Uber Driver Review – What is Uber Driver?

Uber Driver Review - What is Uber Driver?

The most irritating part of going out for a night in a popular city, is the task of somehow getting home (don’t drink and drive folks!).

Standing there with three of your mates, in the rain, about two in the morning…desperate for bed…

…and how many of you bothered to bring a coat?

Yeah, all of you standing there in expensive shirts – soaked to the bone!

But it’s not just you that’s trying to get home – it’s half the population of the city (under the age of 70!).

Hailing down a cab is hard, hard work.

Enter the service provided by a Uber Driver – suddenly you are spoiled for choice on who’s car to jump into (and you can stay in the shelter until they arrive!).

So what is Uber Driver and how can you make money out of working with them?

Let’s take a closer look…

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The Uber Driver Review

Uber was founded in March 2009 by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp – their ‘mission control’ is currently located in San Francisco, California. At the time of writing this they currently operate in over 600 of the largest cities on the globe!


“The app was supposed to be banned from 30 September, according to a ruling from Transport for London. And it technically has.

But that ban doesn’t practically go into effect until Uber has exhausted all of its appeal with the regulator. That process might not finish for months – and it could end with Uber successfully having the decision overturned, meaning that the app would never go out of service.”

How Does Being an Uber Driver Work?

All you need to be an Uber driver is their app (on a smartphone of course!) and a car – requests for a list will then come through the app.

The request will contain all the info you need to successfully complete the job. It will cover the pickup and drop-off point and local directions, along with the total distance you will be putting the car through.

How Does Being an Uber Driver Work?

These requests (are supposed to) come thick and fast, so once you have completed one journey you can quickly move onto the next job.

You are completely self employed so you are not like a regular taxi driver – if you have had enough of driving for the day – you can just switch off the app and go home (for a beer or two!) 🙂

What Are The Uber Driver Requirements?

What Are The Uber Driver Requirements?

To take on the Uber job you need to be at least 21 years of age with a valid driver’s license. The company won’t be just taking on any sort of psycho – so you are going to have to go through the typical police background checks.

You need a car that was made after 2007 and a smartphone to do your business.

Uber also need you to take part in a Safety Screening Test and complete a certification session.

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Is Being an Uber Driver Worth it?

Well you’ll have to make your own mind up on this one, although I think it’s a pretty cool gig compared to some dodgy jobs out there!

You can earn as much as you want really, and Uber takes up to 30% of the earnings depending on certain factors including discounts, rewards and rebates.

When you become a Uber driver you also get rewarded with a few ‘special’ perks that you can sort of ‘twist’ into your everyday life…if you are quiet about it!

You receive decent discounts on the petrol you purchase, some attractive loans and pre-negotiated insurance deals.

You are also your own boss – which is always nice.

If you have a cold, a hangover or are just in a BAD mood…you don’t have to go to work!

On top of all this, it’s a relatively easy path to become a driver with Uber. Most driver jobs these days are notoriously difficult to get into with legal and bureaucratic crap all over the place. Uber is nothing like these more traditional driving jobs.

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Uber Drivers Complaints

Many Uber drivers complain about the fact they have no real backup. Picking up strangers can be a dangerous game and the employee support is not there – you are on your own. This is also a bit of a bummer if you have problems with your Uber account!

Uber Drivers Complaints

There are also numerous articles floating about online concerning how fast this workforce is growing. At the moment drivers are starting to complain about the lack of work coming their way because of their ‘Uber competition’ – there are a lot of Uber drivers out there in cities these days!

So, is Uber Driver Scam?

No, not at all – I actually think it’s a very clever setup that provides individuals with a decent platform to be their own boss.

Are there any problems with working for Uber?

Yeah, sure, but that’s always going to be the case when you are working through an app – technology hasn’t moved on THAT much!

If you are prepared to work ANY of the 24 hours on offer to you, then you will make decent money. Remember – there is a lot of competition out there from fellow Uber drivers, so be prepared to work harder than the guy next to you!

Personally, I’m a pretty bad driver, so this type of job would never fit me – if you also feel it’s a bad fit, maybe you would like to build a business online instead…

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