Top Social Media Monitoring Tools – 6 of The Best

Top Social Media Monitoring Tools - 6 of The Best

I thought it was about time we covered some of the top social media monitoring tools designed to help with marketing campaigns.

By now you’ve probably realized the importance of social media and the power if used correctly. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram – the choice is broad and things can get very confusing.

When I first started out with social promotion/marketing I made the mistake of signing up for as many social sites as possible. Before I knew it I had a notebook full of usernames and passwords – it was impossible to build up a presence within each one.

You simply cannot keep track of every social account like this – believe me, I’ve tried!

If any sort of negative comment or complaint against your online business starts floating about there’s a good chance you’ll miss it.

This means you will not be able to respond to the irrational and in turn your business can (and will) suffer.

Thankfully most of the top social media monitoring tools are free these days and easily available through a simple download or sign-up,

Here are the tools I would recommend checking out first…

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#1 Social Mention

If your website is an exact name domain or heavily based on a group of keywords this little beauty will be right up your street!

social mention

I regularly use this tool for mentions of my chosen keywords throughout the social landscape. It covers just about any sort of content posted to social media:

  • Chosen keywords within comments and conversations
  • Blog posts
  • Full articles
  • News
  • Videos
  • Tweets

It really is a simple to use and handy social tool fit for any webmasters armory. I tend to use the search bar within the site itself but there is the option to download your own toolbar for your browser (I’m not a fan of cluttering up my browser toolbar!).

Check out the site for yourself HERE

#2 Bloglines

UPDATE: Sorry guys but after this article was originally published Bloglines decided to shut their doors – the service is now defunct!

When I first came across this tool about six months ago I was a little confused as to what it could really offer me.

I hit one of those ‘blinded my the bright lights’ moments and I was unsure what service it was actually offering.

Thankfully the tool is a lot simpler than I first thought – I just had to persist a little with it. It’s basically a service that tracks comments, events and other updates on chosen websites (our own websites in most cases!).


It is based on a customized dashboard that you can tweak to serve your purposes (this is what confused me at first!).

Your basically sorting out a ‘view’ of the dashboard that suits you and then adding the URL’s you want to track afterwards.

The site has been moving around servers recently so I advise making a Google search for it’s new location and signing up!

#3 Hootsuite

This is currently one of the biggest players within social media marketing with good reason – it rocks! 

This was actually the first social tool I used in a serious manner and I have never looked back since. There are various versions of the service but I’ve always used the free option – it’s more than enough for what I need.


The main service this tool provides is based on scheduling your content for geo-specific publication. If you take a few moments out of your working day you can schedule tweets, posts, updates etc with ease.

I often cover about 24 hours worth of posts in one sitting and then just sit back and let Hootsuite do the posting for me.

It’s a very deep marketing tool that offers many different solutions. Check it out for yourself HERE

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#4 Klout

If you are interested in following the reaction your business gets on social media I strongly suggest checking out this tool.

I frequently use Klout to monitor the impact my original contact is making through social channels. I receive daily reports measured by retweets, follower counts, memberships and unique mentions.


You are also provided with a ‘Klout Score’ which covers your influence on social platforms. This simply ranges from 1-100 and allows you to see your progress in social circles.

Klout also suggests shareable content that your audience hasn’t seen yet. Check it out yourself HERE

#5 Google Alerts

Good old Google Alerts – where would we be without it?

With all these new social tools hitting the internet a lot of people seem to have turned their backs on the more ‘traditional’ ways of following your niche topics.

Google Alerts

It’s so simple to use but is does have the tendency to throw EVERYTHING that is related to your keyword at your email account.

I am constantly having to delete alerts due to the fact I receive notifications related to just one word in my keyphrase.

But it is still a very effective way of monitoring conversations around several different selected keywords. I find it’s also a great tool for locating new article ideas!

Check it out yourself HERE

#6 WatchThatPage

This online marketing world is a cut-throat industry so it’s always a good idea to keep tabs on what your competition is doing.

This tool provides you with the insight into when and how your competition changes it’s content or releases new ideas/posts.


It allows you to benchmark your site against a chosen competitor(s) and keep an eye on the routes they are taking. Very handy tool when used correctly! 

Check it out for yourself HERE

*UPDATE: Other Handy Social Tools…

I decided to include this update section to the article as I am constantly coming across new social media tools that rock.

Most of these are not exactly monitoring tools but they will certainly aid your internet marketing campaign

#7 Empire Kred

When I first joined this lot they came under the name of Empire Avenue but somewhere along their journey they joined forces with the mighty Kred.

It’s pretty hard to explain what this site is in a nutshell so I’ll steal borrow a line from the website itself and explain how I use it afterwards…

“Identify and encourage relevant Social Influencers to view and engage with your content. Use your wealth to create Missions that promote the content you care about.”

Sounds pretty awesome right? Well it is…but only if you use the platform in a rather selfish way (which I do…continuously!).

Empire Kred

A lot of people go on there to develop relationships with fellow niche marketers, scratch each other’s backs and generally feel special…they are NOT my kind of people!

I’m on there for one sole purpose – I want these idiots to promote my content for me to their followers…for FREE!

Okay, this site is basically made up of missions that pay you credits on completion. These credits can then be used by you to set up your own missions.

Get this…


That’s right – you are offering these credits to members as long as they share, like, retweet, whatever, your work!

So, as you can imagine – I ain’t there to waste time making friends…I’m there to get the credits in as fast as possible then use them to tempt the ‘it crowd’ to promote my work!

Promote my Social Content on Empire Kred

Yeah I get that I’m not a model member of the community but let’s be honest with ourselves here – most internet marketers are looking to get ahead of the crowd…in any way possible!

This site is just an awesome little choice for those webmasters who want popular social accounts to promote their work…for free! 🙂

Check ’em out yourself and see HERE

The Top Social Media Monitoring Tools

The tools we covered here today are all VERY handy but please ask yourself one question – do you need to make use of all of them?

I know how tempting it is to sign up for the newest big thing in social media but please don’t spread yourself to thin. Pick the platforms that best suit you then the tools that suit that platform – don’t spend all of your time plodding through social media accounts ( remember – content is still king! ).

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11 comments on “Top Social Media Monitoring Tools – 6 of The Best

  1. Hi Chris, I’ve become a regular reader and commentor on your site now! I love your articles and always go away felling like I’ve gained a little bit more knowledge than I had before I started reading it. This list is a great start for me so thank you, as I really need to start setting up my social media section on my own website – so thank you for giving me a head start! Sammi

  2. wow… what an amazing article this is, very informative and easily understandable…

    Awesome insights on the social media tools and Great recommendations too… I love the overall look of your theme too 🙂

    I love certainly love the information you outlined 🙂 this is probably one of the best sites when it comes to earning some money online ideas and tips 🙂

    Thank you for sharing this amazing information

    Nadeem 🙂

  3. Wow!! Amazing!! I so needed this today, I was just thinking to myself earlier today….”How in the world am I going to be able to keep up with all of these social media avenues I have created?” My niche is very visual and I must post photos often and stay on top of my sites like Instagram, Facebook, tumblr, etc. I found that you showcased a tool called hootsite and I think this tool will be the most beneficial, not only with time management but who doesn’t want to be on autopilot right? Just kidding but very informative and did I mention that I LOVE YOUR SITE???????

  4. This is a really cool concept – I have seriously too many social accounts, and I need to log into each of them every day.

    I am interested in having some kind of social media integration for an upcoming website:
    Are these apps and sites actually useful as a monitoring service? I’m particularly int oHootSuite. Have you used it yourself?

    1. HootSuite is a pretty cool social app but have you tried Tweet Jukebox yet? They still have a free membership so I’d get on over there and check them out! 🙂

  5. I certainly understand the trap of taking on too many social media networks. I now limit myself to five. Even then it can be hard to keep up. I appreciate your research into tools for monitoring your social media accounts. I currently use Buffer for much the same purposes as you suggest for HootSuite and Klout. WatchThatPage sounds very intriguing, and I think I’ll try it out.

  6. Just wanna say first that I really like your site! The use of font and the organization makes it almost humuorous and like a friendly environment to be in. This is soooo unlike some other how to make money sites I’ve been on and much more appealing.

    Secondly – thanks for your post! I actually had the same problem as you. Too many social media accounts at once and its so hard to keep track of them all. I already use google alerts but some of the other are new to me! I really like the idea of Klout! Do you use this?


    1. Well all that is pretty nice Martina – thanks for the thumbs up on the site! 🙂

      I know Klout well but it has given me very little help over the years – it’s just a site for ‘bigging up’ yourself, which is no real help to your online business in the long run.
      Just concentrate on the big social players and post your content there!

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