The Truth About Rodan and Fields

The Truth About Rodan and Fields

First things first, I really should apologize if this review gets a bit ‘scatty’ today! I’ve been planning on posting it for about 5 days now but my two-year-old son brought a monster virus into the house.

It wiped the whole family out…

Anyway, it’s a Saturday morning and I’m STILL not 100% but this site needs to get updated with this review.

So I’ll try my best.

So what is Rodan and Fields? Is it a legitimate online earning opportunity?

Find out the truth about Rodan and Fields below…

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The Rodan and Fields Review

As a teenager I had certain periods where a nasty skin condition would pop up – I’m now 41 and I still have what people like to call ‘sensitive skin’.

Doctors have always been upbeat about it telling me that people with sensitive skin actually stay a lot younger looking in their older age – this is actually the truth (thankfully I really don’t look my age!).

But there’s a big price to pay – skin conditions absolutely suck ass and anyone that suffers with one will surely agree.

The Rodan and Fields Review

Rodan and Fields was created by Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields and it targets various skin care regimens. They launched in 2002 and moved away from the ‘big store’ sales options in about 2006.

They are now based on a sort of MLM system that works around word of mouth.

Their product is made up of the following 4 options:

  1. Redefine
  2. Reverse
  3. Soothe
  4. Unblemish

Making Money With Rodan Fields

To be honest with you – I’m still a very sick boy and if you saw the compensation plan on offer here you’d understand my position – it’s yet another MLM headache that needs a bucket-full of deciphering.

But the key here is MLM – like most MLMs you get paid for selling the products and recruiting people under you.

It’s nothing new – just a typical system.

Unfortunately most (if not all) MLM opportunities have this sort of ‘mad scientist’ format of a compensation plan – it’s never easy!

Why do they make it so hard?

Well it’s just a guess…and I’m in a bad mood…but maybe they make more money out of the confusion?

The numerous reports I’ve come across online also state that the majority of newcomers to this opportunity will NOT be able to reach the target of a full time wage.

I’m not altogether surprised by this statement – in my experience only about 10% of MLM workers manage to break even (no matter what bold claims the company is actually making!).

Becoming a Rodan and Fields Consultant

If you really want to go for this sort of thing you need to be sponsored by another consultant and purchase one of their kits.

Not exactly the easiest way to get your foot in the door of a company especially when you consider the kit costs a healthy $395 (that’s just a starter level kit as well!).

Rodan and Fields Consultant

There are two other kit options you can take on when you sign up with them…

  • A $695 kit contains all four of their regiments
  • $995 kit which includes twice as many products

Yes you read that correctly – a kit that costs just under a grand!!!!!

Is Rodan and Fields Scam?

Okay, as always, it’s best we take a look at some of the online complaints before we jump the gun on a product.

First off the bat – the compensation plan is a complete disaster that has managed to confuse the majority of wannabe consultants out there!

This sadly, is usually the case with MLM companies (as I highlighted earlier in the article).

A simple Google search will bring up a mass of videos featuring Rodan and Fields Recruiters trying to explain the system – not a great sign really is it?

Secondly we have pay rate…or lack of it!

There are many former R & F members venting their frustrations online about the money they have lost through the products this company offers.

Apparently nobody really reaches the standard of part time income – let alone a weekly wage!

Is Rodan and Fields Scam?

The return policy that Rodan and Fields offers is apparently not worth the paper it is written on. Unfortunately I’m seeing this more and more with MLM companies these days.

They do have a customer service department but I found it hard to find any sort of positive review or outcome from them. Apparently they are a nightmare to work with!

So is it a scam?

Well, calling it a scam would be simple enough BUT they do actually have an income disclaimer that points out that it’s hard, hard work to make money with their system.

I found this a breath of fresh air so I certainly won’t be painting them with the ‘scam brush’ today.

Would I recommend them to anyone looking to make a bit of money online?

No, no I wouldn’t.

It’s not just them mind – I wouldn’t recommend any MLM opportunity on this site, I think they’re all sh#t if I’m blatantly honest with you.

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10 comments on “The Truth About Rodan and Fields

  1. Rodan and Fields sounds like a company whose main focus is on selling the product and the money making part, from the companies perspective is secondary. Is that the read you have on this?

    It does sound like most people that are associated with this company are dissatisfied.
    Did you find anyone that was actually making money?

    Thank you for the review.

  2. Hi Chris, three days later and I hope you are feeling better. I couldn’t agree more with you about MLM unless you happen to get in on their first startup I think your out of luck on ever making any decent money.
    And it’s sad how many of us had to learn this the hard way, thinking that paying that up front cost is going to make us money, even if they say it takes hard work, most of us are willing to work hard for our money. Those kits are ridiculously expensive, to say the least. I wonder how good their product even is, do you have any information on that?

    1. Hi Kim,

      Unfortunately we all learn the hard way when we first come online to earn some money – it’s like a rite of passage or something! MLM’s pick up on that fact and make A LOT of money out of newbies…and they probably always will!!!!

  3. I am with you on MLM schemes. I was involved in them back in the 80s – Amway, which my dad got me into, and a now defunct-one that was called National Safety Associates (NSA) that sold water purification equipment. Basically at the start you were arm-twisting your friends and relatives to get into the thing, and there was no tolerance for relaxation “on-the-job” – i.e., your former friends sort of “went away” if you didn’t perform by getting more recruits underneath you. I never considered another MLM opportunity after that last one.

    So I totally agree with your assessment of MLMs and appreciate the fact that you’ve done the investigation of this “opportunity” for me – I’ll skip it! Thanks!

    1. Oh I’m sorry to hear that you got involved with MLM’s back in the 80’s Randy – they were probably even worse then! Anyway, at least you’ve learned your lesson and stay away from them these days! 🙂

  4. I’m sorry but I think you’re all wrong. Nothing comes for free and if you want to make good money you have to put in the hard work. If businesses like this were easy everyone would be doing them and of course no one would be making money. In fact it’s almost better to have people continue to write negative reviews because it opens more opportunity for hard works and weeds out the people that want life handed to them on a silver platter. So please continue to share past stories of negativity it’ll push people that truly want to succeed that much harder. Those people that on top making money walked a hard road to get there. Don’t shame them for what you can’t do. Best of luck to all who just try something new to better themselves.

    1. LOL and what part of Rodan and Fields do you work for Clare?

      Come on love – we’ve been in this game a long time and you have to do better than this! I’ve decided to let this comment through moderation so my visitors can see how far these MLM leeches will go to cover their ponzi asses!


      MLM is not internet marketing…and it never will be!

  5. If I wanted to pay $400.00 for great skin care I would buy LaPairie, or Chanel from Neiman Marcus. They will send you whatever you need by mail. The reason Rodan and Fields left the high end department stores is because they weren’t making enough profit. That’s the reason why any cosmetic line leaves a department store. Each cosmetic company has to lease space from department store. With this said Rodan and Fields decided to jump ship and decided to do MLM Instead. The only way to make money is to be one of the first people to join the MLM.

    1. Looks like you have the same opinion on MLM as me Rachel – I agree with just about everything you’ve said here! 🙂

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