Traffic Conversion Optimization

Traffic Conversion Optimization

I’m fully aware that the topic of traffic conversion optimization can sound like a pretty scary process to get your head around…without the correct training and explanation in place!

At the end of the day, it is VERY important to understand what is working for your online campaigns, thus why it is essential to know everything about Conversion Optimization.

I decided to publish this article after receiving a handful of contact messages from this site regarding low conversion rates on specific blogs. When I dived down deep into the problems behind these blogs I realised that the owners had little to no experience with traffic conversion optimization.

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Traffic Conversion Info – Why do we Need it?

Okay, let’s say your blog is doing pretty well overall in the more typical areas. You are seeing a ton of traffic from well thought out SEO, effective PPC campaigns, social activity and damn fine content – the internet world is your oyster right?

But what is this tidal wave of traffic doing once it has landed on your website?

Unfortunately, in most cases, the traffic visiting your site isn’t achieving the goal you actually intended them to achieve in the first place…

They are not converting…and therefore you are not making much money off them.

increase a website conversion rate

Now, a conversion doesn’t always have to be a straight up purchase – it can be a number of things that take place on your website:

  • A straight forward purchase of a product or service
  • A new sign up for your email subscriber list
  • A new creation of an account offered by your website
  • A download of an app
  • Gathering information (i.e. like a survey or something similar)

The list goes on and on…

Conversion optimization is nothing more than the process of optimising your site to increase the likelihood of visitors completing a goal you’ve set out.


A Conversation on Conversion Optimization

Conversion Optimization Video Help

Hopefully all this is easily digestible so far? If not please don’t worry – help is at hand in the form of the Wealthy Affiliate.

Yes, yet again Jay has released a pretty awesome video tutorial (or webinar) teaching us the ins and outs of conversion optimization. And once again, it is aimed at webmasters of all levels (it’s definitely newbie-friendly!).

In Jay’s own words…

“It is super important to understand what is working for your online campaigns, thus why it is essential to know everything about Conversion Optimization.”

When it comes to learning from a teacher that understands the newbie level – this guy is gold!

Seriously, when I first started out online with this marketing lark, it was his webinars at the WA that put me on the right track (and I’ve never looked back).

In this particular video tutorial Jay will be taking you by the hand and leading you through the following important subjects:

  • What Exactly is Conversion Optimization?
  • Best Ways to Track Conversions
  • Creating a Baseline for Tracking
  • How to Create Goals in Google Analytics
  • Let’s Optimize LIVE!
  • Live Q & A Session on Conversion Optimization

Watch, listen and learn…

Webinar on Conversion

The whole video tutorial is only an hour and sixteen minutes long so I strongly suggest you re-watch it as many times as you can to make sure you’ve not missed anything. As I mentioned above – this kind of information is like gold dust to an internet marketer so make the most out of it!


The Beauty of Conversion Rate Optimization

When it comes to internet marketing, you can create more revenue from your blog/website in one of two ways…

  1. You can attempt to drive even more traffic towards your website in an attempt to create more sales
  2. You can look into the ‘guts’ of your site setup to get more revenue from the traffic you are already receiving

Conversion rate optimization tends to focus on the latter.

It’s all about evaluating your blog/website’s sales funnel in an attempt to improve the flow. You are looking into ways you can improve your site in order to get a higher percentage of people to reach your businesses goal (buy product, sign up, trail a service, etc, etc).

If you are attempting to promote ANYTHING on your piece of internet real estate, you really need to know more about this subject!

The video tutorial above is hosted on the WA website but it now offers a free membership for it’s education. You may well need to sign up with your email address before watching the webinar but please don’t worry – there are no upsells or any of that crap (free means free at the WA).

If you have any questions about the video tutorial on conversion optimization, please leave them in the comment section below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Good luck! 🙂

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