Turn Your Affiliate Marketing on Facebook Into A High Performing Machine

Turn Your Affiliate Marketing on Facebook Into A High Performing Machine

Most people get started making money online using affiliate marketing and rightfully so! Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest, fastest, as well as low risk methods to make money if you’re new to earning online.

You can literally start with no money and make tons of money by simply promoting and advertising other people’s products and services.

One of the most lucrative ways to cash in with affiliate marketing is by using Facebook to promote your affiliate offers.

In this article we will show you how to do affiliate marketing on Facebook and drive tons of traffic to your affiliate offers.

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Why Facebook?

Why would you want to use it to promote your affiliate offers you may ask? The answer is very simple; online publishers who use Facebook can profit immensely and here’s why.

First and foremost, you must have an offer that is worth promoting. Using a portal like Clickbank or JV Zoo can help you connect with advertisers with products displaying a proven track record of success.

Before promoting their offers, you can access data such as their conversion rates, and popularity of their products to determine if there is a viable opportunity to promote something that has momentum or is picking up momentum.

Having a good product to sell is critical to your success.

Secondly, Facebook reigns supreme as a top place for marketers to gain influence, credibility and the coveted “Facebook Likes” they so desperately crave.

how to do affiliate marketing on Facebook

By getting likes, you increase your chances of converting more traffic into leads and sales for your products.

Facebook still dominates the social media world with over a billion users all over the world. If you’re not using it, you’re missing out on the opportunity to reach a wide reaching audience all over the world.

How to Get Traffic

Two great strategies that will help you make money from your affiliate offers using Facebook are Facebook pages and advertising using Facebook ads.

The best way to use Facebook in our opinion is by using both strategies simultaneously because you benefit from the content marketing approach as well as a more direct advertisement approach using ads.

The first method of setting up a page is really simple. By setting up your page, you have the ability to invite people via email or through your friends list by publishing useful content regarding your affiliate offers. Again, the key here is to publish useful content that is thoughtful, engaging and unique to your target audience.

When your audience interacts with your content on a consistent basis, knowing where they are in the sales funnel is the key to converting them into customers and/or leads.

Once you have them hooked, create the perfect opportunity to send them to your website or landing page that promotes your affiliate offer or product.

Ads are a great way to convert leads to your affiliate sites as well. They are very similar to pay per click ads in that you’re paying for clicks that go to your websites or landing pages.

make money from your affiliate offers using Facebook

The great thing about these ads is that they can be displayed before your target audience. For example, if you’re trying to reach females in their early twenties in the United States or the U.K., you have the ability to adjust your ad to display for those particular customer segments.

In marketing, targeting the best customer is key to being successful and using Facebook ads gives you the ability to do just that.

In addition, Facebook is such a wonderful tool because, it is very cost effective when you compare its advertisement platform to other cost per clicks mediums such as Google’s pay per click ads.

The ads are easy to setup and can be done with a few clicks of your mouse. The ability to use them in today’s age, where social media is a dominating force is priceless.

Affiliate Marketing on Facebook

As you can see, learning how to do affiliate marketing on Facebook can help you dominate in the online world of internet marketing. You can’t afford to not use it because it can cost you dearly and stop you from reaching your overall marketing goals.

The best way to market your affiliate products is by doing a combination of page posts and creating ads. By doing both methods you give yourself the opportunity to diversify and see what works best.

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10 comments on “Turn Your Affiliate Marketing on Facebook Into A High Performing Machine

  1. Thank you for this informative article! I’ve been thinking about marketing my own business on Facebook but didn’t really know where to start. I am going to look into the Facebook ads and I will be creating my own page as well. Thank you for the tips and pointers, this really helps! Have you had your own success with Facebook Ads? Thanks, Jane

  2. Chris,
    After reading this and watching the video, I have a lot left on the table with Facebook. I do not use it daily and I rarely post other than just links. I will watch the video one more time as I already have a Facebook page that I don’t visit very often. This gives a little insight to how to schedule and what to schedule to make sure that your page is followed and the traffic does do what you want, click and like your links.

  3. Chris, I have always stayed away from using Facebook pages and ads because I did not understand how to use it effectively.

    After reading your post, I do have a clearer understanding how my approach to Facebook ads should be. Your video further enlightened me how effective my facebook pages and facebook ads can be for my business.

    I will bookmark your website so I can refer to it when setting up my Facebook ads campaign. Thank you for such detail explanation on how to turn my Affiliate Marketing on facebook into a high performing machine.

    Looking forward to more insights on using Facebook and any other marketing strategies that will work for my business. Thanks again Chris and all the best to you.


  4. Great post! I am probably Facebook fan number one. I totally agree that Facebook for affiliate marketing is a gold mine. I have been following Kimra Luna for some time and she inspired this interest. Groups are also a great place to start building authority – I see people regularly asking people for their aff links, happy to buy through them to say thank you for the immense support they receive from these influencers. I’m learning more about FB ads at the moment, really looking forward to getting started.

    1. Well I’ll have to look into this Kimra Luna individual then Hannah! 🙂

      Thanks for taking the time to share your opinion!!!

  5. Great article on a more in-depth look into facebook affiliate marketing – something I have so far completely failed to get my head around (but it’s on the list – honest it is!).

    The only thing that concerns me is someone like myself that has just started out on affiliate marketing (a relative newbie ) with a niche.

    Is it wise to drive traffic with SEO google first then with that traffic refer them to my facebook, and then in turn work on my facebook ads for greater results?

    The whole sort of traffic system is really confusing to me and I don’t exactly have high numbers coming to my site at the moment. Will a large social media campaign effect my website negatively in the long run or am I safe to proceed.

    Also, are there any other social platforms you would recommend as well as facebook?

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

    Thanks for your help,


    1. Hmmm I have to be honest here – I think you may be making things a little bit difficult for yourself mate. This doesn’t have to be as hard or confusing as you seem to think!

      First off – there is no ‘right way around’ for traffic generation – some people rock with SEO whilst others rely on social media to drive the main bulk of their traffic.

      Facebook adverts are great – if tackled in the right manner, but maybe concentrate on the Facebook basics first if you are a newbie? (just post and see!).

      As far as other social networks are concerned I would always suggest Google+ (or Google Plus as some people like to call it!).

      It doesn’t exactly drive the same amount of traffic as Facebook BUT it is VERY helpful when it comes to organically ranking your articles.

      Hope this helps mate!

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