Thousand Dollar Days Scam?


Thousand Dollar Days Scam

Wow…make one thousand dollars a day!!! I must be stupid to have thought running a website was the way to go! Where can I sign up?

Yeah that’s sarcasm, any product that promises an exact amount of wealth in it’s title is usually toilet paper thin!

But here we are with yet another Binary Options product – is Thousand Dollar Days scam?

Let’s take a closer look at what makes it tick…

Thousand Dollar Days Review

When I first started out successfully earning online things were pretty much black and white – you knew what earned you money and you knew where to go to find them.

These days the earn online landscape is a complete nightmare that is driven by money-hungry cheats. The problem is that a majority of these cheats are relatively clever so they thrive in this internet environment.

Think about it for a minute – if scams didn’t work they wouldn’t exist would they?

Binary Options Platform

Ever since the Binary Options platform has come into play a tidal wave of scam products has hit the market. I’m not blaming Binary Option platforms – how were they to know any of this was going to happen?

But there’s no getting away from the fact that scam artists love to target Binary Options with their useless products – it seems to work for them.

Anyway, let’s get back to the main reason you ended up on this page, the Thousand Dollar Days review…

Making a Thousand Dollars a Day…

I wasn’t entirely surprised to see this particular sales pitch was based on yet another video. After all these videos seem to be ‘killing it’ for the scam artists at the moment!

The first few scenes ( if you can call them that! ) from the video covers a host of successful people who have made it big through using this product.

These people could be anyone – there is no proof at any point that they have more than $5 in their pocket.

If you take a short trip to you will find much better actors and actresses than this. They are willing to put together a short testimonial for these types of products for $5 ( obviously ).

Making a Thousand Dollars a Day

We then get into the ‘guts’ of the sales pitch and are taken forward by our friendly head trader at Thousand Dollar Days. He sounds a nice enough guy to me so there’s no need to second guess him right?


He’s kind enough to give us his full name at the same time as stating he is actually co-founder of this wonderful product – David Sampson.

There is nothing about this guy online, believe me, I’ve tried to locate him!

So is this his real name? Is he really the co-founder of this product? Why is there nothing about him online?

All good questions…

Thousand Dollar Days seems to like the fact that it comes with no fees – it mentions it often enough!

It claims that it’s awesome Wall Street quality account will be linked up to your personal account and that is how you will make money.

THEY make the big stock decisions whilst YOU sit back and reap all the rewards. Sounds pretty amazing right?

Remember now guys that all this is FREE – you don’t have to pay a penny for it….oh wait a minute!

Yes, that’s more like it – there is a slight catch! You must donate your least profitable day to the owners of this wonderful product at the end of every month. Still that’s not to bad is it? Say your least profitable day is $10 – that’s all they’ll get at the end of the month and you’ll take the rest of the earnings.

But what happens if you don’t earn anything over the period of a month?

Well they manage to skip over this scenario so I really couldn’t tell you the answer. It does sort of start a few alarm bells ringing though…

Thousand Dollar Days Complaints

Right enough about their marketing BS – let’s get down to the juicy stuff on this miracle money making machine…

My main complaint here is that this product is not free. It uses the same scam setup as hundreds ( if not thousands ) of other Binary Options products out there.

It’s not long before they inform you that you are going to need to put a deposit into an online Brokers account before they can start making trades for you.

Hmmm I wonder if they are actually affiliates for this particular broker?

100% YES THEY ARE!!!!!

This is the final objective of 99% of Binary Options super-products on the market. They want you to make a deposit into a brokers account they are linked to.

The creators of the product then get a healthy commission and you end up about $50 to $100 down with only a useless product to show for it ( that will NEVER make you any money by the way! ).

The people who create ( and I use that word lightly ) these Binary Options products are the ONLY ones that will make money. It has happened a thousand times before and it will happen a thousand times again ( unfortunately ).

The Thousand Dollar Days Scam

This is unfortunately another blatant attempt to get newcomers to the online earning world to part with their hard earned cash.

It has no redeeming features and no worth really – like many of it’s Binary Options counterparts.

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