Treasure Trooper Review – Is Treasure Trooper Scam?

Treasure Trooper Review - Is Treasure Trooper Scam?

If you’re anything like me, you (probably) spend too much time online – wouldn’t it be cool if you could actually get rewarded for this (wasted) time?

Treasure Trooper is one of the GPT sites brigade – Get Paid To.

That’s right, they claim to reward you for completing tasks you already complete online.

There are a lot of similar sites out there at the moment, but not all of them are that effective.

So, is Treasure Trooper scam or is it legit?

Let’s take a closer look…

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The Treasure Trooper Review

What is Treasure Trooper?

Like most of these GPT (Get Paid To) sites, Treasure Trooper offers a variety of ‘tasks’ for you to complete for rewards. The most popular of these tasks, as always, goes down the surveys, offers and shopping routes.

The site itself has survived since 2005 – which is a LONG time in the earn online world. This is a sign that it has never really had any problems with paying it’s members.


The System At Work

So how does all this work?

Okay, you have the option of completing the following ‘tasks’ for payment:

  • Shopping online
  • Completing Offers
  • Taking Surveys
  • Watching Videos
  • Web Searching
  • Playing Games

If you have a little experience in affiliate marketing, you can also make use of their referral system. This basically means you can build a downline of people you bring to the site, and make a commission off their earnings!

Once your Treasure Trooper balance reaches $20 you are able to cash out your earnings.

What is Treasure Trooper?

Signing up is simple enough – you need to visit the site, hand over your email, full name, address, password and country. They will send you a confirmation link to your email address – so make sure you are using a real one to sign up with!

That’s about it – once you click that confirmation link in your mailbox – you’re in! (they will also credit you a dollar to get you started!).

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How Effective is This System?

As with most mini task sites – the more you work there the more you earn.

It’s that simple!

Most ‘experienced’ GPT workers go straight for the offers – these always pay out the most money but they can be a little tricky. You see, some of these offers are completely free to complete, whilst others require you credit card information.

This is where a lot of new members get caught out – they sign up for an offer trial and they forget to cancel their membership after the trial ends.

All of a sudden – you’ve paid a month’s membership to an offer you have no interest in. Good luck getting that refunded on your credit card!

Treasure Trooper Secrets

The shopping side of the website is kinda like a cashback system – for every $5 you spend you get a Treasure Trooper Gold Coin. These coins can then be exchanged for various gifts and vouchers etc.

There only seems to be 8 surveys available to you every 24 hours (at the time of writing this) – that’s not exactly ideal.

Surveys can make you decent money, if you have the patience, but how many of these eight surveys are you going to qualify for?

If you’re looking for an unlimited amount of surveys to complete every day – I would recommend checking out the mighty Clixsense instead!

Treasure Trooper Tasks

The tasks are simple enough, and an easy way to earn money…as long as you catch enough of them on a daily basis!

These tasks usually include videos, playing games, using search bars and completing forms.

If you like the idea of earning money through activities like this, then you may want to check out Clixsense as well. Or if the pay doesn’t sound like it’s worth your time, then you may want to check out My Top Work At Home Recommendation as this was my stepping stone to build an income generating business.


Treasure Trooper Secrets – The Coins

As I touched on above, Treasure Trooper uses a kinda ‘virtual currency’ to reward you for certain tasks – in the form of coins!

But how exactly does this coin system work?

What is the ‘worth’ behind these coins?

Let’s take a closer look…

  • Up to $3 – One gold coin
  • $3-$8 – Two gold coins
  • $8-$15 – Three gold coins
  • $15-$20 – Four gold coins

Not too bad really is it?

I mean, I’m used to one coin of virtual currency being equal to one dollar – Treasure Trooper gives you the chance of earning $3 from one coin!

You can also buy novelty achievements through ‘adventures’ with these coins, but these are nothing more than extra rewards (and I prefer cold hard cash!).

Treasure Trooper Novelties


Is Treasure Trooper legit?

Yeah, definitely legit – and not a bad little earning site really!

I must point out that the actual site itself is not exactly dynamic – from a web design point of view (I can imagine that quite a few visitors are put off by it’s retro design!).

I also need to point out that it is not currently rated by the Better Business Bureau – this isn’t a deal sealer, but it is nice to know that the BBB rate the service you are using!

All in all a decent enough little earning site – but don’t expect to get rich quick by using their service…

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8 comments on “Treasure Trooper Review – Is Treasure Trooper Scam?

  1. Thanks for posting another online earning opportunity site. I have no idea about this site. But based on your information this site survived long time and it was established in 2015. I really need to check out this site. But I am little bit confused about earning amount comparatively on other site. Is this enough opportunity to complete multiple tasks always or it differs in different country?

    1. Hi mate (I can’t pronounce your name!)

      Yeah there is a decent amount of work there most of the time, but it’s worth keeping in mind that it’s not exactly well paid work. 

  2. Hello Chris,

    Interesting article. For starters, I had no idea what ‘GTP’ meant…until I read some more. I am not so ‘with it’ when it comes to all these various abbreviations that seem to have invaded our world these days – just ask my 11-yr old daughter as she corrects me about what ‘SMH’ means – I had no clue.

    Anyway, I digress. This seems like a little source of ‘coffee-money’ on the side. How long does it take to reach that $20 threshold? How often do you find note-worthy surveys that pay ‘half-way decent’ for the time you give up? I know that the whole process takes time, but sometimes, time is indeed a premium.

    Have you ever heard of  Amazon Mechanical Turk, is this something like it?

    I will have a look at this site and see what gives. Thnx for the heads-up.

    All the best.


    1. Hi Michelle, 

      Yes it’s a lot like Mechanical Turk – aimed more at making a little extra cash per month, not really a full time online job! 

  3. It’s rare reading about a GPT site that is worth your time. Lots of fake sites pop up every day with the promise of providing you an income by completing different online tasks. To be honest, I have always found those kind of sites useless even the legit ones like Treasure Trooper. It’s better focusing on your own business than completing surveys or offers online. What do you think? Are you using Treasure Trooper regularly?

    1. No I don’t use it regularly John, and I don’t really use GPT sites in general that regularly. You’re right in thinking that you can’t really earn that much money with them. 

  4. Good afternoon Chris,

    The picture Trooper Treasure uses is quite cute, find a gem in the jungle, very appropiate.

    I had hoped to find some exciting stuff but even if they are legit, which is nice enough these days because of the many scams out there, I get the impression the earnings are low for a lot of time spent.

    I agree with your first recommendation, as Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to earn money with your website.

    Regards, Taetske

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