He is a Technocrati blogger!

So, what makes him so special, you ask! There are many entrepreneurs out there who blog about technology, right?

Well, Neil Patel makes millions with his blog Quick Sprout. Now you get the hoopla!

Not only is this 30-year-old businessman the owner of a successful and ROI-churning blog, he is also the founder of two profitable and thriving companies: CrazyEgg and Kissmetrics.

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Early Days

Patel’s entrepreneurial journey began when he was a school student. He had opened his first company, an internet marketing agency, when he was still under 18.

And by the time, this young genius touched 21, he had already established himself as one of top 100 Technocrati bloggers.

The journey he began as a school kid has taken him through many ups and downs and Neil has never shied away from sharing his experiences with his readers.

Not only is Neil a successful blogger who makes millions through his blog, the Entrepreneur Magazine claims that he is the brain behind one of the 100 revolutionary companies of the world.

Forbes listed Patel among the best 10 online marketers. He has also helped many of the Fortune 100 companies increase their revenue.

In short, he is the expert who can will help bring traffic to your website and thus, increase your online sale.


The question is what drives Neil Patel’s success? He is the man who spilled the beans! In an age where insecure entrepreneurs are never ready to share their secrets, Neil made a gigantic following sharing these very secrets.

Patel knows that it is impossible to guard secrets forever and since they will come out sooner or later, why not establish oneself as a kingpin by sharing the very same secrets.

He is among those rare people who say the most surprising things. In an age where most companies’ prime focus is on SEO marketing, Neil busted the myth around this SEO blueprints.

His advice is to forget SEO marketing, which drives short-term successes, and focus on long-term goals instead. The key is Neil surprises his audience.

The Speaker

Neil Patel is also an avid speaker who speaks frequently on international platforms. This, he says, is his way of travelling, understanding diverse cultures and exploring new markets.

However, his popularity can also be owed to his innumerable engagements. Patel’s larger-than-life ways have been a huge crowd puller.

There are not many entrepreneurs who spend $30,000 on content creation that they will give away for free. His socializing skills have won him a loyal fan following.

This busy man always manages to find some time to engage with his audience and he rewards his most loyal followers by publicizing them in return.

Neil also helps people he thinks has potential and at this point, he doesn’t even expect anything in return. His blog is rife with advice for young entrepreneurs. Young businessmen can take so much from Quick Sprout.

The About Page on Neil Patel’s QuickSprout is unique because Patel has marketed both his victories and defeats.

He is fearless about his failures and brash about his feats.

His blog oozes confidence and establishes himself as the online marketer who knows what he is doing. Patel thinks he has a gift and his gift, he says, is his talent to make websites famous by diverting traffic to them.

He also hopes to utilize this gift to change the way non-profit organizations work.


This man has proved his talent time and again. Who is Neil Patel? He is the guy who has been felicitated by President Obama as a top 100 entrepreneur under 30.

He is also that influencer whose talent and worth has been appreciated by even the United Nations and he is not even 35 yet.

Only time will tell how many more influential and revolutionary companies he will create and how will he impact the world of non-profit organizations as and when he retires.

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