Tim Fargo Turnaround – Tweet Jukebox Scam?

Tim Fargo Turnaround - Tweet Jukebox Scam?

Early last year I stumbled upon an awesomely exciting Twitter app put together by a geezer named Tim Fargo.

Now, I have been using this service ( as a free user ) for many months now and I have to say – it really did rock ( notice the past-tense tone in there? ).

Anyway, this really was an simple yet effective way to post your tweets and engage with your audience.

As you can tell from the title of this post – things ain’t exactly what you’d call ‘plain sailing’ with this particular app at the moment…and I’m not 100% sure why!

But let’s first take a look at the Twitter service when it was in full swing…when it was in it’s prime!

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The Early Years Months

Tim Fargo actually developed this Tweet Jukebox for his own business use and wasn’t planning on sharing it or marketing it, but it has worked so well that he just couldn’t keep it to himself as other people were asking him about what he was doing and how he was doing it.

But he eventually rolled out his secret and let the whole internet marketing community use this awesome creation for FREE!

Seriously…he didn’t want a penny for it at first!

This was a pretty awesome marketing idea – let the whole world try it in it’s unlimited format for free before rolling out a paid monthly version.

He would keep the free version running of course – but it would be drastically scaled down ( we are all here to make money at the end of the day right? ).

Anyway, true to his word he kept the free option running and launched the product fully a few months ago now ( can’t remember exactly what month it was…sorry! ).

How it Works

Well it pretty much does exactly what it says on the tin!

You place individual tweets into a ‘jukebox’ and then set the frequency of posting on each jukebox.

The jukebox will then spit out various tweets in random completely automated – a great concept and a great idea!

But Suddenly…

Okay…all good things must come to an end right?

About a week ago I received an email from Tim himself labeled as important information on the app – I quickly opened it to find out what was inside.

I was completely bowled over to find out that he was limiting the free users accounts to no more than 5 tweets a day…with immediate effect!

No warning, no in-depth explanation…NO NOTHING!

I’ve now got about 300 tweets sitting in my jukebox with only 5 being posted a day!

Any serious marketer out there will tell you that 5 tweets a day ain’t gonna earn you a peanut – period!

The service was suddenly turned into a farce due to a handful of free members ‘misusing’ the platform.

What that means is anyone’s guess?


The problem I have with all this is that 1000’s of free members are now being punished so that the paid members can use the platform freely.

Apparently Tim has had words with the big Twitter chiefs and the only way they can get the app working again is to perform this cull.

So…get rid of the free members…or force them into paying for a monthly subscription!

Can you see how this is starting to look?

Up in The Air!

It’s really hard to get a grip on what this lot are thinking at the moment – up until this point Tim has been SUPER GENEROUS in offering his creation to the world.

I’ve read interviews he’s taken, watched videos he’s narrated and read many emails he’s sent…

He seems one heck of a stand up guy!

Hopefully he’s just had a bad month and decided to throw his toys out of the pram – I sincerely hope so as I love his product ( but I will not be forced to upgrade by ANYONE! ).

The truth of the matter is that both Buffer and Hootsuite now completely outclass the app…and that is Tweet Jukebox’s own doing.

My future with this once mighty app seems VERY bleak…I hope I’m wrong!

If you have any further inside knowledge on what is happening at Tweet Jukebox please set the record straight by using the comment section below.

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7 comments on “Tim Fargo Turnaround – Tweet Jukebox Scam?

  1. Hello Chris,
    I enjoyed reading your page about Tweet Jukebox. I had never heard of it before, so thanks for the information. Your page was a very easy read as you mixed in conversational talk with bold text here and there.

    What I really gained from this page was the fact that you had nothing bad to say about Tweet Jukebox, even though it appeared to have slightly negative tone. Since the free subscription was scaled back in a large way, it actually made me ask the question, “If this service is so good, how much is the subscription?” Which, I think, is exactly what you would want after reading the content.

    I liked the fact that you added a video to get more info about the product. I watched it and gained even more information about Tweet Jukebox(I also enjoy those stick figure speed drawings!) I put it in my mind as something to consider in the future and I was only doing my reviews for WA to progress my own website.

    All in all, you piqued my curiosity about using Twitter Jukebox. So, I would say your page accomplished its mission. NIce job and best wishes!


  2. Hi Chris. I discovered Tweet Jukebox last spring after Tweet Adder quit working. T Jukebox put out Tweets telling those of us left out in the cold by Tweet Adder to come on over and try them. I did. I loved it. It worked great for me.

    I believe Tweet Adder lost its API with Twitter for “abusive” use. Best I can tell Twitter thought Twitter-ers were Tweeting too much too often (considered spam) and cut Tweet Adder off. (I had purchased that program.)

    TJBox stepped into that hole. They went to a paid platform on November 1, 2015. Since that time at least three fourths of my Tweets were rejected and not posted. I’m not doing anything different than before — just tweeting with a message, a hashtag, and a link (to my blog mostly, occasionally to my books). But most of my Tweets were called spam.

    Now the five Tweets I’m allowed to send through TJB per day are almost always rejected as spam.

    I’m thinking TJB may have been on the verge of losing their API like Tweet Adder did and had to severely pull back to save their ship.

    I have a hunch running a free service gets more latitude with Twitter. But once you convert to a paid service, Twitter cracks down on people making money off their free platform. I have no back up for that — just my musings.

    I’m skeptical of paying for TJB now because 1.) I don’t make that much money in a month (all of it would go to the guys of TJB and I need to spend it on other things), and 2.) what if I pay and most of my Tweets are still rejected? I have no confidence in the service any more. If I were going to pay, I’d rather pay for something that is more stable, with a better track record, like Hootsuite. But I really can’t afford it right now, and I got burned once when I purchased Tweet Adder.

    I built my blog up to, at one point, seeing 5,000+ page view per day — almost entirely through Twitter. Since the decline of TJB my page views have steadily dropped to 1,500 per day in early December. Since the majority of my Tweets have been rejected my page views are now around 200 – 300 per day…and still dropping.

    Sadly, I’m discontinuing my blog as of the first of the year. I can pick it up again if something changes or another service comes along. But for now I can’t put so much time and energy into a blog for so little return.

    For the record, I’m grateful for the use of Tweet Jukebox for the months it was available for us to use. It was a fun ride while it lasted.

    1. That’s an interesting point Dianne – perhaps Twitter really has given them a slap due to them switching to a paid platform? But please don’t give up the blog – have you tried Buffer yet?

  3. The Tweet Jukebox sounds like a pretty cool app. How long have you been using it?

    If I could make more in return, it seems like paying the premium fee would be a great idea. How much does the premium version cost?

    I did not even know that making money on Twitter was really even possible, and sending out five tweets every day seems like a lot. I know you said that five is a low amount, but it sounds stressful and time consuming. How do you come up with all those tweets?

    1. It’s about $12 a month Travis but the app looks like it’s really in trouble at the moment – I’m hearing more and more horror stories!!!

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