Top Free Image Sites – Allow Your Blog to Shine!


Top Free Image Sites

A few months back I released a post covering a handful of top free image sites to use when building up your blog. It actually got to the point that I used these sites so often I ran out of decent images to ‘pinch’ off them.

All of these top free image hosting sites offer a decent variety to choose from but the paid images sites offer more – fact of life I’m afraid!

You’ll probably find that you’ll need a rather big list of free sites to draw images from so you can pop from one to another.

This will create time for the contributors to submit more images to a site ‘used up’ by you so you can return for fresh examples a month or so later…

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Top Free Image Hosting Sites

I would always recommend using your own image creations on your site first but I’m aware that time is not on everybody’s side.

The sites below are not exactly well known but that will probably work in your favor – you don’t want to be using images that a thousand others have used before you after all!

Check them out and see which ones fit your style – there’s some pretty awesome examples among them:

1) Picjumbo offers totally free images for commercial and personal works. They provide a premium membership but I have no idea why – I constantly download for free from there without any hassles!

Here is an example image from the business section of site:

2) Picography offers pretty impressive hi-res photos that you can use any way you want. They are contributed by amateur ( and in some cases professional ) photographers and many of the images are VERY impressive.

There’s a bit of an arty or abstract feel to some of them so check it out for yourself and see if they fit your blog.

Here is an example image from the site:

3) Refe is another interesting image site that offers a selection of high quality free images ( The free section is located in the site’s top navbar at the time of writing this ).

They are royalty free images that have a very natural look. Here is an example of what’s on offer there:

4) Jay Mantri

I love the work found on – it’s of a very high standard and it really stands out. This is a privately owned site ( by Jay Mantri one would think! ) so there’s no telling how long the site will be up and running.

There are seven new images posted every Thursday, here is an example of one below:

5) The Public Domain Archive

I thought I’d leave the best until last – This site is constantly updated with very decent 100% FREE stock photos.

There is a premium membership on offer ( again I have no idea what perks this offers as I’m a cheapskate! ) along with a one-time $10 offer. This $10 payment allows you to use the ‘Bulk Downloads’ feature.

It sounds a nice feature but let’s be honest here – you’ve landed up on this page because you want free stuff right? I get along fine with the free options on this site and you probably will to!

Here is an example of one of their images on offer:

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20 comments on “Top Free Image Sites – Allow Your Blog to Shine!

  1. Thanks for the information! I have bookmarked all of the links you provided so that I can use them on my sites! Another good site to get public domain stuff from is wiki commons. Sometimes you can find good stuff on Flickr as well. It’s tough trying to find images that you can use on your website without paying an arm and a leg for. Again thanks for the links!!!

    1. Yeah Wikimedia Commons is pretty cool but I find it a little long-winded at times – you have to trawl through rubbish that’s not exactly linked to your search term every now and again. I also find the layout there a little tedious 🙂

  2. I have been looking all over for these kind of sites. I only know wikimedia commons and sometimes I cannot find what I need there. Do you use wikimedia commons?

    It’s difficult to find free quality images that fit my needs. Most of what I need are copyrighted. Although I make reviews, I cannot use the fair use doctrine for copyrighted images since I put ads and links on my site. I will check out 1 and 3 since I really need high resolution images.

    1. Hi Chris,
      To be honest with you, if I’m creating a review I have no problem taking the product image as I’m actually promoting their product – regardless of what ads I have on my site!

  3. Awesome! I used a site for a while to get free images but it took forever for the images to load, and some images would not load at all! It was very frustrating and time consuming. Plus, the selection of images I needed was not the best. I would scroll through page after page only to end up disappointed and not use anything from the site. Every now and then, I would find something decent, but I have basically moved on to other ways to getting my images.

    I think I will copy these resources so that I can check them out to see if I can have any luck. Personally, I am not in a place yet where I want to dish out my hard earned money on images; although, I am all for rewarding people for their hard work, so maybe later.

    However, this post was a good read. I have been looking for places that offered free images but I could not ever seem to find them in Google, but now I have this blog. I am very glad that I came to your site today!



  4. Hi Chris, thanks for sharing your top choice of choices to get free image! Really appreciate this a lot. I am curious as well to see that some of this place offer premium membership even though they say that they are free. I believe that most people who visited their site are only interested on the free stuffs and only a handful would actually go for the paid membership.

    1. Hi Dominic,
      You’ll usually find that the majority of these free image sites will have image options from paid sites at the top of their search results. Just ignore the first row of pictures and go on from there 🙂

  5. Chris thanks for all the sites with free pictures people can download. I’m always looking for photos for my own site. I think it’s great to share this information with the public. It’s considerate. It’s also great to provide many ways people can earn money without putting a lot of money out of their pockets to do it. What I found difficult for me was so much information and long paragraphs to read. This might be difficult for people who don’t have a long attention span. But great information and helpful.

  6. Hey! Great post you have created here.
    That’s why i like WA so much! People create sites like this, very useful. People are very visual and having such a great photos on your site is a BIG plus!
    I’m sure many people will find this article useful and interesting as I did.
    Thanks for sharing this and have a great day!
    Cheers and good luck

  7. Chris,
    I noticed in your free images of Refe that the picture is water marked. Are all this pictures from this site water marked?
    Thanks for sharing these, as making my own pictures is very time consuming.
    Searching for the top free images on the web is a long process, having your list to pick from will be a great help.

    1. You should be able to download the pictures from Refe once you have signed up John – they watermark the images to make sure you are a member before you try downloading anything.

  8. That’s a good list. I’ve been searching for websites that offer free images so I can use them on my website.
    Some sites offer very few free images and give many results with paid images.
    Bookmarked this page to get back to the list and get all the images I want to integrate in my posts.

    1. Great news Mahmood – images do a great job of splitting up your content and making it more appealing! It’s always handy to have a list of free options 🙂

  9. Hi Chris, thank you for this excellent article! I’m always on the look out for free images to use! Despite searching, I haven’t found any of these before so I’ll be checking the sites out now. Death to the Stock is a good one to use, they send you 10 photos a week on different topics which are good to save and use later if they fit your article! Sammi

  10. Wow this is really great. I honestly didn’t know there were so many sites to use for images. I’ll definitely be checking these out for my own blogs. They seem to be great quality. I’m working on using my own images but these seem to be awesome secondary resources. Great article!

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