Tips for Finding Quality SEO Content Writing Services


Tips for Finding Quality SEO Content Writing Services

If you are in need of some tips for finding quality SEO content writing services, you’ve definitely come to the right place!  SEO, which is the abbreviated form of Search Engine Optimization, is defined as the process through which a website or blog can be more readily visible on a typical search engine.

Whenever someone types a particular word or phrase into their search engine (ex. most reliable cars of the year, top American laptop models, Italian restaurants, etc.) that is relevant to the content of your site, you want your site to appear as close to the top of the search engine as possible, and on the first page at the very least, to increase the chances of it being visited.

The writers of an SEO service can enhance your site’s content by incorporating popular keywords and relevant links, rewriting existing content to make it higher quality, and by making your site mobile friendly (an absolute must).

That being said, you can’t just go out and hire the services of any content writing service out there either.  But if you can keep the following tips in mind closely, your chances of finding an SEO friendly content writing service will increase dramatically.

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Know Exactly What You Want

First and foremost, you need to know exactly what you want.  Are you looking to have your website enhanced with added keywords, to put together a newsletter, to create video scripts, to optimize a PPC landing page, to have an e-book written, or what?

Some SEO companies have a forte in one thing but might not in another.  In other words, an SEO service that specializes in high quality e-book or article writing might not be your best bet if you are looking to create something entirely different like video scripts, and vice versa.

Look Beyond The Website

Many people looking for a quality SEO writing service will think that if the website itself looks good, that must mean the writing service is great to work with too.  Sometimes, this is the case…but not always.

quality SEO writing serviceYou have to look beyond how nice looking and attractive the service’s website is.  Look for customer reviews online, the level of experience the writers at the site have, and perhaps most importantly, for samples of their writing.

No matter how eye-catching the actual design of the site is, if the service offers no variety of samples for you to look at or if the samples they do have are not high quality in your opinion, it’s best to move on to the next service.  Speaking of samples…

Know What to Look For in Samples

The only samples you should have to ask for at an SEO writing service are the ones you want in addition to what’s already posted on the site, and they should have a variety posted so that you shouldn’t have to ask for any more in the first place!

That being said, the samples they do provide must be very well written to the point that grammar and/or spelling errors are non-existent, that there are absolutely no formatting inconsistencies, and that the sentence structure flows.

Not only must the content be well written, it must be compelling.  If your attention has not been captured within at least the first paragraph, something is wrong.  Compelling content makes you feel involved with the topic even if it’s not something you would typically find much interest in.

Don’t Exclude Smaller Services by Default

Just because an SEO company makes, or claims to make, millions of dollars in profits a year due to the dozens if not hundreds of employees they have working for them, doesn’t mean that you should exclude the smaller services by default.

If an SEO company is that successful, as many are, then it goes to show that they have built their reputation and standing for a reason.  Nonetheless, there are also companies that are only comprised of one or two working individuals and produce some of the highest quality content you’ll find on the net.

Will Rank Count?

Say you type in “SEO content writing service” into your search engine and you click on the first three that pop up.  Does this mean that these three services know what they are doing without question?

Absolutely not.

Some of the oldest SEO firms will have an older domain that’s been used for years, and thus appear lower on the page.  Examine all your options before scratching ones off the list.

Don’t Avoid Consultations

Finally, once you’ve narrowed your list of SEO services down, contact them either through phone or e-mail to schedule a qualification so you can figure out what you want.  A majority of SEO services will offer a free consultation since they want to make a favorable impression up front and earn your business.

The consultation is your chance to get a feel for the service, to find out about the service’s qualifications, and most importantly, to discover if the service can provide you with what you need.

Consult with two or three SEO services before making your final choice, but don’t inform any of them of the other services you’re also consulting with.  Remember, you might end up working with the service for years to come and the quality of your content is at stake, so it’s a far more important decision to make than you might first realize.

If you are in need of some tips for finding quality SEO content writing services,  the handful of tips you have learned in this article should help you find what you are looking  for.  Good luck!

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8 comments on “Tips for Finding Quality SEO Content Writing Services

  1. Thanks for the great useful tips. You’ve raised so many that really make sense and should make the search for the right writing service so much easier.

    To be honest it never before occurred to me to use such a service but I can see how useful it can be, especially when time is of the essence for one reason or another.

    I also like the fact that you included not to exclude the smaller services. There are so many talented people who work for themselves these days and one could get a more personal service too. 🙂

    1. Hi Brigitte,
      We have a pool of talented writers we have picked up over the last few years and call upon them now and again to write for this site. It sort of helps us keep the site fresh – a different writing style and perspective. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your opinion. Glad you found the article useful 🙂

  2. Hi chris, this is some awesome stuff you’ve got there. I didn’t know that there are actually people that are specialized in SEO content creation. SEO is definitely very important if we are looking for “free” traffic. I think this might come in handy for me in the future. Once again, thank you for sharing this

    1. Hi there Kumar,
      Glad you found the info provided helpful. Yes there are lots of SEO content creation options online ( specialized writers ) but unfortunately they vary in quality. If you find a decent one make sure you hang onto them!

  3. Hi Chris,
    You have some excellent tips here. Personally I have never used one of these services. I prefer to do all my writing and keyword research myself. But I can see how someone would find something like this valuable.
    You have offered some good guidelines for people to follow in making their selection.

    1. Hi Angela,
      Well the services are not for everyone – I do all of my own SEO these days and do just fine with it! But, if you are looking for help with the content side of things these options are the way to go!

  4. A well written well explained post on all things to look for.
    I cant write well in english and need content but did not know how to go about it so this post is very welcome and will help me quite alot in the future.

    1. Hi Roamy,
      Well practice makes perfect so make use of these options but at the same time try and get a post out yourself here and there. The more comfortable you get with writing in English the more it will show in your content! Good like with your content creation!

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